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A 7UP Freightliner Business Class FL90 parked at a Shell station in Tinley Park, IL. July 2007 A Coca Cola Freightliner Columbia at IL SR50 and 167th St. IL. Aug. 2007 A Coca Cola International 1700 doubles on I-275 on the north side of Cincinnati, OH. Oct. 2007
A Pepsi International 9400 with Turnpike doubles on I-15 in Utah. Oct. 2007 A Puritan Water International 1700 with doubles on I-55 in IL. Sept. 2007 A Coca Cola Int'l 9200 on IL SR50 in Midlothian IL. 2006
Lawson's Milk White Expeditor at the 21 mile service plaza in OH. 1985 A Coca~Cola International 4900 with a liftgate van on IL SR50 & 83 in Midlothian, IL. April 2008. A Coca~Cola International 8100 stops for a delivery at the Petro in Claysville, PA. Oct. 2008.
I caught the Borden "Elsie" logo, but not the rest of the truck in heavy traffic on I-610 in Houston, TX. Oct. 2008. A Prairie Farms Milk Int'l Prostar is a common site in and around central IL. March 2011.

Beer Trucks
JB Hunt was hauling this Bud Light trailer at the Road Ranger truckstop in Springfield, IL. May 2008. A Budweiser Chevy C-10 Clydesdale statue hauler in Boise, ID. 1993. A Miller Lite Freightliner Columbia on I-294 in IL.
Aug. 2008.
A local Miller Lite Int'l 4900 making a delivery at a gas station in Midlothian, IL. Aug. 2008. Another local Old Style beer truck on 147th St. in Oak Forest, IL. 2007.
A Hayes Beer Distributors International 4900 on US-6 in Tinley Park, IL. May 2009. Another Hayes Beer Distributors International 4900 turning on to 80th Av. in Tinley Park, IL. June 2009.

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