Richard C. Mark's Model Trucks

Front driver's view of a Diamond Reo Raider.
Hayes WHDX-1000.
Mack B-813SX dump truck.
Gerosa Mack FK

Tim Ahlborn's Model Trucks

Here is a model, built by Tim Ahlborn, of web site. The model shows an Entenmann Inc. Peterbilt drom.
Clarimont Mack. Model built by Tim Ahlborn.
International Conco. Model built by Tim Ahlborn.
Interstate System Dodge cabover. Model built by Tim Ahlborn.
1950 Peterbilt 350 with a cattle box. Model built by Tim Ahlborn.
Tim's Truck Factory just rolled out an 80's KW K100.

This is a rebuild of the Revell K100 Aerodyne. I used a Paul Kittle Resin fla-top rof, RNK tool boxes, AMT KW fuel tanks, Resin air cleaner ra, MTFAco metal mirrors and Model Car Garage's new etched metal Kenworth nameplates.

Color is duplicolor dark red metallic clear coat. Model built by Tim Ahlborn.

Tim's Truck Factory just rolled out Dino the Dinasaur.

My 1974 Chevy Titan 90, Michigan Special, with an MTFAco resin 12v71 engine, dual breathers, wide front floats.

The logos on the tractor are HO logo's from Microscale decals, so is the thin red pin stripe.

The trailer is was a built-up AMT kit, I reworked the chassis, added the 3rd axle, and the lift axle, and reworked the front of the tank.

Inspired from a 1975 brochure that Rick Mark provided Tim. Tim presents to you the last year of the Hayes Clipper Cabover from 1975.

Yes! They used a Peterbilt cab.

Colors are orange, red and yellow, black highlights and a white accent stripe.

It is still in need of nameplates, taillights and mudflaps. Model built by Tim Ahlborn.

Here's the first pic of the prototype Silver State Specialties 1954 Peterbilt 390.

RNK wheels and tires. Model built by Tim Ahlborn.

Here is Tim's latest, a Spaulding '61 Ford H coe, "Two story Falcon." The H sits on an LNT chassis, the drom is from a junked Allied trailer. NAVL logos are from a photo in a book, scanned in and corrected. Model built by Tim Ahlborn.
Here's my first Powerliner using Spaulding Trading and Shipping's resin conversion kit. Mine is a west-coast lumber truck.

It is sitting on an AMT Peterbilt 359 chassis, highly modifidied for the COE. The lumber body is scratchbuilt. Lots of Bare Metal Foil on this.

Here's Tim Ahlborn's AMT Pete wrecker.
  • Paul Kittle made the stripes for me.
  • I removed 1/2 inch (correct) from the width of the wrecker body.
  • Modified the boom.
  • Modified the wheel openings chromed the visor, battery box, right fuel tank
  • Made a grille denser for the a/c
  • Transtar II front wheels
  • Bare metal foil on various bits
  • Aluminum tubing for the stacks
  • Luberfiner hoses
  • Peterbilt of Wisconsin logos on the stripe
I've been working on this 346 for nearly 2 months. That's a record long time for me!

Here she is, all beat, aged and weathered.

Here's my latest, 2 actually, but the same truck based from Tim Gibson's photos of the James House Trucking #25, a late 70's Peterbilt 359 SBFA. Before and after pics in Tim's collection show the truck in running condition, then years later as a hulk of parts in the bone yard.

On Tim Gibson's web page is a photo of a 70's Pete 359-113" Set back front axle. One photo shows the truck parked, still operable, the other shows the truck several years later, in the bone yard, nothing but a cab shell and frame rails.

I thought the idea of the before and after or then and now type photos would make a slick diorama.

Using an AMT 359 kit, a SBFA hood, plenty of weathering, and some slick decals from JBOT for the doorsigns, I came up with the "parked" version.

For the "after" photo, an AMT 359 cab, some junked frame rails, and junk-box parts, model railroad weathering items, and the same red paint and JBOT decals, I've made James House #25 as it sat in the bone yard. Poor thing!

Photo 3 tries to show the interior. I cut open the kit instrument panel to simulate the dash hanging open, exposing the backside of the guages and wiring.

