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Pictured here is my Dad ( David Gaffin) , brother, and me at 6 years old in the red suit at Truck Show at Commonwealth Pier in Boston in 1976.
Me on my first road trip at Toledo 5. Dad standing next his GMC Astro in 1980 in N. Kingsville, Oh.
Me at 15 years old climbing into another GMC Astro my father drove in New Brunswick, N.J. Dad drove this KW for Provident Leasing of Avon,Ma. - pictured here at Plymouth Rock Terminal in Jersey City, N.J. Interior of the same KW
Dad drove this White Road Boss running linehaul from Seekonk, Ma. to Brooklyn,N.Y. in 1985-1987 Dad drove this Autocar for Provident Leases of Brockton,Ma. Dad's KW that he drove for Provident Leases
Elkton,Md. 1987 Western Star 1987 Western Star Dad on his first trip with the first truck he bought
1987 Western Star
Cat Power!
1990 Peterbilt
Dad's 2nd owned truck
Leased to C-Line of W. Warwick,R.I.
Lake City, Mn.
1996 Peterbilt
Dad's 3rd owned truck
Leased to Bud Meyer Truck Lines
Brockton,Ma. in 1989
1980 Ford
My first truck I drove for East Coast Truck and Trailer Repair
Allston,Ma. in 1990
1987 International
I drove this truck for Land Transport of Framingham, Ma.
Taken in 1991
1989 Mack
I drove this truck for a year for Land Transport
Taken in 1992
1990 International
I-40 Welcome center in Az.
I drove this truck for Land Transport running TJ Maxx stores from Ma. - California
Rest area I-40 Westbound before Amarillo Twin Arrows, Az.
Lake City,Mn.  -  March 1992  -  Bud Meyer Truck Lines Taken in 1992
Rest area westbound side of I-40 east of Amarillo
1990 Peterbilt- 1st truck I drove for Bud Meyer Truck Lines
Taken in 1992
1990 Peterbilt 378
Me at Sierra Sid's
I -17 south of Flagstaff
Utah I -80
Taken in 1994
Mack Elite
I drove this truck for 2 years
Taken in 1995
Brockton,Ma.  -  taken in 1995  -  1995 International  -  I drove for Walmart in 1995 out of Marcy,N.Y. for a little under a year.
Taken in 1998
1981 Peterbilt 359 with a 312" wheelbase
Gary Pons Truck Lines of Deridder,La.
I drove for Gary Pons all of 1998 after Bud Meyer went out of business
1996 Peterbilt 379
Gary Pons truck that I drove
Brockton,Ma. Taken in 1999  -  1998 Peterbilt 379  -  Moore Trucking of Algoma,Wi.  -  I drove this truck for a month hauling cheese from Wi. to Boston
Very nice family owned company, but I was looking to work closer to home at the time.
Freightliner FLD120
Ken's Salad Dressing
Lowell, Ma.
96' Peterbilt 379
Silva's Express
81' Peterbilt 359
Gary Pons Truck lines
Deridder, La.
Taken in 2001
2001 Freightliner Columbia
I drove New Century from November 2000 - December 2008
Taken in 2001
2001 Freighliner Columbia
2000 Peterbilt 379
Dad's last truck owned
leased to Eickhoff Enterprises of Marshall,Mn
same truck after the starter caught on fire- truck totaled
2000 Peterbilt 379
Dad's current truck
company truck driving for Eickhoff Enterprises
T600 Kenworth
Driven by Ed Torvund of Rochester,Mn.
Peterbilt 379
Driven by Ed Torvund of Rochester,Mn.
who now is a dispatcher for Midwest Specialized Transportation
Nice Pete owned by Tommy and Rita Sanders Me and my '96 Peterbilt 379 at Waupon, Wi. Barstow, Ca.
Rip Griffin's Travel Center
My truck in the forefront
Ed Torvund's truck in the background
1995 Peterbilt 379 Owner: Bob "Cowpoke" Martin Same truck after $50,000 Shell Super Rigs Makeover
Cumberland, R. I. 2006 Freightliner Columbia This was my last truck I drove for New Century in this picture the truck has almost 500,000 miles on it
Peterbilt 379
Richard Green Inc. of Enosburg Falls, Vt.
Driven by David Bucklin
I met Dave back in 1992 when we were both 21 years old and both driving for Bud Meyer Truck Lines
Boston, Ma. in 1996- Don and Karen Bartley of Wa. polishing their award winning orange W900 KW they drove for Navajo. Waupon, Wi. in 1998 -Don Bartley polishing the award winning black W900 KW he and his wife Karen drove for Navajo. I believe Karen started driving in 1965 and was one of the first solo female drivers. Both have recently retired, still are great friends of mine and love talking trucks.
Taken in Dallas Pike, W.Va in 1997 Kim and Dan Stockwell of Chepachet, R.I. and their Cabover KW Taken in 1997 at Walcott, Ia. Freightliner FLD120 J&R Schugel company truck driven with pride by Al of Connecticut. Boston, Ma. Dan Smith and family taking a break from polishing their Freighliner FLD120 that he leased to Hardinger of Pa. This truck had a ton of custom made items including a hardwood deck plate.
Boston, Ma. W900 KW Mac Taylor working hard polishing his award winning company truck he drove for Mitchell of Va. 1997 in Waupon, Wi.
1996 Peterbilt and 1997 Great Dane owned by Tod Job of Jefferson City, MO.
1996 in Boston, Ma.
379 Peterbilt
owned by Manny
last I saw Manny he had stretched the truck and added a large sleeper.
1996 in Boston,Ma.
379 Peterbilt
owned by Ron Baird of Thorntown, In.
After Ron sold this truck, he bought a T600 with a large sleeper and was leased to Mayflower
Last I saw Ron was at Louisville in 2006 showing off his beautiful green Peterbilt that he drives for Hoffman Transportation
Walcott, Ia. A-Model KW Las Vegas, Nv.
379 Peterbilt
company truck owned by Crow Wing Transport
driven by Mike of Minnesota
The legendary Henry Good of Monticello, N.Y. and his 1981 Kenworth K-100C VIT Aerodyne If you were around trucking in the 80's you remember this truck. KW Aerodyne Englewood, N.J. Englishtown, N.J.
1973 Diamond Reo DRE64HC
Owner at the time was Mike " The Reo Kid" Shade of Bridgewater, N.J.
This truck was featured on the cover of "The American Trucker" magazine in April 1989
Mike Shade is pictured here in the white t-shirt.
Diamond Reo
Owner is Bryan"The Fight Doctor" Dax of Wisconsin
Bryan tried to organize truckers to come together back in the 90's
Cabover Peterbilt that pulled up next to me at a red light in Atlanta. 1997
Las Vegas, Nv.
379 Peterbilt
Owned by the legendary Bobby Blandino
If you were around trucking in the 80's you will remember his ' 69 Cabover single
axle Transcon Freightliner featured in " Amercican Trucker" in 1985.
Photos taken in 1987
Birmingham, Al.
1987 359 Peterbilt
This truck was called " Stagecoach Pete"
Owner was Bobby Whitfield Trucking of Caddo Mills, Tx.
This truck was driven by P.J. Roberts and led the 1988 Trucker's Aid Convoy.
Pictured here is me at 17 years old with a bad case Peterbilt fever.
Stoughton, Ma. Truck Show at the RR Station
359 Peterbilt
This truck can still be seen running around the Northeast and still looks as good
Same show 3rd truck from the left ( green)
Owned by Sully's Trucking of Bridgewater,Ma.
This truck can still be seen running around the Northeast and still looks as good
Avon, Ma.
W900 KW
This owner lived in Stoughton, Ma., I spotted this truck recently going down the road with the bunk off of it and not looking so good.
Stoughton, Ma. Western Star
Dumping my first load on my own for Sams Transportation of Georgetown, Ma.
First day on the job! First time pulling a dump trailer.
This is my first day driving for Sams Transportation of Georgetown,Ma. on January 5, 2009 Peterbilt 379.
Portsmouth, N.H. & Ipswich, Ma.
First time pulling a dump trailer, hauled 5 loads of salt, pretty easy.

