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These two tractors were spotted at Southampton, England en route to Spain in January 1974. Although carrying Mack emblems on the front and side of the hood, the units were in fact Hayes W-HDX tractors. Specification was Cummins VTA 1700-C engine rated at 700-HP, Clark CL 16820-9 automatic transmission and Mack “Planidrive” planetary-gear axles on the drives. These same axles were used in the short-lived Mack CL-350ST logging tractor built by Mack in the mid-to-late 1970s as well as in off-highway dump trucks.

Here are some specifications of the Hayes trucks above
Date shipped: Oct. 15/73

VTA 1710-C-700 Cummins
CL 16820-9 Clark Trans.

Front axle--Clark FDS - 22610 19.078 ratio
Rear axle --Mack SWSP - 643 18:37 ratio

16:00 x 25 Firestone tries

Painted Euclid green

Air starters

WM - 336 B Double acting Cyl. for front axle air shift

Max MPH 30

2 - 106 Gal. US steel fuel tanks
These pictures show one of the Hayes W-HDX units built when Mack owned the company. You can see the Mack Planidrive planetary gear drive axles!
This photo was taken by Javier Quintela from Spain
Arbegui Hayes-Paccar unit is still in yellow livery. This photo was taken by Javier Quintela from Spain

Transmodernos Hayes/Macks

The Hayes tractor units were destined to enter service with Transportes Modernos of Barcelona on a contract to the Nuclear Power Authority of Almarez and were designed to operate in conjunction with a Spanish-built Trabosa modular trailer at weights up to 1,000-metric tonnes. The tractors probably carried Mack emblems because at that time Mack Trucks Inc. was the owner of Hayes Manufacturing. However the distinctive Hayes mud flaps carrying the much-respected “bear” trademark were still affixed to the front axle wheel arch of the big tractors.

The exact history of these two units is uncertain but one is thought to have been used by Transportes Especiales Grau, also of Barcelona following its service with Transportes Modernos. Prior to the acquisition of the Hayes, Transportes Modernos had used a variety of heavy tractors, including some unusual 6x6 DC-Series Autocars.

Hayes Units Operated by Transportes Especiales GRAU

Two Hayes W-HDX 6x6 tractors in the livery of Transportes Especiales GRAU of Barcelona. It is not known whether these were the Mack-built or the Paccar-built tractors. Date the photo was taken is not known but the units look to be in superb condition.

Hayes/Paccar Units Operated By Arbegui

Here are some specifications taken from some old Hayes records
WHDX 70-170
2 WHDXs S/N 6993-6994
Sold to Transportes Especiales S.A.
Left factory for Spain 29/5/75
Rear Diffs: BD 121,000
1600 x 25 tires
Engine: Cummins VTA-1720-C-700
Trans: Clark CL-16820-9
Front Diffs: Clark FDS-22710
Air Conditioners - also air starters
Painted Euclid Green - both trucks

These two Hayes W-HDX 6x6 tractors were shipped from Vancouver via the port of Bilbao and were imported into Spain in the spring of 1976. Specifications were almost identical to the earlier units except that Clark axles were fitted rather than Mack. It is thought likely that these units would have been built by Hayes whilst the company was under Paccar ownership, Mack having sold the concern to a division of the Paccar group of companies in 1974.

One unit immediately entered service with Transportes Especiales Arbegui while the other was initially acquired by Transportes Grau. This unit (seen in these photos as the “push unit” working at the rear) later served in the Transportes Modernos fleet before being finally acquired by Transportes Arbegui in 1989.

Arbegui refurbished both of these tractors in the 1990s and they often work as a team hauling loads for the Nuclear Power Authority aboard the company’s Trabosa modular trailer.

This particular move involved the transportation of a 340-tonne vessel from Hospitalet d’Enfant near Barcelona to Asco and gross weight of the tractors (complete with ballast blocks for greater traction) trailer and load was 580-tonnes. Although only 57-km, the haul required three days to complete because of very steep grades, a detour to avoid a weak bridge crossing a tributary to the river Ebro and the need to cross a main railway line without disrupting the rail service.

Peter Connock and Hayes
The entire Transportes Especiales Arbegui move to Asco was filmed by Peter Connock of C.P. Productions, England.

Richard Tew and Hayes
Thanks go to Richard Tew for the use of his photos on this site.

Copies of the film, SEEING DOUBLE are available from Nynehead Books. The programme also includes footage of HME tractors working in Michigan, 100-tonne Kenworth and Mack A-Train doubles working in the Negev Desert in Israel as well as BEAL bullet doubles in Nevada.


A very special thanks to Steve Drybrough for his invaluable assistance with specifications and chassis numbers.

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