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Here are photos of the Rt.50 car line taken during the 1970s. This line was converted to a bus line in November 1980.
An ex Birmingham, Toronto Pullman PCC is seen leaving Olney Loop. An ex KC PCC at Rising Sun and Knorr. This was a rush hour extension. An air-electric PCC at Rising Sun and Levick
Laying over at Rising Sun and Olney Loop. An air-electric PCC southbound at Rising Sun and Roosevelt Blvd. An ex KC car is shown traveling southbound on Rising Sun Ave. in 1974.
A depot pull in is shown about to turn from 6th.St. onto Erie Ave. A short turn is seen turning from Girard onto 5th. St. An air -electric PCC at 4th. and Willow
An ex KC car at 6th. and Snyder An ex Birmingham,Toronto PCC at 6th. and Oregon An ex KC PCC at 4th. and Washington

Here are some photos of SEPTA trolley coaches in snowstorms and the aftermath taken in the 1970s.
A Rt. 59 Bleigh St. short turn
dewired on Bleigh at Castor 1979
A Rt. 66 is seen after it dewired
leaving City Line Loop 1975
Rt. 59 at Passmore and Loretta 1972
Rt. 66 at Bustleton and Cheltenham 1975 Rt. 59 dewired
passing triple parked vehichles 1979
Rt. 59 dewired
northbound at Castor and Magee 1979
Rt. 59 at Oxford and Dyre 1979 Rt. 59 at Bell's Corner Loop 1973

Here are some shots that I took in Vancouver, BC in 1977 and 78
Granville-Victoria Rt. 25 Flyer E800 #2627 at the western terminus Marpole Loop. Westbound Dunbar-Renfrew Flyer E800 #2645 turning from Renfrew on to Hastings. Westbound Dunbar-Renfrew Flyer E800 #2613 travelling along Hastings Street.
Eastbound Broadway Cross-Town Flyer E800 #2607 at Broadway and Pine Streets. Westbound Main-Robson CCF Brill #2327 making the turn from Granville on to Robson Street. Westbound Main-Robson CCF Brill #2216 on Burrard Street at Alberni Street.
Westbound Fraser-Cambie CCF Brill #2175 making the turn from Burrard Street on to Robson Street. Davie-Kingsway CFF Brill #2222 at the eastern terminus Joyce Loop. Davie-Kingsway Flyer E800 #2644 at the eastern terminus Joyce Loop.

This 2644 is almost at the terminus of the 19 - KINGSWAY route. It has come E/B on Kingsway, and turned south on Joyce Street, and will coast through the power switch (note teardrops on pavement for direction of switch, still in use in Vancouver), and turned left into the old Joyce Loop. If the driver powered through the switch, this would head west on Joyce, which curves into 41st Avenue. So this loop was also the eastern terminus of the 41 - FORTY FIRST trolley route. The loop was moved in 1985 north on Joyce to a new loop at the Joyce SkyTrain station. Wire was also extended into Burnaby to Metrotown. There is now a condo building at the old loop.

This photo was taken just before metric sales of gas, so the 83.9 cents per imp. gallon would be about 17 cents per litre.

Thank you Angus McIntyre for the information on this photo.

Here are photos of Toronto PCC and CLRV streetcars taken between 1972 and 1986.
PCC operating on Rt.505 A PCC operating on Queensway CLRV operating on Rt507 Long Branch
PCC having just left Humber Loop heading to Long Branch. CLRV operating on Rt. 503 A PCC and Flyer trolley coach at Dundas W. Station
A Carlton car is shown at Lansdowne. An Ex Birmingham Pullman PCC on Dundas. An Ex Cleveland Pullman PCC at Dundas W. Station.
A PCC and CLRV passing on Dundas. Two PCCs are shown passing in this 1978 photo. CLRV operating on Bathurst.

Here are some photos of SEPTA Rt. 15 using all -electric PCC streetcars taken in the 1970s. The line currently operates with rebuilt PCC II cars.
PCC traveling eastbound at 4th.&Girard Ave. PCC in "Gulf Oil" paint scheme on Girard Ave. This car is seen on a bridge over Interstate Highway 95.
Rt. 15 on Richmond St. near Cumberland St. Car is seen at the Richmond & Westmoreland Loop. Traveling south on Richmond St.
Laying over at 63rd.& Girard Turning from Girard onto Lancaster
Operating during track work Rear of Callowhill Depot

Here are shots of SEPTA vehichles taken in 2014.
A Neoplan articulated bus is seen on Market St. in center city Philadelphia. New Flyer D40LF on Rt. 70 at Cottman & Castor Ave. New Flyer trolley coach on Rt.59 boarding passengers at Castor & Elgin St.
New Flyer trolley coach operating on Bustleton Ave. above Bridge St. NABI 416.08 traveling southbound on Roosevelt Blvd. Market Frankford Subway Elevated approaching subway portal.
Two New Flyer buses and a Phila. Tour Bus are shown laying over on 5th. St. A New Flyer DE41LF is seen going around City Hall.
New Flyer trolley coach on Rt.59 northbound at Oxford Circle New Flyer trolley coach on Rt.59 southbound at Oxford Circle

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