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This was an old original red PIE KW K100. Must have been bought before the Ryder/PIE/Nationwide days. This was a Calexico Freight Lines truck. It's a local company in Calexico, CA. that takes US carrier trailers over the border into Mexico for unloading and then back. This was taken on SR 111 at Cole Rd. Calexico, CA. 1997. This is a Comdisco KW K100 I80/94 in a back-up. They were exclusive haulers of IBM computer parts and used computers. Not sure if this company is still around or it's company trucks are too. Taken in Indiana. 1982. A&L Int'l 9700 newer style COE. Looks like an old set of Ringsby United pups. I caught this one at the Duke Truckstop in Newcomerstown, OH. 1990.
A Hi-Way Express Int'l 9700. I took this one in St. Louis from the motel shuttle van. Kind of too close. 1990. Sig Wold is a moving and storage place up in Alaska (I think Fairbanks). Here's one shot of one shuttling around a PIE/Nationwide pup. A friend of mine from Las Vegas took this. 1988. This is Sig Wold's sign up in Alaska taken the same day. 1988.
An Andrus Transportation Freightliner Columbia with a dry van on I-15 UT. Oct. 2007. An Andrus Transportation KW W900 with a reefer van on I-15 UT. Oct. 2007. A McKibben van retired in a field for storage in PA. 1988
An Atlanta Motor Lines terminal sign, can't remember where it was taken though. 1988 A Bond Transfer trailer parked near Sharon, PA. 1989 A Keaton Truck Lines unit on one of the Parkways in KY. 1989
A B-Line Pete 379 on IL SR50 in Midlothian, IL. June 2007 A Cressler Trucking also on IL SR50 in IL. June 2007 A shiny black Jewell Peterbilt 379 parked next to me in Otego, NY. Aug. 2007
A Milwaukee based company of DDEX Peterbilt 378 on I-894 by-pass in WI. Sept. 2007 A couple of Direct Transit vans parked in a yard near Atlantic, IA. 1990 A Hover Trucking and I are heading for a huge back-up on the ramp from Central Av. to I-55 in Chicago, IL. 1989
An older KW K100 still going for B&C Express on CA SR99. Dec. 2007. A Jim Palmer Trucking Peterbilt 377 parked at one of the rest areas on I-65 in IN. 1988 A Buske Peterbilt 379 on IL SR 50 & US 6 in Oak Forest, IL. July 2007
A front and back view of a Roy Stone van. They hauled furniture from points in Virginia to Montgomery Ward stores in the south at that time. 1989 A Hill Bros. van I was suppose to pick up for a day before Thanksgiving delivery was still on the train on a cold night in Willow Springs, IL. Nov. 2007
An A&M Express Freightliner parked at the Blue and White truckstop in Whitestown, IN. 1990 An Arcadian Volvo/White by the Petro in Eloy, AZ. 1992. A Brada Miller van parked in a lot just before it's removal for good, near Markham, IL. May 2004.
An S&H Freightliner Columbia van dropping off a truckload of books at Priority Services in Villa Park, IL. 2006.
A Central Carriers Ford LN9000 with a city van trailer. 1988. An Ida-Cal KW T-600 sleeper sits in the May Trucking yard in Payette, ID. 1988.
A Metro KW K-100 doubles somewhere in CA. 1988. A Niedert Freight terminal once stood at 101st St. and Harlem Av. in Chicago Ridge, IL. now it's occupied by Yellow. taken from I-294 southbound. 1982. A Sims Transport White/GMC doubles in a rest area on I-76 in eastern OH. 1989.
A Skyline terminal sign from 1988. A Rapid Freight of Texas Freightliner FLC parked at one of the Texaco Truxstops in Phoenix, AZ. 1992. A Roadrunner Trucking Peterbilt 377 parked on a side street in Phoenix, AZ. 1992.
Another shuttle van shot of a TML Ford Aeromax 9000 on a stretch of I-71 near Columbus, OH. 1990. A Lewis Terminal building sign. Unknown location. 1985. A Purolator Courier (hard to make out the Mack) on I-280 near Rock Island, IL taken from the shuttle van. 1988.
Chicagoland Express Freightliner Columbia going north on IL SR50 in Midlothian, IL. Mar. 2008. A Custom International 8600 on Crawford Av. in Midlothian, IL. May 2007.
A perfect condition post shutdown Conn-West van going down IL SR50 in Crestwood, IL. June 2007. A Best Trucking with an AC Freight pup on Craig Rd. in Las Vegas, NV. Oct. 2007. A Bedford Motor Service International 9200 on IL SR50. June 2007.
