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Pacific Truck & Trailer Story
by Hank Rabe
Updated on : 03/07/2016

1968 P-10 Pacific S/N 383 Has recently been rebuilt including a new cab and door interior lining. This truck has just been sold Sept 2007, and is on its way to Alberta to work in the Tar-sands and oil fields.
Pacific P510 with a Knight rock box. John Gregg Collection. P-510S, 8V92, 15 speed, Knight Heavy Haul & Low bed, Osoyoos B.C. Still used in 2008. Hank Rabe Collection. P-510S, 8V92, Allison Auto. Hank Rabe Collection.
P-510F, 8V92, 15 speed, with a rock box. Hank Rabe Collection. P-16 mid 70's Mike Easton trucking, driver Dave Huston, 14 ft bunks, 140 ton of ceder, upper Pitt Lake B.C. Hank Rabe Collection.

Allied Ready-Mix 1988 Pacific Twin-Steer
by Hank Rabe
In the mid 1980's, Allied Ready-Mix of Richmond B.C. wanted to increase their carring capacity per truck and overall productivity. Allied talked to other manufactures but none of them were willing to interupt their production lines to make a special tandem-steer truck.

Pacific Truck and Trailer was very keen to work with them and designed a truck specially suited to local conditions. In 1987 Allied ordered and received a tandem-steer truck, largely based on a P-510-S model. Wayne Magee of Pacific Truck and Trailer was the key man involved in designing this truck, 400 Cummins and Fuller 14708LL. This combination worked out even better than Wayne had planned.

Pacific's being incredibly well built Allied was hopeing they won't need replaceing for at least 15 years. Compared to 10 years for the other trucks in their fleet. Pacific built 4 trucks for Allied Ready-Mix, with 10.4 cubic meter mixers and a booster axle. As of December 2008 all 4 Pacific trucks are still in use, Allied still has a 1988 Pacific in their fleet and the 3 other trucks have been sold and still in use.

Tyler Thorson from Allied says that their Pacific trucks were the best and longest lasting trucks they have ever had.
  Allied Ready-Mix, first Tandam steer 1986 Pacific built around a P-510-S, 400 Cummins, and Fuller 14708 LL transmision.
Pictures of Allied Ready-Mix last Pacific 1988
Pictures of Allied Ready-Mix last Pacific 1988.

Cory Ellwyn worked at Pacific Truck and Trailer from 1977 to 1987 and took pictures of some of the trucks he helped build.
These two pictures look as though they may have been taken by Dennis Child

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