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Freightliner COE a former "VFS" truck. It was a division that ran coast to coast. This was taken at Las Vegas, NV. yard in '94. They traded these off in late '94 for the KW T-600's & then later to the T-800s. Viking Kenworth T-600B (the "B" is for a one piece windshield) triples Las Vegas, NV. December, 1995 Mike Boyd Collection. Viking triples taken in Las Vegas, NV in 1995. The rear box is an ex Oregon Freightways trailer. The 2 swing doors are ex "VFS" trailers.
Viking International 9670 (former System 99 unit). taken in Dec. '94 in Beaver, UT. Viking International 9670 (ex System 99 truck) first trip with triples. Las Vegas, NV October 1993.
Viking Kenworth T-800 taken US 95 just south of Fallon, NV. March '95.
Truck has a N-14 Cummins(390hp-410hp) with a "Super 10" Transmission.
This is a shot looking south on US 95 from the pull-off south of Fallon, NV. 1994
Viking White/GMC (former Oregon Freightways tractor) stopping through Kingman, AZ. '96. Interior shot of the White/GMC.
Viking Kenworth K-100 COE dashboard. Another shot of dash lay-out of the KW. Viking Freightliner COE. I was broke down with a blown line off the air compressor. I-15 at Ghost Town Rd. Yermo, CA. 1994.
Viking Freightliner snow ride from Las Vegas to Salt Lake City 12'93. Viking tractor line-up in Las Vegas 1993. Mixed makes before the standard Kenworths T-800s that came in later. Viking International 9670 slow drag race up a grade on I-15 south of Beaver, UT. ( I was winning with my 9670 that day.) All of Viking's 9670s are from "System 99" with Cummins 350 H.P under the cab. They are all gone now since '96. Nov. 1993.
Viking triples on US 50 between Fallon & Fernley, NV. Accident closed road up ahead. First Viking pulled off to let me pull up off the railroad tracks on US 50. I had a rare Freightliner that day.(We only had one at our terminal in Las Vegas.) April 1994. Found a way around accident. (Not a designated triples route.) We made it back on the road after about 10 miles on a dirt path. Thanks to Reno, NV. driver Dick Robler in the lead to get us around this mess. What a ride. April 1994.
A Viking owned VFS Freightliner COE doubles I caught in PA. 1990. Was later dissolved into Viking Freight System in the early 1990s A KW T600 doubles coming down a section of Grapevine Hill on I-5 in CA. 1994. Another KW T600 passing a couple of NW triple sets on I-15 by Overton, NV. 1993.
A KW T600 triples on US 95 near Armagosa Valley, NV. 1993. Another KW T600 triples on I-80 in NV. 1994. An area for empty trailers at the Denver terminal. 1993.
A shot of me and another Viking on Forrester Rd. heading for Calexico, CA. 1993 The exit for Calexico on CA SR111 south another 8 miles to go. 1993 I caught up to another Viking on US 93 near Merritt Pass, he was a lot heavier on the hills. 1995
A Viking Freightliner FLD triples on Losee Rd in Las Vegas I caught on my way home. 1993 Another Viking and I at the brake check area on the top of Mountain Pass CA. 1996 An older Viking KW T-800 sitting at the terminal in Las Vegas, NV. 1994
Two shots of the dashboard lay-out of the new '96 KW T-800 I was assigned to. Nov. 1995. A shot of the outside of the new '96 KW at the terminal in Las Vegas, NV. Nov. 1995
A shot of the truck hooked to triples on a pull-off near Moapa, NV. 1996 Viking's inbound rows on the weekend in Anaheim, CA. 1997 A Viking spotter with a Strick Lease 14 foot high pup in Las Vegas, NV. 1995
A shot of the old Viking terminal on Losee Rd. from early 1993 A shot of the scenery looking west from the old terminal in Salt Lake City, UT. 1993 A shot of the parking area in the new terminal at that time also in Salt Lake. 1998
This is the entrance for the old terminal in Salt Lake, it was pretty tight to get a triple set off of a side street into the terminal driveway. 1995. A couple of shots of the different tractors Phoenix had in it's possession in 1993.
A couple of shots of a Viking Freightliner COE ex VFS one of the few that had a 350 HP Cummins engine in it. Salt Lake City, UT. 1994. A Viking KW T-600 with doubles road side near Tucson, AZ. 1992.
A few shots of a Viking Int'l 9670 ex System 99 tractor with triples at the old Salt Lake terminal. This was a completion of my first trip with triples, Las Vegas, NV. to Salt Lake. 1993. A mirror shot half way through my first trip to Salt Lake. 1993.
A Lechers Freightliner COE was going way too fast across I-15 even for Nevada in my days driving for Viking Freight. Sept. 1997. I met one of our southern IL drivers at a fuel stop for a relay and I couldn't believe this old corrugated Fruehauf Viking pup from 1978 is still being used. I went back the following week and it was gone, so it must still be road worthy, this was in Savoy, IL. Oct. 2010. The ghost mark of the blue stripe is there, but no name is visible except the trailer number and the blue door frame bottom. Oct. 2010.
A rare shot of an early morning run up to Salt Lake City from Las Vegas catching a shadow shot of the Int'l 9670 with triples that I had that day near Moapa, NV. May. 1994.    

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