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Some photos of New Jersey Transit Flex Metro buses taken in 2009. These buses have since been withdrawn from service.
NJT Metro B is shown in Lindenwold, NJ. NJT Metro D was photographed in Philadelphia at 6 & Race St. NJT Metro B is seen in Philadelphia.
A River Line Light Rail train and a Metro B are seen in Camden, NJ. This Metro D (Suburban) was photographed running in Camden, NJ. Flex Metro B is shown at Broadway and Market in Camden, NJ in October 2009.

Here are some shots taken in Baltimore in 2012
Baltimore Light Rail train is seen at Lutherville Station A New Flyer Xcelcior is seen operating on Rt.11 A Charm City Circulator Orion bus is seen sitting at the Baltimore Penn Station.
New Flyer articulated bus was photographed in downtown Baltimore. Baltimore MTA New Flyer articulated bus
A Design Line bus is shown on the Charm City Circulator. This is a contract service provided by Veolia. A 1998 High Floor NABI bus is seen at the Lutherville Light Rail Station.

Here are some bus and trolley coach photos that I took during the 70s in Seattle.
A Twin bus is seen operating on the Seattle Metro "Fun Run" in this 1972 photo. An old look GMC is seen running in Seattle in 1977 A Seattle Metro 1940 Twin trolley coach and AM General diesel bus are shown loading in the downtown area.
Seattle Metro 1944 Pullman trolley coach is seen turning onto Queene Anne in this 1977 photo. A Twin trolley coach is shown operating on Rt. 12.
A Pullman 44CX trolley coach is pictured operating on the 9 Broadway line. Seattle Metro Pullman trolley coach is shown passing by the Jefferson Ave. barn in 1977.

Here are some photos of the various PCC streetcars and paint schemes that SEPTA used during the 1970s.
An ex Kansas City car in the Bi Centennial paint scheme is shown operating on Rt. 60 Allegheny Ave. Car 2054 was re painted in the original PRT paint scheme in 1978. Here it is seen on Rt.50 at Rising Sun & Knorr Loop. Air-Electric PCC 2634 in the original "PTC Green" is shown on Rt.6 Ogontz Ave.
This car originally ran in Kansas City and Toronto. SEPTA purchased it in 1976. Here we see it on a rail fan charter using Toronto roll signs. Air Electric PCC built by the St. Louis Car. Co. is seen running on Rt.56 in this 1973 photo. An All-Electric PCC built in 1947 by the St.Louis Car Co. is seen on Rt.23 at 12 & Market St. sporting the "Gulf Oil" paint scheme.
Car 2312 was an ex Birmingham, ex Toronto Pullman built PCC. SEPTA purchased it in 1976 to replace cars destroyed in a car house fire. Ex Birmingham, ex Toronto PCC in Toronto paint scheme is seen on a fan trip passing a Flex bus in this 1978 photo.
All-Electric 1948 St.Louis Car Co. PCC and old look GMC were photographed at Richmond & Westmoreland Loop in 1972. "Training Trolley "PCC 2781 is shown on a rail fan charter at Eastwick & Island Rd.

Here are some photos of SEPTA Kawasaki LRVs and bus shots taken in 2013.
SEPTA LRV at 38 & Filbert. SEPTA LRV on 38th. St. A SEPTA El Dorado is seen operating on "LUCY SHUTTLE" at 39 & Filbert.
A New Flyer bus is shown substituting for Rt.10 streetcars at 40 & Filbert. SEPTA LRV is shown at 40 & Spruce. A SEPTA El Dorado and LRV are seen at 40 & Spruce.
SEPTA LRVs are shown operating on 42nd St. A SEPTA Rt.11 streetcar is shown at 42 & Spruce. This New Flyer bus was photographed on Market St. near Drexel University.

