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Here are some photos taken in Baltimore on Aug. 22, 2018
Baltimore Light Rail at Falls Rd. Station Baltimore Light Rail at Cultural Center. MTA New Flyer XD40
MTA New Flyer XDE40 University of Maryland Gillig MTA New Flyer D40LF
Charm City Circulator Van Hool MTA New Flyer XD40 MTA New Flyer buses at Gogers Rd.
subway-bus exchange
New Flyer DE60LFR MTA New Flyer DE40LFR Baltimore Metro Subway.
Cars built by Budd Co. Subway
opened in 1983.

Here are some photos of SEPTA vehicles taken during June and July 2018.
New Flyer D40LF at Philadelphia Mills. New Flyer D40LF on Main St. in Manyunk. New Flyer DE40LFR on Rt.61.
New Flyer XDE40. New Flyer XDE40 on Rt. R New Flyer XDE40 at Ridge and Midvale.
New Flyer E40LF trolley coach on Rt.59. New Flyer XDE40
subbing for trolley coach service on Rt.59.
New Flyer E40LF on Rt.75. Nova LFS HEV.

Here are an assortment of photos taken during July 2018
NJT NABI in Haddonfield, N.J. NJT NABI 416.15 SEPTA New Flyer E40LF on Rt. 59
SEPTA New Flyer E40LF
exiting Bells Corner Loop.
SEPTA New Flyer E40LF
on Rt.75 at Broad & Wyoming Ave.
Krapf's Transit Van Hool
in West Chester, Pa.
at West Chester Transportation Center.
SEPTA New Flyer XDE40
in W. Chester, Pa.
SEPTA New Flyer D40LF in W. Chester, Pa. Krapf's MCI J4500 at W. Chester,Pa. garage.

On March 26,2018 trolley coach service was suspended on SEPTA Rt.66 due to a bridge reconstruction project. Service resumed on Sep. 9, 2018. Here are photos taken on Sep. 9 and 11, 2018.
Frankford & Knights Rd. Frankford & Morrell Ave. Bustleton & Bridge St.
Gregg Loop with Flyer DE41LF Frankford & Gregg St. Frankford & Ashburner St.
Operating on s/b express overhead. Cottman Ave. short turn on Ryan Ave.
Cottman Ave short turn on Leon St. Heading n/b on Bustleton Ave.