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Pacific Truck & Trailer Story
by Hank Rabe
Updated on : 03/07/2016

Ken Thomas Trucking Princeton B.C. 1984, P-510 S, 425 Cat, Eaton 2 speed rear ends, 15 speed transmission. With a load of burnt wood from a forest fire. Hank Rabe Collection. Bill Pierce Trucking Merritt B.C. 1980 P-510 S, 8V92, 430hp, 15 speed transmission. Just a bit close to the ditch on a winter road 1981. Hank Rabe Collection.
Dennis Harris trucking Merritt B.C. P-510 F, a small mistake in Princeton, the whole town could see. 1986. Hank Rabe Collection.

Hank Rabe found this Pacific P-16 in New Westminster, BC
1975 P-16 Pacific, the top of the front fender is 5ft to ground Valves for water on the brake drums, truck and trailer Rear suspension
View of 16 in I-beam frame Front view Inside of cab from right side
Dash of P-16 Controls for pre-load trailer and shifter controls Serial # plate
Rear view of truck showing air lines, water hose and trailer ramps Water tank and cab guard Right front steering linkage
Two shots of the V-12 Cat engine Pacific name plate on side hood panel
1969 P-10 Pacific dump truck near Princeton B. C. 335 Cummins, 6 and 4 6 and 4 speed, with a 25 yard rock box.
The truck is still in good operating condition and in use 37 years after it was built.
Hank Rabe Collection.

Dave McIntosh Collection
Dave McIntosh beside a Pacific P-10 he drove for Bighorn Logging Hope B.C. 1991 Dave McIntosh driving the Pacific P-10 he drove for Bighorn Logging Hope B.C. 1991

Thank you Hank Rabe for getting these pictures and the permission to share them on the web site.
Coast Power Train- Pacific Truck Manufacturing of New Westminster B.C. were contacted by a customer in New Zealand if they could build a new P-510 for them, They were unable to do so. The customer then wanted to do a total rebuild of there 1986 Pacific P-510 F which was 19 years old. They were able to supply all the parts needed so the rebuilt the truck just like new.

1964 P-9 Pacific S/N T6455-288 This P-9 dump truck is going to be restored as well.

1973 P-9 Pacific S/N T7356-660 This truck is being restored and will do a little work, doing roll on and roll off bin and container work.

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