My '96 Peterbilt 379 I drove for Bud Meyer Truck Lines
Interior of my Bud Meyer Peterbilt- no shoes allowed!
Schuman Equipment of Tx. taken at Waupon, Wi. 1996 Streaker of Va. taken at Waupon, Wi. 1996 Me and my '96 Peterbilt in Dallas Pike, W.Va.
My good friend Darren Stephen's award winning Freighliner Stagecoach Express owned by Gary Ries of Hastings, Mn. I took these pictures at Allstate Peterbilt in So.St.Paul, Mn. in 1997.
Waupon, Wi. 1996 The Untouchable Me holding my 2nd place trophy for Company Truck Bobtail in 1997 at the International Trucking Show in Las Vegas, Nv. My Bud Meyer Peterbilt, Bud (RIP) and Cindy Seiter's Freightliner and the last Marmon ever built owned by Ken Matuszak
Me and the bus my good friend Greg Malson was driving taken in Tn. L-R: Alan, Kathy, Don, Karen. Truckers taking a break after polishing there trucks in Las Vegas. American Pride
American Pride "Showtime" Owned by MC Van Kampen Trucking of Grand Rapids, Mi. Walcott, Ia. in 1996 " Sadie"
Kevin Pickett, Me, Rod Pickett -- The Pickett brothers of 'Trick my Truck" Louisville 2007 March 2007 Louisville, Ky. Driver Dan Sorenson of Lake City,Mn. and the Freightliner he drove for Stagecoach Express of Hastings, Mn. I met Dan when we drove for Bud Meyer and he is still one of my friends.
Louisville 2007 Louisville 2007 Louisville 2007
Louisville 2007 Louisville 2007 Peterbilt 379 driven by Ron Baird owned by Hoffman Transportation of Morris,IL.
Louisville 2007 Louisville 2007 L-R: Louisville 2007 Me with my former bosses Gary and Lisa Pons The Pons' work for Valley Chrome Plating
Louisville 2007 Louisville 2007 Louisville 2007
Louisville 2007
Louisville 2007 Big & Rich "Trucker's Concert"

Dad with his '96 Peterbilt in Lake City, Mn Michael S. Gaffin standing in front of Dad's Astro. My brother on his first road trip in 1980 standing in front of Dad's GMC Astro
Steve and Carol Gray
2006 T600 w/Studio sleeper
The Grays were company drivers at Bud Meyer when I worked there and now are owner/operators leased to Overbye of Lakeville,Mn.
Troy and Lori Hammond of Sioux City, Ia. and their Kenworth T600 leased to PBX
Dan Sorenson's Kenworth W900L in Las Vegas,Nv. Ol' Skool yellow Peterbilt leased to Manning Transfer
Thomas A. Smith
1994 Peterbilt 379
315" wheelbase
460 Cat
140 ICT sleeper
Dad's 2000 Peterbilt 379 somewhere out west Jim Randall and his 1985 Marmon with 3 million miles on it leased to Rochester Cartage
of Rochester,Mn.
B Model Mack
1989 Peterbilt for Sams Transportation of Georgetown, Ma.
I started driving this truck in April 2009 for Sams Transportation of Georgetown, Ma.
2006 Kenworth W900L
475 Cat
18 Speed

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