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A very early Preston White promotional picture. They adopted "The 151 Line" in 1939, this must be late '39 to early 1940.
A very old Preston (I think an International or somebody can inform on the make of this tractor) with an early open top van, I found this on eBay and figured I'd share it with the other trucking enthusiasts out there. I noticed it's a little blurry and can't be fixed. I'm guessing this is some where on the east coast in the 1930s.

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A Preston GMC Crackerbox with a van. This picture was discovered by Dave Faust and sent to me to go with my older Preston picture collection page. Unknown photographer or location. Thanks to Dave, this picture would never be seen from the 1960s.
An ex Shippers Dispatch GMC 9500 to the Preston transition. South Bend, IN. 1976.
An ex Shippers Ford LNT 9000. Notice the blue interior, a cancelled order from someone else. They were still new though in '74. Shippers to Preston White road Boss transition (Green Shippers truck with orange Preston decals) from the Fort Wayne, IN. terminal taken in September 76.
An ex Shippers Dispatch White Road Boss at a rest area in MI. 1976 Another ex Shippers White RB at a pull off on US 30 in IN. 1976 This is an ex Shippers terminal in IN (forgot where) with the lone Preston truck in the line-up. 1976.
Here's a rear shot of the pinkish red frame of a Shippers Dispatch White Road Boss and an Int'l 2070. Fort Wayne, IN. 1976. This is a shot of a homemade radio box in a White with a very rare passenger seat. Driver and location is unknown. 1977. Preston's points list book cover showing their new service map stretching to the Mississippi river now. 1977.
A shot of Chicago's dock line-up with a very rare Ford F-600 city tractor and of mixed Shippers and Preston trailers. 1976. A closer shot of the Preston Ford in the Fort Wayne IN. line-up from 1976. This is of Fort Wayne IN's dock line-up of mixed Shippers downgraded road tractors to city use and Preston road tractors. 1976.
Preston GMC Astro test tractor with doubles in 1979 Preston Ford WT 9000 from a Preston brochure from 1971 Preston International 9670 (newer series pups) in Bensenville, IL '86.
A Preston Ford C8000 van entering NJ Turnpike toll booth from a Ford advertisement. 1960. Preston International 9670 COE (Road unit then) with the old series pups.(96" Wide) were also common then.
Preston International 2300's taken in 1984 in Bensenville, IL terminal when I first started driving for them.
Preston GMC Brigadier taken February 1983. This was Mike's Dad's truck. Preston GMC Brigadier with 45' van in Bensenville, IL '83. This also a picture of Mike's Dad's truck. Preston GMC Brigadier taken in 1985 in West Middlesex, PA. This was a test unit. It may be hard to see, but this tractor has the "hula-skirt" on the fenders.
Preston Refrigerated Division (Has snowcaps on the Preston letters) They were an all owner/operator division. Taken at Fortmeyers truckstop in Fort Wayne, IN. '82. 1976 International 1700 hauling the "Great American" Bicentennial Flag for Washington D.C. Preston Ford LS 9000 (20173) first assigned truck. ("Slipseating" for along time). Toledo. 1989.
Preston Ford LTS 9000 dashboard of 25323. Preston 1985 Ford LS 9000 interior Preston Ford LTS 9000 new for '92 taken in Chicago - October '92.
Preston 1980 GMC Brigadier interior. (Dad's tractor.). Preston GMC Brigadier dashboard. Preston brand new Ford LS 9000s. Lined-up in South Bend, IN. 1985
Preston "Batmobile" promotional fuel mileage challenge GMC Brigadier. Preston Ford LNT 9000. Down-graded to city use shortly after this winter season was over.
Taken in Peoria, IL. Feb. 1978.
Preston fence sign in Peoria, IL. terminal Feb. 1978 Preston Ford LS 9000 (20173) taken on a very snowy day in Mansfield, OH. Jan. 1992. Cleveland OH. tractor line-up. July '82.
