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While the mainstay of trolley coaches operating out of the SEPTA's Frankford depot were Marmon-Herringtons there were always Brills to supplement them. By the early to mid 1970s there were only a handful of the 1947 Brills operating out of Frankford. Here are a few shots of these coaches.
An ACF Brill trolley coach is shown on Rt.59 laying over in the Alma Loop. A Rt.75 depot pull-out is seen at Frankford and Wakeling. Rt. 75 at Wyoming and Rising Sun.
Rt.59 at Oxford and Frankford. This Brill was photographed running in the snow on Rt.59 in February 1975. Rt. 59 on Castor above Cottman.
ACF Brill on Rt.66 in the Gregg St. Loop This Brill was photographed on Rt. 66 after the pole was pulled out of the base.

Here are some shots of SEPTAs Red Arrow Division streetcars and Norristown interurban cars during the 1970s.
Fan trip using Brill Center Entrance Cars taken in November 1971. A Brill Master Unit is seen on Woodlawn Ave. on the Sharon Hill line. A"Stratford Car" is shown crossing the bridge that links Norristown and Bridgeport.
This "Stratford Car" was photographed laying over at 69th. St. Terminal. A Brill "Bullet Car" is shown leaving the 69th. St. Terminal. A St. Louis built PCC type car and a Flex bus are shown in this photo taken in Upper Darby,Pa. in 1974.
A Brill Master Unit is seen operating on Garrett Rd. A Brill Master Unit is shown operating on a school tripper.

Here are some shots taken in Philadelphia on 11 Sep. and 12 Sep. 2016.
SEPTA Nova LFS HEV 15th. & JFK SEPTA New Flyer DE40LF in front of City Hall. Swiftrans MCI at Broad & So.Penn
SEPTA New Flyer DE40LFR going around City Hall. SEPTA D40LF on Walnut above 7th. New Flyer buses at Southern Depot
PATCO train on Ben Franklin Bridge. SEPTA Kawasaki LRVs at Chester & Woodland SEPTA LRVs on Rt.34 at 61 & Baltimore Loop
SEPTA El Dorado at 30 & Market Martz SETRA at 30St. Amtrak Station SEPTA LRV at 59 & Baltimore
SEPTA New FlyerDE40LF att Broad & Arch SEPTA low floor Nova articulated
in center city Philadelphia.

Here are some shots of New Jersey Transit MCIs
6th. & Race in Philadelphia A 30ft. Nova RTS and MCI at Lindenwold PATCO Station In Philadelphia going around City Hall
On Market St. in Phila. with 2 SEPTA New Flyer buses In Camden, NJ by the Courthouse On Ben Franklin Bridge heading from Philadelphia into Camden
On Rt.552 at the Crest Haven Complex A D4500 Hybrid at Atlantic City Bus Terminal

In 1980 SEPTA did a general overhaul on some of their all-electric PCCs that were built in 1947 and 1948. The cars were re-painted in SEPTAs red,white and blue paint scheme and were known as "GOH" cars. They ran until 1992. Many of them were sold to San Fransisco and now are running on the MUNI F line. Here are some shots of those cars.
Rt. 15 running on Richmond St. RT. 15 AT Richmond & Westmoreland Loop Rt.15 at Girard & Frankford
Rt.23 at 12th. & Vine Rt.23 at 12th & Snyder Rt.56 at Torresdale & Cottman Loop
Rt.56 at 10th. & Erie RT.6 on Park Ave. above Olney
Rt. 15at Lancaster & Girard Rt.15 at61st. & Girard