In 2003 SEPTA had 17 all-electric PCCs rebuilt by the Brookville Equipment Co. The cars received new trucks and state of the art controls. These cars were also re numbered and are known as PCC II cars. They are used on SEPTA Rt.15 Girard Ave.
This SEPTA PCC II was photographed heading west bound at Broad & Girard. Photo of PCC II on Frankford Ave. near Delaware Ave. SEPTA PCC II is seen turning from Girard Ave. onto Frankford Ave.
SEPTA PCC II At 2nd. & Girard Ave. SEPTA Loop at Delaware and Frankford Ave. PCC II on Rt.15 at Richmond & Allegheny.
PCCII operating on Richmond St. in 2009. PCC II is seen operating on E. Girard Ave.
PCC II is seen on E. Girard Ave. on bridge over I-95. This PCC II was photographed at Richmond & Indiana.

Some photos of SEPTA high floor NABI buses built in 1997 and Neoplan Articulated buses built in 2000. These buses are no longer in service.
This SEPTA NABI is shown on Rt.14 at Cottman & Roosevelt Blvd. A SEPTA Neoplan Articulated bus is seen working on Rt.18 at Oxford & Loney. A SEPTA Neoplan and NABI pass at Rising Sun & Cottman.
A SEPTA NABI is shown dead heading at Oxford & Cottman. This SEPTA Neoplan Articulated bus was photographed going around City Hall. A SEPTA NABI is seen on Broad St. operating on Rt.4.
This SEPTA NABI is shown operating on Rt.57 on 4th.St. above Race St. A SEPTA Neoplan articulated bus is shown in center city Philadelphia at 8&Market St.

New Jersey Transit runs three different light rail lines. Here are some photos of these lines.
River Line Light Rail is seen in Camden approaching the Walter Rand Station. River Line Light Rail is seen near it's Camden terminus. River Line Light Rail on Cooper St. in Camden, NJ.
River Line Light Rail shown running on Delaware Ave. in Camden, NJ. Hudson-Bergen Light Rail is seen in Weehawkin, NJ directly across from New York City. Hudson Bergen Line at Bergenline Ave. Station.
Newark Light Rail is shown passing Newark Bears Baseball Park. Newark Light Rail operating on Broad St. Newark Light Rail at Broad St. Station terminus.
PCC operating on 7Newark City Subway which is now Newark Light Rail. These Newark City Subway PCC streetcars originally ran in Minneapolis.

Here are shots that I took in El Paso in 1971 of the streetcar that ran between El Paso and Jaurez,Mex. The PCCs dated to 1936 and originally ran in San Diego.
PCC running on the bridge over the Rio Grande River that links the USA and Mexico. PCC running in El Paso Photo taken at the border between USA and Mexico.
PCC in El Paso PCC in Jaurez PCC in El Paso

Here are photos of a variety of vehicles running in Baltimore taken in 2014.
A Baltimore MTA New Flyer bus is shown running on Charles St. Charm City Circulator Orion bus is seen running in Baltimore. Baltimore MTA Subway. These cars were built by Budd.
Two different New Flyer models are shown at Lutherville Light Rail Station. A Van Hool is shown on one of the Charm City Circulator routes. This 2002 Neoplan was photograhed in 2014.
New Flyer bus on Charles St. Two different types of New Flyer buses.
A 1999 NABI is seen operating in the Ft. McHenry area of Baltimore. Baltimore Light Rail at Hunt Valley Terminus.

SEPTA ran 2 trolley coach routes out of their Southern Depot,Rts.29 and 79. In 2003 these lines were converted to bus lines. SEPTA recently received a grant for 25 Proterra battery-electric buses for use on these former trolley coach routes. Here are photos of 1947 ACF T44 trolley coaches on those two lines taken in the 1970s.
An ACF Brill trolley coach and PCC streetcar
are shown at 5 & Snyder in this 1974 photo.
A Rt.79 trolley coach is seen eastbound on Snyder Ave. at Swanson. This SEPTA ACF Brill trolley coach
was photographed on Snyder Ave. at 6th. St.
This photo was taken in 1975 at the rear of Southern Depot. ACF Brill trolley coach is seen loading on Rt.79 at Broad & Snyder. A Rt.29 is seen at 23 & Morris.
A Rt.79 depot pull-in is shown turning from Snyder onto 23rd St. in 1971. ACF Brill trolley coach is shown heading east at Broad & Morris.