Preston owned Pioneer Transportation Volvo/ White '86. Preston owned Pioneer Transportation Ford LTL 9000. taken in West Middlesex, PA. terminal.'86. Preston doubles Cleveland to Chicago snowy trip January 1990.
Preston Ford LS 9000 Detroit to Chicago another winter day Jan. 1991 Preston Promotional from 1980. "The LTL Specialists". Preston back cover picture off of a brochure 1985.
Preston White Chicago terminal January 1990.. Preston Ford LNT 9000 brand new tractor. Taken in Fort Wayne IN. 1978. Preston's Entrance to West Middlesex, PA. terminal.
Preston Cincinnati, Ohio terminal. Preston's Kankakee, IL. terminal they closed this terminal in '89 and ran their freight out of Chicago. Preston Kankakee tractor line-up.
Preston White dashboard.(20360) Truck would run. 1991. Preston White (20360) 2nd assigned tractor Bensenville, IL. 1991. Preston White night shot Saginaw, MI. 10'89.
Preston Ford LS 9000 (20173) taken at the terminal in Toledo, OH. 1990. Dad's GMC Brigadier, hooking up in Akron, OH. terminal. '81 or '82. Another shot of Dad's tractor after the set is hooked in Akron, OH. '81 or '82.
Preston White with open-top trailer, taken at the terminal in Bensenville, IL. 1992. The open-top vans were mostly used for "Caterpillar" parts, it was a big account with Preston. All the Whites from 1987 had 3306 "Cats" for engines also. Preston White at the terminal in Danville, IL. 1989
Different shots of the very few GMC Astros that Preston had in 1981
A rare look at a dashboard lay-out of a GMC Astro. 1981
These are shots of a new Preston Ford LS9000. It came with a 285 HP Cummins and a 9 speed Fuller Roadranger transmission.
Taken at the terminal in Bensenville, IL. 1985.
A Preston Ford LS9000 with doubles from an annual report cover. 1985. Another Preston Ford with doubles promo shot from 1988.
This is a shot of Preston's wash bay in York, PA. 1985. A shot of a couple of Ford LNT9000s with vans at the terminal in Indianapolis, IN. 1984. A different type of promotional picture for Preston's new Ford LS9000s from 1985.
A shot of the Preston terminal from going by on OH SR2 in Sandusky, OH. 1982. A Preston International 9670 with doubles inside the terminal in Cleveland, OH. 1982. This is Preston's tractor line-up in the old terminal in Palatine, IL.which was next door to American Freight System at that time in 1982.
A shot of the Preston tractor line-up in West Middlesex, PA. 1983. A Preston International 2200 with doubles on a Fall day on the OH turnpike. 1985. A Preston Int'l 9670 downgraded to a city tractor leaving the Chicago terminal in 1991.
Three shots of a Preston International 2600. This, I'm pretty sure was a test tractor from Providence, RI.
This was the only tractor Preston had of this model (2600) that also had power steering in it too. Taken at the terminal in Bensenville, IL. 1988.
This is a Preston van I dropped at the Santa Fe yard in Chicago which in a few minutes was already loaded on the train TOFC for LA, CA. 1989. Preston tractors at the motel parking lot in Peoria, IL. 1990. Preston's terminal in West Lafayette, OH. 1991.
The Preston terminal in Chicago, IL on a typical Sunday with hooked sets ready to go out that night. 1981. This is the Preston terminal today. It's a "Park and Ride" facility for a pay parking lot for people flying out of Midway Airport in Chicago. July 2007.
A shot of the White I had parked in the motel lot in Peoria, IL. 1990. My Preston White I had for a few weeks here at the terminal in Danville, IL. 1992. Another White I had for a while here in Kokomo, IN. 1992.
These are shots of Preston 48 foot vans that were bought by ABF shortly after Preston closed it's doors. 1999. An ex Preston White/GMC (unknown company) going down Central Av.@ 47th St. very near where Preston once operated from. July 2007.
This is a very old trailer I saw outside of Cincinnati on I-275, it's originally a Shippers Dispatch city pick-up trailer and then used with Preston, now a tool trailer for a construction company. Trailer is easily over 35 years old. Nov. 2008.
