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Here are some shots of SEPTA vehicles taken during May 2018.
New Flyer XDE40 New Flyer XDE40 and E40LF New Flyer XDE40
Kawaski LRV at 40th. St. Portal New Flyer D40LF on Rt.36
subbing for streetcar service.
LRV on Rt. 13 on Chester Ave.
LRV on Rt.11 en route to Darby LRV on Rt.11 LRV on Rt.11
New Flyer XDE40 LRV passing New Flyer XDE40
on Woodland Ave.
LRV on Rt.11

I took these on photos on July 5th at the scene of a fatal accident. A New Flyer DE41LF lost control, ran a light , hit two cars then rammed into a house. A man on the lawn of the house was struck and killed by the bus. No official statement from SEPTA however speculation is that the bus driver suffered some kind of medical emergency before the accident.

Here are some shots taken in NYC during June 2018
New York Waterways bus at Ferry Terminal R-32 subway cars built by Budd in 1964. Galland Prevost
Bolt Prevost MTA Orion VII NYU Shuttle Orion
Coach USA MCI D4500CT MTA Nova RTS
MTA New Flyer XE40 Battery-Electric MTA MCI D4500CT

Here are some photos taken on July 12, 2018 of SEPTA Suburban Div. LRVs and buses.
New Flyer DE40LFR at 69th. St. in Upper Darby,Pa. Kawasaki LRV about to enter 69th. St. Term. SEPTA New Flyer D40LF entering 69th. St. Term.
SEPTA New Flyer DE41LF entering 69th. St. Term. Kawasaki LRV in Media, Pa. LRV in Media, Pa.
LRV on State St. in Media, Pa. LRV in Media, Pa.
LRV in Media, Pa. New Flyer XDE40 at 69th. St. Term.

Here is an assortment of motor coach and transit equipment taken during July 2018 in Philadelphia.
Greyhound MCI at 6 & Arch St. NJT NABI 416.15 at 6 & Race St. Peter Pan MCI at 6 & Race St.
NJT MCI D4500CT at Greyhound Terminal. SEPTA Nova artic. in center city. Megabus Van Hool double deck bus.
Market-Frankford Line Adtranz built cars. Market-Frankford Line at 46th. St. Station. SEPTA New Flyer XDE40 on Rt.20.
SEPTA Kawasaki LRV
passing Phila. Fire Dept. Ladder Truck.
SEPTA New Flyer XDE40 on Rt.42. SEPTA Hyundai-Rotem cars
on Media-Elwyn Line.
SEPTA LRV on 42nd St. SEPTA New Flyer MD30
at Penn Medicine Complex.
SEPTA New Flyer buses
at 69th. St. Terminal.

Here are some shots taken in Philadelphia during June 2018.
Coach USA Van Hool SEPTA New Flyer XDE40 and DE41LF SEPTA E40LF trolley coach on Rt. 59
SEPTA New Flyer XDE40 at Frankford & Pratt St. Greyhound MCI in center city Phila. SEPTA PCC II and New Flyer XDE40 on Girard Ave.
SEPTA overhead work train. SEPTA New Flyer E40LF on Rt.75. SEPTA New Flyer XDE40 on JFK Blvd.
Gillig operating on FMC shuttle. NJT MCI D4500CT in Sewell, N.J. SEPTA New Flyer E40LF on Rt.75.
SEPTA New Flyer XDE4o on Rt. R. SEPTA work train. SEPTA New Flyer D40LF at Oxford Valley Mall.

Here are somephotos taken in center city Philadelphia on Aug. 3, 2018
SEPTA New Flyer XDE40 working a Rail Shuttle SEPTA Nova artic. working an Airport Rail Shuttle Coach USA Van Hool at 30th. and JFK Blvd.
SEPTA Nova artic at Pa. Convention Center SEPTA New Flyer DE41LF
followed by NJT MCI and NABI
PHLASH New Flyer midi and NJT MCI D4500CT.
Greyhound Prevost X3-45 SEPTA Nova artic. at 5th. and Market St.
SEPTA New Flyer XDE40 and Nova artic. Coach USA Van Hool at Front and Market St.

Here are photos of PCC streetcars operating in Philadelphia taken mainly in the 1970s.