During the 1970s PAT, the transit agency in Pittsburgh operated streetcars in a variety of paint schemes. Here are some shots from that era.
An all-electric PCC is shown in downtown Pittsburgh. This car is seen in the PAT paint scheme. All-electric in downtown area.
Car 1702 is seen operating on Shannon-Drake line. Car 1777 is an air-electric and is seen at South Hills Jct.
Spirit of 76 painted for the Bi Centennial is shown operating on South Hills Tunnel diversionary track. This air-electric PCC was rebuilt with an LRV front.

Some photos of Boston trolley coaches and streetcars taken in the 70s and 1980.
A Pullman trolley coach is seen negotiating the overhead at Bennett St. car house. Pullman trolley coaches waiting to go into service. Coach 8522 was known as "The Grey Ghost"
A 2 car train of Pullman PCCs is shown operating on the Arborway line. Pullman PCCs are shown at Boston College terminus. Two car train of PCCs on Commonwealth Ave.
A Boeing LRV is shown operating in Boston in this 1980 photo. Pullman PCCs bound for Park St. Coach 8522 the former "Grey Ghost" is seen on Massachusettes Ave. in this 1975 photo.
A Flyer E800 trolley Coach running on Mass. Ave. in 1980. This E800 Flyer trolley coach was photographed at the MBTA North Cambridge Depot. A 1951 Pullman trolley coach is seen operating in Cambridge in 1972.

Some more Vancouver shots that I took in the 70s.
A CCF Brill T48 trolley coach built in 1949 is seen operating on 7 Dunbar. A 7 Dunbar is shown operating on the Granville St. Mall. Coach 2407 is a 1954 CCF Brill T48A and was photographed running on 6 Fraser.
This photograph of Kootenay Loop was taken in 1971 and shows two B.C. Hydro trolley coaches and a GM fishbowl bus. A 15 Cambie trolley coach is seen on the Cambie swing span bridge. A 1951 CCF Brill T48A trolley coach is seen leaving Oakridge Transit Centre.
A E800 Flyer trolley coach and GM fishbowl are shown on the Granville Bridge. CCF Brill trolley coach running on 9 Broadway.
A CCF Brill trolley coach followed by a GM fishbowl turning from Hastings Street on to Granville Street. Photo of a 6 Fraser trolley coach on the Granville St. Mall.

New Jersey Transit purchases buses for private operators for use on city and commuter lines. Here are some shots of those vehicles.
A Coach USA RTS Nova is shown on Market St. in Newark, NJ. Coach USA Red and Tan Div. RTS Nova in Jersey City, NJ. This Coach USA Red and Tan Div. Flex Metro D was photographed exiting the Journal Sq. Terminal in Jersey City.
Coach USA Red and Tan Div. Flex Metro D in Jersey City, NJ. A Bergen Ave RTS Nova bus is seen in Jersey City , NJ in this 2010 photo. Coach USA Red and Tan RTS Nova in Jersey City, NJ.
Broadway Bus 40ft. RTS Nova in Bayonne, NJ. Broadway Bus 30ft. RTS Nova. This company runs a line between Bayonne and Jersey City. An NJT owned RTS Nova operated by Academy Bus in Hoboken, NJ.
A Coach USA Red and Tan NABI on Rt.10 bound for Bayonne, NJ. MCI owned by NJT and run by Lakeland. An MCI owned by MCI and run by Academy is shown in Hoboken, NJ.