Passing a Tango Transport Volvo VNL780 on I-55 in AR. Oct. 2007. A Pacer Stack Train container hauler makes it's way up IL SR50. Mar. 2008. An MLS Trucking Volvo pulled over by a TN trooper on I-75 in TN. Oct. 2007.
A Mizar Motors Western Star parked at the Petro in Effingham, IL. Oct. 2007. IWX's terminal in Kingman, AZ. Dec. 2007. A close up of a General Delivery White/GMC in Otega, NY. Oct. 2007.
A WH International 9400 bob-tailing up IL SR50 in Midlothian, IL. Sept. 2007. A Westside Transport Freightliner Columbia parked at the Wal-Mart in Crestwood, IL. Nov. 2007. Passing a Volunteer Express Pete 387 on I-64 in eastern KY. Oct. 2007.
A Vernon Sawyer (part of KLLM) International 9400 on I-44 in MO. Jan. 2008. A USA Logistics Peterbilt out of TX on IL SR50 in Crestwood, IL. Sept. 2007. A Terminal Trucking Volvo VNL on I-76 in CO. Oct. 2007.
The home of the show "Trick my Truck" with the "Chrome Shop Mafia" facility in Joplin, MO. Jan 2008. A DHL Ford LN8000 van parked at the DHL terminal in Alsip, IL. Sept. 2007. A Gelco Leasing rental van parked at a dock in Batavia, OH. Sept. 2007.
A very old Mid-American trucking terminal sign still stands on 47th street in Chicago. 47th street is where many old time union carriers once had their yards located. Aug. 2007. A Salem Leasing Volvo VNL 780 on I-77 in NC. Oct. 2007. A Southwestern Motor freight International 9670 on IL SR 83 in Midlothian IL. June 2007.
A Baggett Transportation Peterbilt 379 at the Red Roof Inn in Barstow, CA. July 2008. A Barnes Transportation International 9400 on I-81 in PA. June 2008. A Brooks Transportation Peterbilt 377 leaser pulling into the fuel island at the Road Ranger in Springfield, IL. May 2008.
A Cardinal Freight Carriers International 9400 at the Pilot in Whiteland, IN. July 2008. Direct Trucking has this newer Mack Vision for pulling around containers, taken in Beloit, WI. Aug. 2008.
A Dot Line Pete 379 on I-10 west of Ontario, CA. July 2008. A DS Cartage Freightliner FLD with a perfect condition Consolidated Freightways van in Mokena, IL. May 2008. A FAB Express International 9100 with a van on I-355 in IL. May 2008.
An Unknown Freightliner Columbia hauling an older Raymond Cossette van on I-40 in AZ. Oct. 2008. A G&P Trucking International 9400 van on I-77 in WV. July 2008. A Godfrey Trucking Peterbilt on I-88 in IL. Apr. 2008.
A couple of Grafton Transit Volvos with vans on I-94 near Racine, WI. Aug. 2008. A shot of cab side graphics and their anniversary decal on a Gully Transportation Freightliner FLD in Dwight, IL. May 2008. Hoekstra Transportation run these good looking Peterbilt 379 for company trucks, this was on I-94 near Oak Creek, WI. Apr. 2008.
A Jeff's Fast Freight Service Volvo VNM200 on WI SR100 in Greenfield, WI. Apr. 2008. I wish I could have got a front shot of this Kane Freight Lines with an older International 4300. This was on I-81 near Delano, PA. June 2008. A Leader Services Volvo VNL780 Dale Earnhardt Edition on I-65 in IN. Apr. 2008.
Another passing view of a (most of the time you just can't get that perfect posed picture, a lot are road shots like this) Volvo VNL, this one an LT United ex Jevic Transportation tractor, this was on I-70 in IN. Oct. 2008. A Milton Trans. International 9400 parked in the bob-tail parking at the Petro in Milton, PA. June 2008.
A close up shot of an Overnite Express Freightliner Century trailer logo on I-894 in WI. Apr. 2008. A Quick Transfer Kenworth T800 with a set of double 40' containers on I-35 in KS. July 2008. A sharp looking R&R Services Peterbilt 379 with a van at the Petro in Kingman, AZ. July 2008.
A rare RL Leek Freightliner Argosy on I-39 near Rochelle, IL. Dec. 2008. A Skinner Transfer Volvo VNL670 on I-94 in WI. Apr. 2008.
