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Freightliner Columbia from Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robbins Mid-Atlantic Distribution Center, Westhampton, NJ – laying over at Red Roof Inn in Springfield, VA - September 2007. Kenworth T600 from Paoli Furniture, Paoli, IN – laying over at Hunter Motel in Springfield, VA – October 2007. The Hunter Motel is an old line family-owned highway motel that will soon be replaced with a Hampton Inn. It’s just off I-95 in Fairfax County, VA. Volvo from the Simmons Mattress distribution center in Fredericksburg, VA. Their logistics are handled by Summit Logistics. Taken at a suite hotel in Springfield, VA, November 2007.
International 4400 from Shenandoah's Pride Dairy of Springfield, VA, taken November 2007. Dairies have been retooling their vehicle graphics over the past few years to great result. The graphics on the dairy body of this straight truck were intro'd within the last 6 months. Their recently revamped logo features a Divco dairy truck. Volvo from Oakhurst Dairy of Portland, ME, taken in Portland near the dairy in July 2007. This one has a row of dairy product containers on the trailer. Another one spotted has a similar row of juices and tea containers. Second view of Oakhurst Dairy. The label on the side of the hood says 'Oakhurst Trucks Run on BioDiesel'.
View of Mack Vision from Lankford Sysco of Pocamoke, MD, taken October 2007. Although becoming more standardized, Sysco's fleet of trucks have some variability from distributor to distributor and even within the distributor's fleet. The Northern Virginia area has a number of Sysco distribution centers serving it from Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. Second view of Lankford Sysco. I like the look of stainless trailers but they seem to be slowly disappearing. KW W900 from Rowe Machinery, Inc. of Haleyville, AL, taken October 2007 on I-68 just east of Cumberland, MD. Company is actually a for hire outfit with primarily step deck trailers in their fleet.
Volvo VN from Bradford-White Corporation of Middleville, MI. This fleet had previously been all Freightliner FLD120s. This truck also has new corporate graphics including photos of water heater products and JD Power award as well as Niles Steel Tank and Laars Heating Systems divisions noted on trailer. Taken on I-70 at the Pennsylvania Welcome Center just north of Hancock, MD on a cold December day during Christmas week 2007. Two views of a Freightliner Columbia for the Coca-Cola bottler in Cumberland, MD. Taken at the plant in September 2007.
A semi-retired KW W900 from Curtis Lumber & Plywood Terminal, Inc. of Springfield, VA. I drive past this yard at least once a week and it's been moved once I believe in the last 6 months. Taken September 2007. Two views of a Peterbilt operated by Hulcher Professional Services, Inc. based out of Gettysburg, PA, as stenciled on the head end of the equipment trailer. Laying over on Thanksgiving Day, November 2007, outside Cumberland, MD, along Md State Route 51.
International 4000 series straight job from Interstate Van Lines of Springfield, VA. I've always liked the mint green fleet of this company. Taken November 2007 at their terminal. Rare International COE at the end of the ready line at the Interstate Van Lines terminal. November 2007.
Two views of a KW W900 and Talbert trailer operated by Shirley Contruction Company of Lorton, VA. Taken at their offices in September 2007.
Two views of a Western Star with curtainside trailer from Young Manufacturing Co. of Beaver Dam, KY. The "oak millwork folks" truck was photographed at the West Virginia Welcome Center on I-68 west in September 2007. Nice yellow Sterling LT cab and trailer for Central Transport based in Warren, MI. The front bulkhead of the trailer is marked 'Turnpike Doubles' although it appears this trailer is in local P & D service now. Taken March 2008 in Springfield, VA.
Fitch Co. of Baltimore, MD. Once known as Fitch Dustdown Co., an interesting moniker to me. The smaller text in the comic bubble follows 'Talk dirty to me.' with 'I'm a professional in cleaning and maintenance.' Witty. Taken January 2008 in Fairfax, VA. Krinos Foods, Inc., 47-00 Northern Blvd, L.I.C. (Long Island City), NY. A number of iconic NY/NJ metro elements with this one. One of many multi-cultural food product companies serving the DC area from there. Especially enjoy the detailed photo of Greek food products on the van body. The International 4400 was photographed in October 2007 at the Hunter Motel, Springfield VA. McKinney Drilling Co., Lorton, VA. Mack CH. Photographed at their yard in September 2007.
Network Communications, Inc., based in Lawrenceville, GA. Pete 387 cab. Company is publisher of guides for rental or purchase of residential property. Truck is on I-95 South in Springfield, VA. Photo taken October 2007. Service Distributing, Inc., Lorton, VA. Isuzu FTR. Wine wholesaler featuring Bolla wines in an artistic advertisement on the van. Photographed in Burke, VA, February 2008.
Williams Transfer & Rigging, Hicksville, NY. KW W900s. 3 views of 2 trucks from their fleet. Cargo includes what appears to be a large dormer or a press box area for a stadium. An electric vehicle is also sitting on the deck. Parked at the Holiday Inn Express in Springfield, VA, in October 2007.
Two views of a Wilson Trucking Corp., Fishersville, VA, Volvo VN. Regional LTL carrier. David Faust has contributed a number of photos from this fleet to Hank's site. This one is laying over at a motel in Springfield, VA, in August 2007. An older International 9000 series cab for Allensville Planing Mill based in Pennsylvania. Being into the details of fleet vehicles, I like the subtle inclusion of the corporate logo on the trailer identification plate fastened to the mesh bulkhead. Taken at a McDonalds off I-70 in Myersville, MD, in May 2009.