Some shots of San Fransisco MUNI PCCs running in the 1970s.
A Rt. K car is seen operating during track work in this 1978 photo. RT. K at Phelan Loop A Rt. L Taraval is shown running on Market St.
MUNI "Torpedo" PCC Two PCCs are shown passing on the L Taraval line. A J Church car is seen negotiating a crossover.
Rt. J at 30th.&Church Wye. An N Judah car is seen exiting the Sunset Tunnel.
A Rt. J is shown near Mission Dolores Park. PCCs operating in 1971 during BART construction.

Marmon Herrington TC-46 photos

In 1950 the Philadelphia Transportation Co. (now SEPTA) converted the 59 streetcar line to trolley coach. 27 Marmon Herrington trolley coaches equipped with GE controls were purchased to operate on this route. Here are photos of Rt.59 taken in the 1970s using these vehicles

A Rt.59 is seen turning from Castor Ave. onto Hellerman St. This was a seldom used short turn. This coach was photographed passing the SEPTA wrecker which was towing a disabled trolley coach back to Frankford Depot. Trolley coach shown in the process of dewiring as it enters Alma Loop. This was a scheduled short turn.
A Rt.59 trolley coach is shown passing a disabled coach on Oxford Ave. and Harrison St. This trolley coach is seen being assisted by an overhead crew member going around broken overhead wire. Rt. 59 is seen at it's Bells Corner Terminus.
Rt.59 is seen leaving the Arrott Terminal where it makes connections with the Market Frankford Subway Elevated Line. A Rt. 59 is shown traveling south on Castor Ave and Van Kirk St. This Marmon Herrington was photographed southbound on Castor at Hellerman St.

Here are some streetcar and trolley coach shots taken in Toronto in the 1970s

A TTC Flyer trolley coach is seen at Dupont & Ossington in this 1972 photo. Flyer E700 trolley coach operating on 40 Junction route. A CCF Brill trolley coach is shown operating on 61 Nortown
Line up of Marmon Herrington trolley coaches at Lansdowne Depot 1971. This Rt.61 trolley coach was photographed turning into the Eglinton W. Subway Station. An Ex Birmingham Pullman PCC shown operating on Dundas.
PCC streetcar running on Dundas during rail work. Two PCCs pass on Rogers Rd. Overhead truck can be seen doing some repair work.
An Ex Birmingham car operating on Rogers Rd. Peter Witt streetcar running on the Belt Line at Queen and Bay 1974.

Here are photos of SEPTA's New Flyer trolley coaches operating on Rt.66 in Northeast Philadelphia

Frankford Ave. and Stirling St. Frankford Ave. and Harbison Ave. Frankford Ave. and Benner St.
A Cottman Ave. short turn coach is seen on Ryan Ave. at Frankford Ave. Rt.66 express is shown heading northbound on Frankford Ave. during the PM rush hour. City Line Loop
A Rt. 66 is shown entering the express overhead. Frankford Ave. and Knorr St.
Frankford Ave. and Bleigh St. A New Flyer Hybrid bus and trolley coach are seen laying over at the City Line Loop in this 2010 photo.

In 1955 the Philadelphia Transportation Co.(now SEPTA) ordered 43 Marmon-Herrington TC49 trolley coaches to replace double end streetcars that ran on Rt.66. #301 to #322 were equipped with Westinghouse controls and #323 to #343 were GE equipped. Here are photos of these coaches operating on Rt.66 in the 1970s.

Frankford Ave. above Bridge St. 1974 A Welsh Rd. short turn coach is seen turning from Welsh Rd. onto Frankford Ave. Frankford Ave. below Wellington Ave.
Frankford Ave. and Tyson Ave. Frankford Ave. and Oakmont St. A southbound Rt.66 is shown on Frankford below Wellington Ave.
A Gregg St. short turn coach is seen leaving the Gregg St. Loop Frankford ave. and Tudor St.
This coach was photographed heading northbound on Frankford Ave. above Cheltenham Ave. Frankford & City Line Loop in the snow. February 1975.

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