A Super Cartage International 8600 hauling an Alvan Motor Freight van the day after Alvan went out of business. This was taken on IL SR-43 in Frankfort, IL. June 2008. A shot of a US Express Freightliner Columbia day-cab on the back of a wrecker for repairs. South Holland, IL. Aug. 2008. A Colorado Delivery Freightliner Century with a single pup nosed into the shop at Sierra Sid's Truck Plaza in Sparks, NV. Apr.2009.
I saw this Broadleaf Trucking hauling an ex Blue & Gray van on I-75 in FL. Mar. 2009. Here's a couple of retired trailers, one a Carbone Trucking and an Arrow Freightlines, these were at the TA in Grand Island, NE. Apr. 2009. A Johnson Trucking Freightliner Coronado parked at the motel I was at in Houston, TX. Apr. 2009.
An AC Vaness Trucking Peterbilt 379 parked at the TA in Troy, IL. July 2009. A CR England trailer logo. I didn't know how detailed the logo really was until I was parked next to one here in Cartersville, GA. Mar. 2009.
DMT Services out of OH run these bright white Peterbilt 387 and vans in their fleet. This one was at the TA in Troy, IL. July 2009. A Gardner Trucking Freightliner Columbia on I-84 in OR. Mar. 2009. A GTL Transportation International 9400 at the Sapp Bros. in Peru, IL. June 2009.
A Gordon Trucking Freightliner Columbia Tri-axle and a quad axle trailer at the TA in Troutdale, OR. Mar. 2009. A Holiday Cartage ex Estes International 9400 sleeper tractor on I-75 in GA. Feb 2009. A Houeff Transfer International 8300 with a van in Chester, VA. Feb. 2009.
A Scales Express Volvo VNL430 at a rest area on I-75 in GA. Mar. 2009. A retired old Scott Cartage Ford LNT9000 sits in a yard in Calumet City, IL. Feb. 2009. A mean looking Vanderwall Trucking Peterbilt 359 on I-80/94 near Gary, IN. Feb. 2009.
A Wilson Trucking Corp Volvo VNL300 on I-75 in GA. Feb. 2009. A Krielkamp Carriers Pete with a Kohl's department store van on SR-50 in Midlothian, IL. Apr. 2009.
A Norrenberns Truck Service or NOTS Volvo VNM200 on I-70 in MO. Jan. 2009. An LA Truck Leasing KW T-800 scrap metal hauler in Mokena, IL. June 2009. A retired Sea~Land container used for storage in IL. June 2009.
An Interstate Dist Co. Freightliner Columbia at the Flying J in LaSalle, IL. Nov. 2009. I was stopped in traffic and saw this Mayfield Transfer straight truck. Still experimenting with the night shots. This was on North Av. near Oak Park, IL. Nov. 2009.
A Black Horse Carriers Freightliner Columbia parked in Aurora, IL .
Feb. 2010.
A few Dolphin Cartage Mack CHs and others parked at an auction in Morris, IL. Mar. 2010.
A customized Freightliner Classic (I think?) leased to Nelson Transportation on I-55 in IL. Mar. 2010. TM Doyle out of Chicago has a unique door decal. These are a few more companies in and around Chicago that also have shamrocks in their designs. This was at the Hinsdale Oasis on the Illinois Tollway. Apr. 2010.
A Windy Hill Transportation International 9400 with a van on I-55 in IL.
Apr. 2010.
Badger Federal Freightliner Columbia leaving the Menards in Janesville, WI. June 2010. The Custom Companies run these Int'l 8600s in and around Chicago. This one taken in Aurora, IL. May 2010.
A sharp looking Panther Expeditor Freightliner Columbia parked at the Econo-Lodge in Janesville, WI. June 2010. An RG Transport Freightliner Argosy making a hard turn in the city streets of Chicago, IL. May 2010.
An Ace Hardware Volvo VNL300 with a van on IA SR-212 in Marengo, IA. July 2010. A Gordons Trucking Freightliner Columbia day cab and a van on IL SR83 in Midlothian, IL. July 2010. A Gordon Sevig Trucking Company or GSTC's home office terminal in Walford, IA. July 2010.
A Panama Transfer Sterling with a van on US-6 in Marengo, IA. July 2010. A Warren Transport van parked in a lot in Havana, IL.
July 2010.
A Vecta White/GMC with doubles on I-15 south of Sloan, NV. Oct. 1995.
