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Here are more shots of SEPTA subway surface routes during the PCC era
Rt.10 at 63rd. & Malvern Loop. Rt.10 at Warren and Lansdowne Ave. Rt.10 traveling on Lancaster Ave.
Rt.10 at 63rd. and Lansdowne Ave. Rt. 10 at 36th. and Lancaster Ave. An air electric PCC on Rt.36
An air electric in the Gulf Oil paint scheme at 40th. St. Portal Rt.36 at 49th. and Lindbergh Blvd. An all-electric PCC
in the Gulf Oil paint scheme on Rt. 36

After 44 and a half years of driving for 2 public transit agencies and 2 private carriers, I am retiring on Friday April 15. Here are shots of the buses that I currently drive at New Jersey Transit. They are NABI 31LFWs and are NJT's only low floor vehicles.
Rt. 501 at Harbor Beach Blvd. and Amherst Ave. Rt. 501 at Harbor Beach Blvd. and Brigantine Ave. Rt. 501 in Brigantine N.J.
Rt. 501 at 15th. and Brigantine Ave. Rt. 501 in Brigantine N.J. Rt. 502 on 13th. St. in Brigantine N.J.
Rt. 505 at Gardiner's Basin in Atlantic City,N.J. Rt. 505 in the Venice Park section of Atlantic City,N.J. Rt. 505 at Gardiner's Basin

A friend of mine, Jeff Marinoff, posted these the day after I retired.
Mitch Libby on MH # 338 SEPTA ACF-Brill # 256 circa 1980.
Mitch Libby photo.
Mitch Libby operating Brill trackless trolley
July 30, 2012 New 31' NABI NJT Rt. 505 017. Jeffrey B Marinoff Photo April 11th, 2017 Franklin Ave. Margate Mitchell Libby's last day April 14, 2017
Shawn Clyde Photo

Here are some photos of SEPTA and NJT vehicles from 2009 and 2010.
SEPTA New Flyer trolley coach on Rt.75 at Penn and Arrott St. SEPTA New Flyer trolley coach turns from Arrott onto Penn St. NJT 30ft. Nova RTS on Rt. 508 in Pleasantville, N.J.
A SEPTA New Flyer trolley coach is seen detouring off wire on Rt. 59. SEPTA New Flyer trolley coach on Rt. 66 in the Gregg St. Loop. An Academy MCI wrapped for Rutgers University is seen leaving it's garage in Hoboken, N.J.
A NJT Neoplan is seen in service on Rt. 158. SEPTA Silverliner at Fox Chase. SEPTA Silverliner at Wayne Jct.

I have now moved into my new place in Jenkintown, Pa. Today I walked the new area and took the following shots of SEPTA vehicles. I live on the SEPTA West Trenton commutter rail line.

Note about the last two shots. This Hyundai Rotem train had just killed a pedestrian and was stopped as the accident investigation was going on. This fatal accident occurred by the parking lot where I now live.

Nova articulated on Rt.55 at Rt.611 and Woodland Ave. Rt.55 traveling south on Rt.611 heading to Olney Terminal. Two Nova artics laying over at Willow Grove Mall.
A wrapped Nova artic. at Willow Grove Mall. Nova artic at Willow Grove Mall New Flyer hybrid at Willow Grove Mall.
New Flyer midi 30 at Willow Grove Mall. Rt.55 traveling north on Rt.611 passing Noble Sq. SEPTA Hyundai Rotem SilverlinerV at Noble Station.
SEPTA train involved in a fatal pedestrian accident on W. Trenton Line between Rydal and Noble Station.  

Here are photos taken in Philadelphia on May 8.2017. Note that both streetcars and buses are seen on SEPTA Rt.13 . The cars were being diverted due to a water main break with buses filling in on the affected area.
SEPTA New Flyer D40LF substituting for streetcar service in Rt.13. SEPTA Kawasaki LRV on Rt.13 at 43 & Chester Ave. Rt.13 substitute bus at 49 & Chester Ave.
Rt.13 streetcar turns from 49th. St. onto Chester Ave. Rt.13 streetcar laying over on Greenway Ave. A Peter Pan MCI is seen in Philadelphia on JFK Blvd.
Gillig Phantom operating on an apartment house shuttle in center city Philadelphia. A SEPTA Rt.34 streetcar is seen short turning at 40th. St. Portal New Flyer D40LF on Rt.13 at 41 & Chester Ave.
A Greyhound Prevost training bus turning onto 49th.St. at Chester Ave. Rt.13 at 49 & Chester SEPTA New Flyer hybrid bus on Chester Ave. at 49th. St.

Here are some recent SEPTA photos
New Flyer trolley coach on Rt.75 at Arrott Terminal. New Flyer D40LF on Rt.73 at Bridge an Frankford Ave. New Flyer D40LF on Rt.24 in Rockledge, Pa.
Nova Articulated on Oxford Ave. bound for Fox Chase. Nova Articulated on Rt.18 at Fox Chase Loop. New Flyer trolley coach on Rt.59 leaving Bell's Corner Loop.
New Flyer trolley coach laying over at Bell's Corner. New Flyer trolley coach on Rt.66 loading at Bridge St. Terminal.
New Flyer trolley coach on Rt.66 on Frankford Ave. above Rhawn St. Nova LFS HEV operating on Rt. 28 at Rhawn and Frankford Ave.

Here are SEPTA shots taken between May 15 and 17, 2017
New Flyer trolley coach on Rt.59 at Bell's Corner Loop. New Flyer DE40LFR on Rt.58 on Bustleton Ave. Kawasaki LRV at 40th. St. Portal
New Flyer D40LF operating on streetcar Rt. 13. These are currently oldest buses dating back to 2001. An LRV on Rt.36 is seen turning from Woodland onto 49th. St. A Rt.36 is seen at Woodland and Chester Ave.
Rt.34 at 40th. and Baltimore Ave. SEPTA Silverliner V train at Fox Chase Station. New Flyer DE41LF on Rt.28 at Rhawn and Oxford Ave.
Nova artic. on Rt.14 at Roosevelt Blvd. and St. Vincent St. Nova LFS HEV traveling south on Roosevelt Blvd. New Flyer D40LF operating on Rt.1.

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