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These next photos taken in Philadelphia in June 2015
SEPTA Kawaski LRV on Rt.13 at Chester and 49th. SEPTA New Flyer hybrid bus on 49th. St. crossing Chester Ave. EPTA LRV on Rt.13 at the Yeadon Loop terminus.
A SEPTA Rt. 13 is seen operating in Yeadon, Pa. SEPTA El Dorado on LUCY SHUTTLE at 30th. & Market St. SEPTA Nova Articulated bus at Logan Circle.
SEPTA New Flyer Hybrid at Penn's Landing. SEPTA Nova Articulated at Penn's Landing A PHLASH New Flyer midi is seen at the rear of the Art Museum.
A PHLASH New Flyer midi is shown on the Ben Franklin Parkway.    

Here are some photos of SEPTA vehicles operating during September 2015
A New FlyerD40LF is shown at 8th. & Market St. A New Flyer Hybrid is seen operating on Rt.42 A Kawasaki LRV is seen at Chester & Woodland Aves.
An LRV is seen on Rt.13 Cheter Ave. A SEPTA wrapped LRV is shown at 49 & Chester. This Kawasaki LRV has been in service since 1981.
A New Flyer trolley coach is seen traveling north at Frankford & Cottman on Rt.66 This Rt 66 trolley coach is seen traveling northbound at Frankford & Knorr St. A Rt.66 trolley coach is shown southbound at Frankford above Cheltenham Ave.
A New Flyer Hybrid is seen loading on Bridge St. A Nova LFS HEV is seen on Rt.19. This New Flyer Hybrid is taking on passengers at the Frankford Transportation Center.

Here is an assortment of photos that were taken between 1974 and 1982
Old look GMC in Wheeling W.Virginia May 1975 San Francisco MUNI Mack bus
is seen at a bus garage in 1978.
Mercer Metro old look GMC
is seen in Trenton,N.J. in 1974.
This old look GMC was photographed
in Tia Juana, Mexico in August 1982.
A Dayton & W.Milton Bus Co. old look GMC is seen on Main St. in Dayton,Ohio in May 1975. Transport of New Jersey Suburban GMC Fishbowl at 6 & Market St. in Phila. 1976
Transport of New Jersey GMC old look and fishbowl buses loading on Market St. in Phila. 1976 SEPTA GMC TDH5106 built in 1956
is seen at 50 & Woodland Ave. in 1974.

Here are some photos taken on 9 Jan. 2017 of the Market Frankford Subway Elevated and SEPTA Suburban Div. buses.
Market Frankford Subway Elevated New Flyer DE40LFR on 69th. St.
in Upper Darby, Pa. on Rt.108.
New Flyer buses loading and laying over at the 69th. St. Transportation Center.
SEPTA Kawasaki double ended LRVs
waiting to go into service at 69th. St. Terminal
Market Frankford cars at 69th. St. LRVs and Market Frankford cars
New Flyer D40LF
at the Norristown Transportation Center
New Flyer D40 LF
at the Norristown Transportation Center
Line up of SEPTA buses
at the Norristown Transportation Center.
New Flyer D40LF
operating on Rt. 98 in Norristown,Pa.
SEPTA Norristown N-5 cars built by ABB are seen on the bridge that links Bridgeport and Norristown. SEPTA Silverliner V cars
at the Norristown train station.
Market Frankford Line Market Frankford Line at 46th.St. Station.  

Here are photos of New Jersey Transit Nova buses taken during the winter of 2009-2010.
Rt. 505 in Venice Park Rt. 505 in Venice Park Rt. 505 in Ventnor Heights
Rt. 505 at Gardiner's Basin Rt. 505 in Margate N.J. Rt. 505 in Venice Park
Rt. 505 in Atlantic City,N.J. Rt. 505 in Longport,N.J. Rt. 505 in Longport N.J.
Rt. 502 at Shore Mall Rt. 502 at Hamilton Mall Rt. 502 at Hamilton Mall

SEPTA's Rt.23 was the longest streetcar line and stretched over 13 miles in one direction .
Here are some photos of Rt.23 taken in the 1970s. The line was converted to a bus line in June 1992.
An Ex. Kansas City PCC
is seen at the Bethlehem Pike Loop.
A PCC all-electric
at Germantown Ave. and Gorgas La.
An air-electric PCC
at Germantown and Rising Sun Ave.
A Rt.23 pull out is shown on Old York Rd. An all-electric PCC at 12th. and Girard Ave. An ex K.C. PCC heading south at Germantown and Logan.
An all-electric PCC at Marvine and Bigler A PCC in the "Gulf Oil" paint scheme at 12th. and Sansom.
An air-electric PCC exiting the Mermaid Loop. Ex.K.C. PCC southbound at Germantown and Washington La.

Here are photos that I took in Philadelphia on 30 June 2017.
SEPTA New Flyer D40LF on Rt. 42 SEPTA Kawasaki LRV on Rt 11 bound for Darby. SEPTA Rt.11 at 50th. & Woodland Ave.
SEPTA Rt.11 at 49th. & Woodland Ave. SEPTA Rt.11 heading eastbound
at 49th .& Woodland Ave.
turning from Woodland onto 49yh.St.
SEPTA LRV bound for Elmwood Depot
on 49th. St. at Woodland Ave.
SEPTA New Flyer DE41LF operating on Rt. 52. SEPTA LRVs are shown on the spur track at 40th. St. Portal
SEPTA LRVs loading at 40th. St. Portal SEPTA Nova LFS HEV at 12th. & Market on Rt. 23. NJ Transit and SEPTA New Flyer DE41LF
A SEPTA RT.31 on JFK Blvd. during a snow shower. NJ Transit NABI and MCI buses
lined up near 30th.St. Amtrak Station.

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