Chris Hall's Model Trucks

These next 1/25 scale models were built by Chris Hall from Fergus, Ontario. Chris will usually find a truck he likes that belongs to an Ontario trucking company, and builds one of their units.
Cooney Transport Western Star GE Freightliner Trimac Kenworth
Grant Transport Kenworth T-600 Grant Transport Kenworth T-600 with a Sure-Way Mack R model in the background. Steel City Kenworth
Doug McKenzie started this model back in the early 80's, with an AIM F-Model Mack conversion kit - the F Model more so than the actual Clipper kit. The Mack grille was ground out with a Dremel tool and the pewter Hayes grille epoxied onto the opening. The paint is a GM truck colour from a rattle can purchased at Canadian Tire - all of the cosmetic work done to the cab was Doug's effort, Bare Metal Foil on the vents, Letra-Set lettering and the small Canadian flag came from a 1/144th Scale Canadian Pacific Air Lines decal sheet. The Smith Transport decals were sold by an outfit called Launch Pad Distributors out of Victoria, BC. The headlights came from an AMT Kenworth cab-over kit.

Doug's intention was to mount the cab on an AMT Kenworth chassis, use Freightliner fuel brackets with fuel tanks from the old Ertl Volvo N-10 kit with wheels and tires from an Ertl International kit. For a variey of reasons Doug let the cab sit unfinished until about 2 years ago when Chris coaxed him into parting with it so he could complete it. Pretty nice looking job.

Smith operated owner-operators between Winnipeg, North Bay, Ottawa, Montreal and terminals in Atlantic Canada. This model was based on an actual Hayes leased to Smith and based down east but Doug wasn't interested in the two-colour paint scheme. The model was inspired by a T.Brad Dunkin photo taken in Dartmouth Nova Scotia.

Chris just finished building the Atomic R-Model Mack. It is based on a real unit #313, that he took a picture of in 1986, at their yard in Oakville, Ontario. Chris has always loved their fleet.

Chris did a lot of custom building to the model to make it like the real truck. The frame was lengthened, and two-hold bud wheels were added. The little bunk was scratch built, as was the grill.

Chris also put on the "famous" Atomic air-dam and he also the custom made dry transfer decals. Chris actually phoned Mack Canada to get the proper Atomic paint code.

Klaus Clever's Model Trucks

Klaus also has some more model truck pictures on this web page
Pacific P-10 built by Klaus Clever

Doug McKenzie's Model Trucks

International 9600 painted to represent Erb Transport. I was never very sure of what to do with it when I received it - especially so when I looked at it and realised that it was the 72-inch cab. Most Emeryvilles around here (Ontario) I remember was being the non-sleepers that Smith Transport used in the early 60's to originally pull doubles betweens Toronto and Montreal. I always seemed to remember from my younger years that an Emeryville always were used as a "Bull Haulers'" truck - as my Dad always referred to them.

I was going to paint it two-tone green and actually had completed it as such until I wasn't pleased with the finish. Then I remembered that M & P used them during the '60s. I was lucky enough to secure a photocopy of a Neil Sherff photo of an M & P Emeryville on the Ambassador Bridge scales - it was an earlier example with the rectangular metal fenders. So my paint scheme follows that example rather than the one depicted in Harold Huntley's photos.

M & P was quite well-known for basing their specs around the 5-speed transmission and Eaton 3-speed tandem of the times. My Dad often re-called how their Emeryvilles and even their CO-4000 Internationals with 250 Cummins engines could often out-run the 318's and even some of the 335's at DS Scott. so I thought that would be an interesting project.

It will eventually ride on an Astro chassis, Hendrickson springs and the rear axles are from the Ford Louisville dump truck kit - the only kit which accurately depicted Eaton axles of the time. A simple additon of air chambers has the axles looking like 3-speed units. Rather than a Cummins, I went with a Detroit V-8 and the transmission is a replica of a Fuller T-905 -you can make one of those by simply cutting the auxiliary section of off a Roadranger transmission.

This Transtar represents a 1973 model with an 8V-71T Detroit - thus it sits a scale 5-inches higher on the chassis. The model is a kit-bash of a Transtar II chassis with Hendrickson suspension, 4070A cab and mounts, Transtar II intake/exhaust and an 8V-71T taken from a Kenworth Aerodyne kit.I built it over 12 years ago (around 1990).

Terry Williams' Model Trucks

Terry built this great looking model replica of Gerald Noordman's 1955 Peterbilt drom.
Here is the prototype of Gerald Noordman's 1955 Peterbilt

Gary Johnson's Model Trucks

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