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These pictures were taken while on a Caribbean cruise in December 2005. These were shot at a couple of the Mexican points that we stopped at.
This is really a bad picture, but I wanted to show you an International with sleeper and side fairings and used as a dump truck. Too bad the bush got in the way. Those are the hazards of shooting pictures from a moving bus. The picture was taken at Playa del Carmen, Mexico Small Mercedes Benz dump truck taken at the Tulúm Ruins in December 2004 while on a port stop at Cozumel, Mexico
Cristal International water truck taken at Costa Maya, Mexico in December 2004 Corona Extra Beer International taken at Costa Maya, Mexico in December 2004

These pictures were taken while on vacation to Puerto Vallarta in January - February 2006

Small van painted up for Senor Frog's Small Ford used for transporting money

These trucks were taken near the Ley grocery store in Puerto Vallarta
Transporte Un Refrigerado - Former Overnite White/GMC sleeper (still has the original Overnite number on the rear of the sleeper [ 33072 ]) with a former Colonial Motor Freight trailer.

All shapes and sizes of Coke vehicles

Pacifico and Corona Beer Chevy I did see the odd Pepsi truck. Here is a Freightliner. DHL Nissan
Earlier in the day my wife made a comment about a large hole near the edge of the sidewalk.
Well later that same day this truck's front tire was caught in that same hole.
Corona Beer International Sabritas delivery van Pro-Mar Renault delivery van
Corona Beer Chevy Marinela Choco Roles Nissan
International Eagle owned by Muebles Y Mudanzas. The first "real" truck I shot a picture of while in Puerto Vallarta. Mercedes Benz garbage truck Another interesting truck. I small truck rigged up as a tractor pulling this small tandem axle semi trailer.
Chevy Kodiak rack and tarp operated by Servico Particular Transporta Artesanias Coke Freightliner M2 parked almost always near our hotel

While we were in Puerto Vallarta, we decided to take a trip/tour to an old town high in the mountains east of Puerto Vallarta.
These pictures were taken on our trip to San Sebastian.
A White dump truck taken northeast of Puerto Vallarta It was a bit of a surprise to see this former Consolidated Freightways International in a salvage yard
Unidentifed International A stripped down Kenworth T600 Dina lumber truck
Transporte Un Refrigerado White Road Commander II Former Overnite White/GMC sleeper (still has the original Overnite number above the grill [ 33071 ]) taken on our way to San Sebastian Peterbilt dump truck with sleeper taken while we had to stop for one way traffic along some really narrow winding roadway Kenworth T600 dump truck with sleeper
Freightliner FLD dump truck with sleeper Another Kenworth T600 dump truck with sleeper Here is a view of the canyon that we drove down after the stop. In the background you can see the new bridge being constructed. It will take miles off the route travelled now along the narrow winding road.
More views of the dump trucks with sleepers Cemex Kenworth T800 at the job site for the new bridge construction.
More cement trucks at the bridge construction job site.
Another view of the cement trucks. Here is a view overlooking the bridge constructioin. Our tour guide, Ricardo, figures that this will still take about 3 years to complete. Our tour guides Ricardo and Mario from VIP Tours. Thanks for a great day!!
Dina dump truck taken on our way to San Sebastian These people were unloading bricks from this Dodge truck on to a utility trailer. Dina (International) dump truck travelling through the narrow streets of San Sebastian.
Multiple shots of a older Dina farm truck. Looks just like our old International Load Star's.
Kenworth COE dump truck taken north east of Puerto Vallarta Freightliner FLD dump truck with a Consolidated Freightliner FLD hood
Kenworth W900 dump truck Dina and Ford trucks taken on our route on the tour Another view of the stripped down Kenworth T600 taken on our way back from San Sebastian
A.B.C. International dump truck taken on our way back from San Sebastian Kenworth T800 flatbed taken on our way back from San Sebastian Mercedes Benz Pepsi truck taken on our way back from San Sebastian
A couple of Peterbilt grocery haulers Freightliner dairy products truck taken at Puerto Vallarta Unidentified Freightliner FLD
Transportes Cuauhtémoc Kenworth T800. If anyone can get me some better pictures of this truck or similar, I would be most appreciated. Santorini Freightliner Unidentified Freightliner Columbia bulk tanker

A Kenworth T800 dump truck crossing the bridge from Puerto Vallarta to Old Town
Ramirez International moving truck Sol/Brava beer truck parked on one of the side streets
Las Palmas Chevy LP gas truck Globe Food De Mexico Nissan
Coke Freightliner parked in an area above the city of Puerto Vallarta
This was a surprise to see. A Ford F350 with tandem axle duals. The second set were just tag axles. Corona Beer Freightliner parked next to our hotel
Little Nisan Coke truck Dodge truck making a delivery
This Chevy truck was parked near our hotel This Chevy truck was delivering mattresses to a nearby hotel
Transportes Torres Kenworth T300
Never a shortage of Coke trucks around Puerto Vallarta
Sol Cerveza (beer) Mercedes Benz
KIR Carnes Frias Kenworth
We saw these trucks on our way back to the Puerto Vallarta airport
I also shot some Bus Pictures while we were at Puerto Vallarta

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