A lost Preston pup parked by a shop in Tifton, GA. Preston didn't operate in Georgia, so it was a surprise to see that trailer not re-painted to something else and to see it in southern GA. Feb. 2009.

I just got these from a long lost friend of mine, Ron Bauer. He finally discovered my picture collection after seeing your "last 7 days updates".
Ron Bauer's new assigned Preston White hooked to a van in the terminal in Bensenville, IL. 1987. Ron Bauer (pictured) and another driver felt ambitious that day to hook up a set of quad trailers for a rare picture of a combination that is never used in this country. Bensenville, IL. 1987. A picture that Ron also took was of my Dad's salt covered Ford LNT9000 in the Swanton service plaza on the Turnpike in OH. Early 1980s.
Preston's terminal in Bensenville, IL was right under the flight path of Chicago's O'Hare airport, this was from the early 1990s. A couple of pictures of Ron's new White hooked to doubles also in Bensenville, IL. 1987.
A shot of what Preston Trucking's fuel tank in South Bend, IN look like today. It used to be bright white in color. This terminal used to be a very busy break bulk terminal between the east and the west, now it looks like a ghost town with nothing going on. I'm not sure if the terminal was ever occupied by any other company since the shutdown in 1999. A special Thanks to Wayne Stockman for taking these pictures for me of a company that's gone forever. Aug. 2010. A shot of the old Preston terminal with a section of the terminal being used by a local company. Behind the van trailer at the dock, there was an entrance in the corner used to get to where road dispatch was. I used to have to go through this terminal at least 6 or so times a week, either going out of Chicago or coming back through, most lanes lead through South Bend, IN. taken Aug. 2010. A shot of the dock doors facing on the south side of the Preston terminal in South Bend, IN. Aug. 2010.
A shot of Preston's South Bend fuel bay with the fuel shack in ruins. Look kind or eery now with no trucks lined up for fuel. A shot of the doors to the tractor shop. I was in there often switching out tractors from one time or another or for repairs. A back side view of the old fuel bay and a I believe to the right of that was the entrance to the automatic truck wash bay. Any Preston old timers can correct me if I'm wrong. Would be nice to hear from them anyway.
A Preston pup still in existence used at a business in Sturgis, MI. Nov. 2010. Wayne Stockman Collection
A Preston Ford LNT9000 with a Shippers Dispatch van that made it west to Chicago. It was a rare sight at that time, considering all of the tractors used here were all SD tractors. This was the inbound line in Chicago, IL. May 1980. Another Ford LNT9000 from York, PA, this was the beginning of assigned equipment. Also a '72 Ford F250 service truck on the far right of the shot. Wish I had a better shot of that. This was at the terminal in Cleveland, OH. Aug.1982. A few Preston Fords, one an ex Shippers Dispatch and a Dohrn White Road Commander stopped at the "50 mile plaza" in Swanton, OH. Apr.1979.
An early Preston ready-line of an ex Shippers Dispatch Int'l 2070, a White Road Boss and a Preston Ford. This was in Dubois, PA. June 1977. This was the cleanest Preston Ford LNT9000 that I've seen. This driver used to hand wash and wax and paint the wheels when needed. This truck and driver used to be out of Elgin, IL. but now at this time they were based in Bensenville, IL Sept. 1984. A Preston Ford LNT9000 with a van at their fuel pumps in Indianapolis, IN. June 1984.
A Preston Ford LNT9000 and a van on I-80 somewhere in IL. July 1984. A Preston promotional brochure partnering with Averitt Express for freight handling between the two carriers in areas where each did not operate in. At that time, Averitt didn't run in the northeast US, but Preston did. Preston didn't run in the southeast US, but Averitt did at that time in 1986. A picture of Preston's tractor shop and a Viking Freight System pup. At that time Preston and Viking used to interline on the railroad. Preston's freight would be handled by Viking on the west coast and Viking's freight would be handled by Preston on the east coast. This was in Bensenville, IL. Jan. 1991.

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