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Here are photos taken on a trip to New York City during August 2017.
Coach USA Van Hool in Manhattan MTA Nova RTS on M50 at 42nd and 12th. MTA Orion VII at M42 terminus.
Louisiana Motor Coach Van Hool parked in Manhattan. MTA Orion VII on M31. MTA Orion VII on M12 at 57th. and 10th.
Pacific Western Prevost at Columbus Circle. MTA Orion VII at 60th. and Broadway. MTA Orion VII on M7 at 63rd. and Broadway.
MTA Nova articulated on M34 on 34th. St. Eastern Van Hool on 34th. St. NJT River Line in Trenton, N.J.

Here are shots of SEPTA vehicles taken between Oct.21 and 23, 2017.
New Flyer XDE40 at Penn's Landing Nova LFS HEV at 15 & JFK Blvd. Silverliner V at Fox Chase Station.
New Flyer E40LF trolley coach on Rt. 66 Oct.22, 2017 First day of service on SEPTA Boulevard Direct Bus, SEPTA's newest express bus route. Nova artic. on Rt.48 at 20 & Market St.
New Flyer XDE40 on Rt.31 Specially wrapped Nova artic. operating on Direct Bus. New Flyer DE41LF 0n Rt.20 on Holme Ave.
New Flyer DE41LF on Bustleton near Comly St. New Flyer E40LF on Rt.66 New Flyer E40LF at Frankford & Bridge St.
Boulevard Direct Bus at Frankford Transportation Center New Flyer E40LF pullout on Bridge St. Boulevard Direct Bus at Comly Depot Vault Lane.
Boulevard Direct Bus at Bustleton & Deveraux St. Boulevard Direct at Roosevelt Blvd. & Solly Ave. New Flyer DE41LF on Rt.20
on Solly Ave. at Roosevelt Blvd.

Here are shots of various motor coach companies operating in Philadelphia during Sep. and Oct. 2017.
Wade Tours MCI on Callowhill St. Vanderhoof Prevost on 5th. St. Starr Tours Prevost H3-45 on 5th. St.
Philadelphia Trolley Works SETRA
at 6th. & Market St.
Trinity Coach Prevost at 2nd. & Market St. UniTrans Van Hool at Constitution Center
Escot Tours at 5th.& Race St. Coach USA Van Hool near City Hall. Elite Coach Prevost ay 5th. & Race St.
Reston Limo. at 5th.& Chestnut St. Spirit Coach on 5th. St. crossing Market St. Fullington Trailways MCI J4500
going around City Hall.

Here are shots of SEPTA vehichles taken during Aug. 2017.
New FlyerDE40LFR on Chestnut St. in the Olde City section of Phila. New Flyer D40LF on Rt.23 at 11 & Market St. Silverliner IV leaving Willow Grove Station.
New Flyer E40lf trolley coach on Rt.59
at Castor & Bleigh.
New Flyer DE40LFR on Rt.38 Nova artic. on Rt.18
at Rising Sun & Cottman Ave.
New Flyer E40LF on Rt. 59 New Flyer E40LF on Rt. 66
New Flyer DE40LFR at Penns Landing New Flyer DE4ELF on Rt.24
on Oxford Ave.

Here are shots of SEPTA vehicles taken during Sep. and Oct. 2017.
PCC II on Rt. 15 New Flyer D40LF on Rt.22 New Flyer MD30 at Willow Grove.
New Flyer D40LF on Bridge St. Nova LFS HEV
at Frankford Transportation Center.
New Flyer E 40LF
on Rt. 59 at Casto r& Cottman Ave.
New Flyer E40LF on Rt.59
en route to Bell's Corner.
PCC II on Rt.15
at Frankford & Girard Ave.
PCC II operating on Rt.15. PCCII on Rt.15
on Frankford near Delaware Ave.

Here are photos of assorted transit vehicles and motor coaches taken in Phila. during Nov. 2017.
SEPTA New Flyer DE41LF on Rt.19
at Krewstown & Algon Ave.
SEPTA New Flyer D40LF on Rt.58
at Bustleton & Fox Chase Rd.
SEPTA New Flyer E40LF at Bell's Corner Loop.
SEPTA New Flyer DE41LF on Rt.28
at Rhawn & Dungan Rd.
Trolley Tours Inc. Van Hool
in center city Phila.
Krapf's Bus MCI J4500
at the National Constitution Center in Phila.
Peter Pan MCI J4500
at Greyhound Terminal.
SEPTA New Flyer XDE40 on Rt. 44 Yankee Line SETRA in center city Phila.
SEPTA Nova artic. on Market St.
on Rt.48.
NJT NABI 416.15 on Market St. SEPTA Direct Bus
at Frankford Transportation Center.

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