A 4K Cartage ex Schneider Freightliner Century with a 20' container on IL SR50 in Oak Forest, IL. Aug. 2010. A Hoekstra Transportation Freightliner M2 Business Class with a van at I-294 and IL SR50 in Alsip, IL. Aug. 2010. A Lend Lease GMC Top Kick straight truck parked at an Amoco somewhere around St. Louis, MO. July 1990.
I found this old Midland Transportation pup used for storage sitting at a little repair shop in Marengo, IA. July 2010. A Transport America Freightliner Columbia parked at a Wal-Mart in IL. July 2010. These are a couple of Tri-State Motor Transit Int'l 9670s (model before the 9700 COEs) at their terminal in Joplin, MO. Aug. 1990.
An unidentified Freightliner Classic out of NY with a huge 132 inch sleeper. I just caught this as he was pulling out of the Pilot in Channahon, IL. March 2010. A Ryder Logistics Int'l Prostar on US-24 passing through El Paso, IL. Sept. 2010.
An EF Express Int'l 8100 out of Highland, IL on I-57 south of Kankakee, IL. Oct. 2010. A HO Wolding Freightliner Columbia at the service plaza on I-294 in Hinsdale, IL. Oct. 2010. A Neenah Menasha Transfer trailer parked at a yard in Rockford, IL. Oct. 2010.
A promotion shot of when Reeves Transportation used these White Integral Sleeper tractors in Calhoun, GA. Sept. 1987. A Superior Fast Freight Ford C-model straight truck promotion photo taken in Los Angeles, CA. June 1960.
An A&M Cartage White/GMC sleeper with a van on IL SR50 in Oak Forest, IL. Feb. 2011. A GSTC (Gordon Savig Trucking Co.) Freightliner Columbia with a van on I-55 in IL. Feb. 2011. A Romar Intermodal Peterbilt 379 with a 20' container parked in El Paso, IL. Feb. 2011.
Here's a TIME Transport Peterbilt 378, I've never seen one parked to get a photo of one, but maybe the name TIME might be all about running non-stop between places. I don't know? This was on I-294 in IL. Feb. 2011. A Barnes Transportation Peterbilt 387 on I-39 near LaSalle, IL. March 2011. A Bedford Motor Service Int'l 9200 in a green livery on IL SR83 in Posen, IL. March 2011.
Well I tried to get a shot of Hiel Trucking Int'l Lonestar, but a DHL Chevy van flew into the shot, so I guess I'll keep the DHL van photo and try again next time here in El Paso, IL. March 2011. An experimental hand held, no flash shot of a G&H Motor Freight Freightliner Cascadia using only the street lights for light on I-355 near Lemont, IL. March 2011. A Garland Gehrke Int'l 9400 van at the Valero fuel stop in Wilmington, IL. March 2011.
An MJ Express Peterbilt 386 day cab pulling a Stallman Trucking that was once an MS Carriers van here on I-39 near Tonica, IL. March 2011. A late night shot of a Murrow's Transfer Freightliner Columbia at the Shell fuel stop in Mokena, IL. March 2011. A very old Ogden and Moffett Fruehauf trailer that Wayne Stockman caught for me parked in a yard somewhere in northern IN. March 2011.
An old Remington Freight Lines van that was also photographed by Wayne Stockman in northern IN. March 2011. A Rexdon Freightliner Columbia with a Titan Transfer van on I-39 near LaSalle, IL. March 2011. A Roehl Freightliner Columbia rolling on down I-39 near the I-80 interchange LaSalle, IL. March 2011.
Another antique Wayne Stockman found was a South Bend Freight Line van from the early 1970s, also from northern IN. March 2011. Another rare find from Wayne Stockman, this an older stainless steel Transamerican trailer from late 1960s or early 1970s. also in Northern IN. March 2011. A Rock Transfer Peterbilt 378 with a van on I-57 near Country Club Hills, IL. April 2011.
A sharp looking West Side Transport Freightliner Coronado day cab with a van on IL SR50 in Midlothian, IL. May 2011. An All Points Transport using a worn out ex Yellow White/GMC on I-90 in IL. June 2011. Crosstowns Inc. is still using this old Mack R-model for city work in and around Chicago, IL. June 2011.
A Northern Steel Transport Int'l 9700 that was once a JB Hunt tractor many years ago. This was at the Shell fuel stop in Mokena, IL. June 2011. A Sharkey Transportation Mack Vision with a van on US-24 near Chatsworth, IL. June 2011.  

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