Apgar Bros. of Bound Brook, NJ. A regional flatbed carrier their identifying green and cream color scheme has been a constant since I first spotted it in the 1970s. The placement of the company name/location on the green backplate integrated into the front face of the trailer bulkhead is a design bonus. Looks like the Mack CH cab is a 1990s build. Taken July 2009 in Chantilly, VA. Bell View Brand Food Products from Penn, PA, runs this KW T800. The apparently hand painted graphics definitely reflect Western PA artistic styles seen during mid-70s. This one was spotted on I-79 South near the West Virginia/Pennsylvania line in August 2009. Bert R. Hybels, Inc. of Kalamazoo, MI, is a nursery supplier. The logo of the man watering the flower says 'Helping make your business grow'. Their Volvo VN was parked at the Pennsylvania welcome center on I-70 north of Hancock, MD, on a cold early December day in 2008.
Brakebush Transportation, Inc. of Westfield, WS, is the private carrier for Brakebush Poultry. This KWT800 cab in fleet colors and graphics is well appointed with a spacious penthouse sleeper. It's pulling a stainless steel Great Dane trailer. Taken on I-70 in December 2008 as it passes the Pennsylvania welcome center heading toward Maryland. A Freightliner Columbia for Ci-Ci's Pizza's distribution arm out of Atlanta. Interesting trailer graphics of heavy dozers pushing around pizza ingredients evocative more of landfilling waste than an appetizing come-on. It's part of their 'pizza art' series. Seen on US 50 in Fairfax County, VA, in August 2009. A historic combo found parked at the local motel. The owner of this 15-20 year old Freightliner COE and trailer, whom I spoke with briefly, uses both in his runs to the DC area. As I expressed my appreciation for the preserved Smith's Transfer trailer he mentioned that it's losing its roadworthiness, wearing out from years of use. This model Freightliner COE cab is a personal classic, definitely an 80's icon; sad to see the COE fade from favor in the US and disappearing from the road.
An extravagantly graphic'd International 8600 and trailer from John Zidian Co. of Youngstown, OH. The simple logo and lettering on the cab is traditional corporate basic. The trailer is detailed to create multi-layered images evoking linkages to iconic rustic Italian images that enhance the company's food product business. Spotted at the New Stanton PA Turnpike service center in November 2009. This tough looking image of a Pete 379 leased to Great American Lines, based in Pittsburgh, feels straight out of 1980. This rig was sitting in the Pennsylvania welcome center on I-70 south of Breezewood in May 2009. An International 8600 for Rose Trucking Corp., the logistics arm for White Rose, a wholesale grocer based in Carteret, NJ. This one was photographed at Gristedes Market in Greenwich Village, NYC, in August 2008.
A Pete 359 day cab and scrap trailer from A. Russo Wrecking Co. or Lawrence, NY, photographed on the Bowery in NYC in August 2008. Sterling Acterra for Cloverland Dairy of Baltimore, MD, taken in July 2009 in Fairfax, VA. Their ‘new’ graphics actually harkens back to memories of their delivery trucks in Baltimore in the early 1970s. Caught this 80s GMC Top Kick Coca-Cola beverage truck still on the delivery cycle in Springfield, VA. This vehicle is based in Alexandria, VA. Photographed in May 2009.
A very retro looking Craig Van Lines International 4900 cab with furniture van was shot in March 2008 in Fairfax, VA. An International 4400 from Empire Merchants, LLC, of Brooklyn, NY, on delivery in (SoHo, Greenwich Village) in NYC. This spirits distributor runs full size ads for its products on the box side. I like the compatible runner ad for Crown Royale on the front face, also. Taken August 2008. Hispanic Italian American Bread Co., Inc. is quite a mouthful. This classic Route Star panel van with its traditional gold lettering was photographed on Myrtle Avenue in Queens, NYC, in August 2008.
Two different shots of Goya Foods semis, both offloading at supermarket docks. The first was taken in Queens, NY, in August 2008, and is based at their Bethpage, NY, facility. The second was photographed in Burke, VA, in the Spring of 2010. This one is based in Prince George, VA. Every truck cab in the fleet is personalized with the delivery driver’s name. “¡Si es Goya…tiene que ser bueno!”
Action shot of Amerada Hess fleet tanker out of the Baltimore terminal heading west on I-70 in a May rain shower. This vehicle makes a regular run further west on I-68 beyond Cumberland, MD. These are the latest muted Hess graphics. I prefer the iconic brighter green with yellow & red accents. At least we can still look at a nice private fleet for a fuel refiner and marketer.
An International 4400 for Hy-Point Dairy of Wilmington, DE, on US 113 in Delaware photographed in July 2010. A Pete 379 from Joe Grinstead Farms of Sheridan, IN, parked at the Maryland Travel Center on I-70 near Hagerstown, MD, in November 2010. I think this combo of Freightliner FLD daycab and dual axle stainless refrigerated trailer could easily be visualized sitting along a rural coastal highway in 1965. The FLD still looks angular and tough. As it is, this picture of a rig operated by the Kool Ice & Seafood Co. from Cambridge, MD, was taken at Seaside Beach, Delaware, in July 2010.
This Lewes Dairy rig is particularly interesting for the 60 year old refrigerated dairy trailer pulled by the 80s/90s generation design International 4900 cab. The refrigeration unit and conspicuity striping are the only obvious nods to modernity on the trailer. Lewes Dairy is one of 2 family owned small dairies in Delaware (the Hy-Point Dairy, whose truck I also photographed, is the other.) A nice find on US 113 in Delaware. R Model Mack under the gantry at Southern Iron Works, a structural steel fabricator in Springfield, VA. I believe this truck is still used for local deliveries. Taken June 2009. Another in the trend toward artistic spirits advertising on vehicle sides is this Southern Wine & Spirits of Delaware 3-axle Sterling Acterra with a photo ad for Knob Creek bourbon. Photo taken at the intersection of US 113 and Delaware Route 26 in July 2010.

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