Richard Mohr Truck Collection
Richard works for the Freightliner dealer in Kempsey in Australia.

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During the first two weeks of May 2003, Richard vacationed in Central Australia. Here are some pictures from his vacation.
An aerial shot of Ayers Rock, which is located 280 miles (450km) southwest of Alice Springs. One of the road trains that operate in the Northern Territory - these are what I call trucks. A twin steer bogie drive Volvo Road Train that runs between Darwin & Alice Springs carting Shell Fuel. This one is towing 4 tanker trailers set up in B-Double configuration and 2 trailers more behind that - a max length of approx 54 metres.
This is the only one of 3 ever produced - 1 went to Russia, 1 to South Africa and this vehicle. It is a 1934 AEC 8 wheel drive and towed 3 self tracking trailers. It has been completely restored and is in working order and is now housed at the National Road Transport Hall of Fame at Alice Springs. A shot in the luxurious surroundings of the cab of the 1934 AEC - a far cry from todays's Macks, Kenworths etc. This is a Mack Titan towing 3 trailers and is used on the Darwin to Alice run in the Northern Territory.
This was an ex military Diamond T and was operated by Kurt Johannsen who was one of the road train pioneers that opened up the interior of Australia. This vehicle is also fully restored and in working order at the Museum at Alice Springs.
This is one of a fleet of trucks carting railway lines for the Darwin to Alice Springs rail link. It is owned by Slingshot Transport and was especially designed for carting the railway lines. This was taken as it was about to leave for the Darwin end of the line with another load of rail track - approx 140 tonne all up weight. This is the road sign that is seen on Northern Territory roads advising motorists and tourists that they can expect to meet trucks of this size.
A couple of shots of a Mack Titan of Northern Territory Fuel Services fuelling up at Alice Springs Road House and then leaving for the return journey to Darwin - 1500 klm to the north. This Kenworth roadtrain towing 3 bitumen tankers was pulled up for a break at Renner Springs heading towards Darwin.
A Tanami Transport Kenworth T904 pulling triples passing over the Tropic of Capricorn as it heads north towards Darwin. A tri drive Kenworth T904 passing through Wycliffe Wells on the return trip to Darwin from Alice Springs. This is configuration of B-double with and extra 2 trailers. This one carts fuel for BP Australia between Darwin and the Alice along the Stuart Highway. A Mack Titan towing 3 double deck cattle trailers having a rest break at the Shell Roadhouse at Alice Springs.
A Road Trains of Australia Kenworth T904 parked for a rest on the outskirts of Darwin. This was another Ascot triple road train of general freight towed by and International truck also stopped at the Daley Waters Road House. This is a Freightliner road train towing triples of general freight on the Stuart Highway between Darwin and Alice and this one is taking a break at Daley Waters roadhouse.
A Kenworth K104 of Bulls Transport from Alice Springs stopped for a lunch break at Emerald Springs before heading off for Darwin. A new Sterling we delivered this week to Lindsay Bros Transport of Coffs Harbour. It is fitted with a Detroit 14ltr Series 60 motor and this vehicle will operate over most of the east coast of Australia carting produce. This article appeared in the Daily Telegraph newsapaer of 9th August,2003 re the sale of the 100th Freightliner by Mavin & McNamara's of Kempsey wheer I work - not a bad achievement for a country dealership I thought.
C120 Freightliner Century Class fitted with a CAT C15 motor and will run the highway between Sydney & Brisbane. It is owned by Justin Booth Transport - Justin is standing beside the truck in 1 of the photos. (Nice new ride Justin. - Hank)
A mack Titan road rain in triple configuration leaving Darwin ready for anoter run into the outback. A Volvo Road tain just arriving at it's Darwin destination after a run from the Alice. A Freightliner Century Class road train belonging to Cleveland Transport passing through Ti Tree on it's run south from Darwin.
A Kenworth W900 arriving back at it's depot after a days work of carting sand and gravel. A brand new kenworth T650 fitted with a "pusher axle" on the drive to allow more weight. Will be used towing side tipper trailers around the Darwin area on various earthmoving contracts. A Kenworth T950 Kenworth triple road train owned by Hampden Transport parked at a road house on the Stuart Highway.
A Kenworth that has been sent back to Australia after being used on Groote Eylandt carting ore in bottom dump tailers. A Volvo road train BP petrol tanker returning from Ayers Rock to Alice Springs travelling on the Lasseter Highway. A Mack Titan triple road train belonging to Busshy Park Station parked at the Alice Springs Shell Road House.
This was a derelict White Autocar tipper that I came across while travelling about the industrial area of Darwin. I snapped this Kenworth of Road Trains of Australia at rest just on the outskirts of Darwin. A Freightliner FL80 fire engine of Northern Territory Fire Services. This one is stationed in Alice Springs and was participating in the Bangtail Muster Celebrations Parade on 5th May 2003.
This is one of the Northern Territory Fuel Services Mack Titans refuelling in Alice Springs before beginning the 1500 klm return drive to Darwin A tri drive Kenworth of Australian Fuel Distributors passing through Wycliffe Wells. A Kenworth K100 of Bulls Transport from Alice Springs stopped for a lunch break at Renner Springs on it's way to Darwin.
A warning sign for tourists in the Top End not to use truck parking bays specifically set aside for road trains to pull up and have a rest. A Mack Titan triple cattle road train parked at the Shell Roadhouse at Alice Springs . A Western Star of Neutral Transport towing a referigerated trailer and 2 flat top trailers also parked at the Alice Springs Shell Roadhouse.
A Mack Elite carrying oversized construction equipment parked at the Wauchope Hotel in the Northern Territory. A Mack Titan of Tanami Transport passing through Ti Tree heading north up the Stuart Highway from Alice Springs. A photo taken by Rhys Crosskill at the Grafton Truck Show in June 2003 This is one of a number in this company's fleet.
This photo also taken by Rhys at Grafton is of a new Sterling AT9500 that was part of the parade. This was part of a trade exhibit at the Show. This is an old photo taken back in the 1970's of one of the fleet of the now non - existent Ansett Freight Express. This was one of the K100 Kenworths that used to do linehaul work between Melbourne and Brisbane in the company's heyday. Another of the trucks in the Ansett Fleet in it's later years. This trailer is being towed by a Scania prime mover.
A photo taken by Rhys Crosskill of a Freightliner Argosy owned by 1st Fleet Express set up in B-Triple configuration. Another of Rhys Crosskills photos of an Iveco of Toll Ipecs fleet also set up in B-triple configuration. Piscioneri Transport from Mildura Freightliner Argosy that had visited our workshop in the latter portion of 2003. This vehicle runs up and down the East Coast of Australia carrying various types of freight.
This was a photo I took during the 1970's when the truck was parked at the drivers house in Kempsey. This was a truck owned by New England Milk Supplies that delivered fruit juice products to various depots on the coast. This would have been taken between 1983 and 1987 unloading in Kempsey. Dodge 660 Diesel that is awaiting restoration taken at a restored truck show in October 2003.
1969 Commer CE16 fitted with a 3 cylinder motor with horizontally opposed cylinders (making it the equivalent of a 6 cylinder motor) - the motor was referred to as a "knocker" 2-stroke diesel taken at a restored vehicle show in October 2003. This is about a 1930 FEDERAL that has been restored and was on show at a restored vehicle show in October 2003.

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