Here is an assortment of photos taken in 2010.
SEPTA El Dorado and New Flyer trolley coach at Frankford & City Line Loop. Academy MCI in Camden NJ on Delaware Ave. SEPTA New Flyer Hybrid and trolley coach at Frankford & Oxford Ave.
NJT RTS Nova and Academy MCI in Hoboken, NJ. SEPTA New Flyer bus substituting for Rt. 13 streetcar service. SEPTA Kawasaki LRVs and New Flyer bus at 40Th. St. Portal.
SEPTA New Flyer Hybrid,NJT MCI and Phila. Tour Bus in center city Phila. New York MTA Orion bus on S89 route that links Staten Island NY and Bayonne, NJ SEPTA New Flyer Hybrid at Delaware & Frankford Ave.
SEPTA Kawasaki LRV on Rt.36 at 49th & Woodland NJT Silverliners at Princeton Jct. New York RTS Nova on Surf Ave. in Coney Island
Krapf's Van Hool running on the Ben Franklin Bridge SEPTA Neoplan Articulated at Penn's Landing
SEPTA SilverlinerVs built by Hyundai-Rotem NJT RTS Nova in Longport, NJ

Some shots I took in Philadelphia, PA on December 1, 2016
SEPTA Nova Articulated
shown in center city Philadelphia.
SEPTA New Flyer
operating on Rt.23 at 11 & Arch St.
SEPTA New Flyer operating on Rt. 61
Navy Yard Shuttle (Van Hool)
operated be Krapft's Bus.
SEPTA Nova Articulated
on Rt. 48 at 5th & Arch St.
SEPTA New Flyer is seen operating on Rt. 38
NJT Suburban NABI is seen at the foot of the Ben Franklin Bridge in Philadelphia. A PATCO train is seen on the Ben Franklin Bridge heading from Philadelphia into New Jersey. A Greyhound Prevost
is seen in Philadelphia at 4th & Callowhill St.
is shown on Rt.15 at Girard & Front St.
SEPTA New Flyer
on Rt.25 at Frankford&Girard Ave.
SEPTA 30ft. New Flyer "midi"
is seen on the LUCY Shuttle.
SEPTA El Dorado and New Flyer
at 29th & Pennsylvania Ave.

Here are photos taken in Atlantic City, NJ during October 2016
Yankee Trails MCI NJT NABI bus
turns from Albany onto Atlantic Ave.
Wrapped Greyhound Prevost
at the Atlantic City Bus Terminal
JC Tours MCI on Atlantic Ave. Raritan Valley Bus Service MCI NJT NABI 31LFW
Omega Express Van Hool Greyhound MCI
turns from Atlantic ave. onto Ohio Ave.
NJT 31ft. and 40ft. NABI buses
at Atlantic and Ohio Ave.
Menard Prevost on Atlantic Ave. NJT NABI 31LFW Academy MCI D4500
Greyhound MCI traveling on Pacific Ave. NJT 40ft. NABI on Bacharach Blvd.

Here are photos of SEPTA (Philadelphia, PA.) Rt.60 Allegheny Ave, a busy east-west crosstown streetcar line taken in the 1970s. This line was converted to a bus line in Sept. 1977.
A PCC air-electric is shown eastbound at Germantown & Allegheny Ave. PCC air-electric at 6th. & Allegheny Ave. in 1974. PCC air-electric at the 35th & Allegeny Loop.
Car 2758, an all-electric PCC is seen at Kensington & Allegheny Ave. Ex. Birmingham,ex. Toronto Pullman PCC westbound at Kensington & Allegheny Ave. An ex KC car in the bi-centennial paint scheme shown at 16th. & Allegheny Ave.
Car 2554 is shown in the"Gulf Oil" paint scheme in August 1977. Ex KC car and air-electric PCCs at the Richmond & Westmoreland Loop in 1972

Here are a variety of shots taken in the 1970s and 80s.
A Harran Transportation Co. MCI bus that served Resorts Casino is seen laying over in Atlantic City in 1983. A Neoplan double decker bus operated by Leisure Line is shown laying over in Atlantic City in 1983. A New York City MTA GMC RTS is seen laying over in April 1984.
A Mercer Metro GMC Fishbowl is seen in Trenton N.J. during the summer of 1974. An Erie-Lackawanna train is seen in Gladstone,NJ in 1983. This CN RDC was photographed in Edmonton in May 1978.
A Reading Railroad train is seen running in Jenkintown,Pa. in August 1971. Edmonton Light Rail. Line opened on April 23,1978 Edmonton Light Rail train was photographed in May 1978.

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