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A Casey's General Store Freightliner Columbia on I-80 in IA. Jan. 2008 A Certified Grocers International 8100 on IL SR 50 in Midlothian, IL. Aug. 2007 A Rite-Aid Freightliner Columbia Piker set on the NY Thru-way by Pembroke, NY. Nov. 2007
A Walgreens International 9400 making a turn from IL 83 to SR50 in IL. April 2007 A Bluebird White Freightliner COE at a rest area in Jacksboro, TN. 1981 A Dolly Madison Cakes Freightliner COE with a Star Rental van on IL SR64 Northlake, IL March 2007
A Frito-Lay International 4400 straight truck in lot in Tinley Park, IL. April 2007 A Gonnella Breads Mack CH northbound on I-65 in Merrillville, IN. Oct. 2007 An IBC Freightliner COE on IL SR50 in Oak Forest, IL. Aug. 2007
A Kroger Food Stores on I-465 by-pass on the south end of Indianapolis, IN. Sept. 2007 A line-up of Lucky Freightliner COEs was a common sight at the King 8 Truck Plaza in Las Vegas, NV. 1992 A couple of QT (Quick Trip) Stores Volvo VNL780 merging onto I-44 near Tulsa, OK. Oct. 2007
A Rosebud Farm Peterbilt 376 daycab on IL SR43 in Orland Park, IL. July 2007 A Supreme Lobster Sterling on I-294 near Hickory Hills, IL. March 2007 A Tootsie Roll Freightliner Columbia (Cut-off tractor) in Chicago, IL. June 2007
A Frito-Lay International 9200 on IL SR50 in Oak Forest, IL. April 2008. A shot of Tootsie-Roll Freightliner Columbia on IL SR50 in Oak Forest, IL April 2008. A Jewel/Osco Volvo VNL300 with a reefer van on I-355 near Lemont, IL. April 2008.
Another Jewel/Osco Volvo VNL on I-88 close to Warrenville, IL. April 2008. A Thrifty Drugs KW K-100 with doubles at one of their store lots in Phoenix, AZ. 1992. Another Keebler Volvo VNM with a single pup and a dolly on I-88 near Aurora, IL. Sept. 2008.
A Keebler Cookies Volvo VNM200 with doubles pulling into the Petro in Rochelle, IL. June 2008. A Walgreens International 9400 with turn-pike doubles on the IN toll road. June 2008. Another Walgreens International with turn-pike doubles in OH. June 2008.
An Andrus Volvo VNL hauling a Smith's Food Stores van on I-15 in CA. July 2008. A Giant Food Stores Volvo VNL (A little too much hood on this shot) on I-81 in PA. June 2008. A Voortman Cookies International 9400 has a more interesting trailer than the tractor. Taken at the TA in Wapakoneta, OH. July 2008.
A Kroger Food Stores Sterling on I-30 in AR. Oct. 2008. Another Kroger Foods on I-74 in IN. Sept. 2008. Ralphs grocery stores runs mostly Sterlings like this one on I-10 near Ontario, CA. July 2008.
A McDonald's Sterling on I-55 south of Bloomington, IL. May 2008. A JB Hunt pulling a Meijer Food Stores reefer on I-94 in MI. May 2008. A Piggly Wiggly International 8600 (Many of these grocery companies don't stop at truckstops, so you have to photograph them on the road most of the time) on I-90 in WI. Aug. 2008.
A couple of shots of Stater Bros.Sterlings, both on I-15 in CA. July 2008. A Frito~Lay Volvo VNM200 with a piker set on I-35 in KS. July 2008.
A Golden Flake Snacks Volvo VNM200 on I-75 in FL. Mar. 2009. HyVee Grocers just started running these new Int'l ProStars, this one on I-80 in IA. Feb. 2009. A Marsh brand grocery Freightliner Columbia on I-65 in IN. Jan. 2009.
A Pubix Super Markets Sterling on I-10 near Baldwin, FL. Feb. 2009. A Pubix Super Markets terminal in Baldwin, FL. Feb. 2009. A WinCo Foods Freightliner Columbia on I-84 by Pendleton, OR. Mar. 2009.
A Keebler Volvo VNM200 with triples on a rainy I-5 near Wilsonville, OR. Apr. 2009. A Casey's General Store Mack Vision pulling into the McDonald's in El Paso, IL. Dec. 2009.
An Interstate Brand Co. Volvo VNL300 hooking a set of turnpike doubles at the pad in Hammond, IN. June 2010. Brian Kuchay Collection A Jewel (Supervalu Transportation) Volvo VNL300 with a TLC reefer van in Plainfield, IL. Mar. 2010. Brian Kuchay Collection Jewel / Osco Volvo VNM200 with an organic graphics trailer at the service plaza in Hinsdale, IL. May 2010.
An IBC Freightliner Columbia hooking up a set of turnpike doubles at the pad in Hammond, IN. July 2010. A Shullsburg Transportation Freightliner Columbia (is a carrier for Shullsburg Creamery out of Shullsburg, WI) sits in McCoy Lease's yard for service in Rockford, IL. Aug. 2010. A Dominick's Int'l Prostar, this is a one and only in their fleet at the time this was taken in Plainfield, IL. Aug. 2010. Photo by Brian Kuchay
A couple of shots of a Dominick's Foods Int'l 9400 with chrome wheel simulators. They look sharp if you're stuck with rusty painted wheels, taken by Brian Kuchay in Plainfield, IL. Sept. 2010. An IBC Volvo VNM200 with a Drake's Cakes van on I-294 near Elmhurst, IL. Jan. 2011.
A Keebler Int'l Prostar with a single pup on I-294 near Oak Lawn, IL. March 2011. A Frito-Lay Int'l 9400 with a van on I-88 near Malta, IL. March 2011. A Gonnella Baking Company Freightliner Columbia with a van on I-88 near Aurora, IL. March 2011.
A rare Jewel-Osco Freightliner Columbia caught by Brian Kuchay in Plainfield, IL. March 2011.    

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