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International Fleetstar in check bay in Chicago. 1975. Shippers Dispatch White Road Boss brand new at the Detroit, MI. terminal 1975. Rear view of the famillar "SD" on the back doors at the time. 1975.
A Shippers Dispatch Int'l Fleetstar 2070 parked at the Arco Auto/Truckstop in Napoleon, OH. April 1976. Rear shot of the same Shippers Dispatch Int'l Fleetstar 2070 at the truckstop Napoleon, OH. April 1976.
Shippers Dispatch tractor line-up, Chicago 1975. Shippers Dispatch route map from July 1972. Shippers Dispatch St.Louis terminal 1973
Shippers Dispatch Ford LN 7000 city unit Cleveland OH. 1973. Shippers Dispatch Ford LNT 9000 in fuel bay at the Cleveland OH. terminal 1973. Shippers Dispatch International Fleetstar 2070 coming out of fuel bay in Cleveland, OH. 1973
A couple of shots of a very rare Shippers Dispatch Diamond Reo at the 76 Auto/Truckstop in Sawyer, MI. Aug. 1975 A Shippers Dispatch White 9000 with an Ohio 40' van. South Bend, IN. 1962. Photographer Unknown
A shot of the original Shipper Dispatch terminal on Sample St., Shippers operated this terminal up to (I think) about 1972 in South Bend, IN. this was taken by Wayne Stockman. Aug. 2010. A side shot of the terminal. Note a few of the dock doors were bricked over to create more office space. They had to move to the terminal on Walnut St. in South Bend due to out growing of this one. Later on in 1977, the terminal on Walnut St. would become the Preston Trucking terminal. Aug. 2010.
A very old ancient Shipper Dispatch Fruehauf van used for storage at a used car lot, this trailer is close to 50 years old, picture was taken by Wayne Stockman on US 52 near Lafayette, IN. Aug. 2010. Trailer signs have basically all but disintegrated and flaked away, but legible. This is really a historical find. Aug. 2010.

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