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Autocar DC-Series with integral sleeper in the colours of Highland Transport. Autocar A-Model tractor and tank semi trailer on the QEW (Queen Elizabeth Way). Hutton Transport’s always-immaculate Autocar A-Model day-cab tractor had all the gingerbread. Note the bullet marker lights, chrome mirror heads with integral lights, fender mirrors, chrome plated air cleaner housing and twin exhaust stacks. Unit is seen here on St. Clair Avenue, Toronto coupled to a Wilson possum belly livestock semi trailer.
McCarthy Milling Autocar A-Model and semi. 1970s Autocar AT-Model with load of Concrete pipes in North Toronto. Chevrolet Bison in the colours of Glengarry Transport is powered by a 290 Cummins and featured a crawl-through sleeper.
Diamond-Reo trucks were never hugely popular in Canada so this C-92 model was a rare sight when photographed in Toronto in 1974. The sight of a Steelcase Diamond-Reo Royale cabover was guaranteed to set the pulse racing. Catching one on film was a rare privilege. Maritime-Ontario’s owner-drivers were an individualistic bunch and this is reflected in their choice of tractors as this C-92 Diamond-Reo clearly illustrates. Note the winterfront and Farr air cleaner.
Dodge 1000 cabover was a fleet truck, pure and simple! In the bright colours of Schneider Meats, even this Dodge 1000 cabover and Can-Car reefer trailer manage to look good. Rare Dodge Big Horn operated by Fastway Transport of Hamilton, Ontario with tri-axle Fruehauf semi.
Dodge Big Horn haulin’ ass on the QEW. Dodge Big Horn with sleeper cab and bulk salt tank semi trailer. Only 261 Big Horns were built. Ford WT-9000 sleeper cab tractor and quad trailer Northbound on Highway 427.
Ford W-9000 and tri-axle reefer in the smart fleet colours of Silverwoods Dairy, Toronto. Ford CL-9000 cabover, the first North American truck to offer an aerodynamic, air-suspended cab as standard in the distinctive colours of Reimer Express Lines from Winnipeg. Ford LT-9000 operated by Reid Milling of Toronto.
Ford LT-9000 operated by Power Tank Lines. Smart White/Freightliner operated by Ruel & Frere from Levis, Quebec. White/Freightliner B-Train operated by Trans-Provincial Freight Carriers is licensed at 130,000-lbs. gross weight.
White/Freightliner in the colours of Liquid Cargo Carriers. Impressive White/Freightliner operated by St. Mary’s Cement featured tubeless tires on the 60-inch spread driving bogie. White/Freightliner with A-Train dump trailers operated by Donline Haulage.
Hayes Clipper 200 with integral sleeper. Hayes Clipper 200 in the colours of Highland Transport. Note the owner-operator extras including the blind-spot mirrors, visor, bug-deflector, air-conditioning unit and, of course the coveted Hayes Bear hood ornament. Hayes 4x2 cabover featuring Mack F-model cab.
Hayes Clipper cabover from Quebec with no front wheel brakes. Hayes cabover with Mack cab heads up a Quebec-registered A-Train. International 4300 operated by Liquid Air.
International 4300 and bulk powder tanker operated by Lou’s Cartage of Toronto. A real classic! The Kenworth K-100 was a winner from the outset but this fine example in Schneider’s colours with chrome-plated corner deflectors, bullet marker lights, Alcoa or Budd front wheels and air horns really is a picture. Another Kenworth that was an almost instant success was the beautifully-styled W-900 seen here in the colours of Melburn Truck Lines of Toronto. Bug deflector carries the logo ‘Buntline Special.’
KW K-100 with Quebec and Vermont plates belonging to Farco Leasing. Stylish Kenworth K-100 with Can-Car trailer in the distinctive fleet colours of Glengarry Truck Lines. Roof-mounted air spoiler was quite unusual for the period. Another W-900 Classic photographed on the Queensway in Toronto. Note the features of the period including roof-mounted aircon unit, Kysor radiator shutters and winged hood ornament.
Yukon Drifter was the evocative name across the bug deflector fitted to this stylish KW W-900 photographed near Whitehorse in the late 1970s. It was licensed to operate in Alberta, B.C. and the Yukon Territories. A photo of this tractor was featured on the front cover of a British truck magazine in the same period. Kenworth W-900 and tri-axle tanker operated by Sipco Oil. Quebec-registered Kenworth W-900 is a nicely understated colour scheme.
No truck ever looked better than a W-900 in the colours of Renown Steel. Owned by Gerald Marshall of Stony Creek, Ontario, each truck in the fleet was hand-washed every weekend. Smartly turned out K-100 operated by Northern Packers and licensed in Quebec. A few of Maritime-Ontario’s owner-operators were unable to resist the charms of the KW K-100 as this picture confirms. Despite the tall trailer and the long-haul runs to the Maritime Provinces, there was no air spoiler installed.
Kenworth K-100 in the stunning colours of Renown Steel Mack Cruiseliner cabover in the colours of Schofield Oil from Breslau, Ont. Outfit was equipped with tubeless tire equipment. Mack B-Model still hard at work.
Mack F-Model plus A-Train on one of Toronto’s main highways. Peterbilt 359 with cattle liner trailer in 1976. Peterbilt 352 with tandem axle boxvan was pretty much standard equipment long haul equipment for the period in the U.S. But there were few Peterbilt dealers in Canada at the time and a glimpse of one was a welcome surprise
Pete 352 plus quad trailer belonging to Jeff Pollock hauling a heavy load of dressed lumber from Northern Ontario Rubber Railway Company (RRC) articulated frame 8x6 mixers such as this unit operated by Custom Concrete were popular for a short time offering good traction and manoeuvrability. Approximately 50 similar machines were built. White 4000 operated in the colours of Frederick Transport used the Autocar cab and glass fibre hood and fender assembly. Note the fender-mounted Mustangs and mirrors. Definitely an Oldie but a Goldie.
White/Western Star operated by Hutton Transport featured roof-mounted air start reservoir, clipped bumper, widespread rear bogie and steering stabilizers claimed to assist in the event of a front tire blow-out. White Road Commander cabover with load of lumber on a flat deck B-Train. White Road Boss from Markham, Ont. and Kenworth W-900 in a working environment outside a feed mill in Toronto.
White 4000 tractor unit and tri-axle mixer trailer operated by Teskey Ready Mix. White/Western Star loaded with concrete pipes. Handsome White Road Boss operated by Suburban Milk of Barrie, Ont.
International 4300 Southbound on the ice-covered Alaska Highway in the winter of 1977, photographed from a White Pass & Yukon tractor.
Diamond Reo Raider in colours of Sandbear Express, Detroit, 1970s. Note large external Farr air filter and huge sleeper box . Diamond Reo Royale cabover in the distinctive livery of Steelcase seen on Highway 401 at Milton in mid 1970s. Hayes cabover with Mack F-Model cab in colours of Nickel City Transport photographed in Toronto, mid 1970s.
Marmon cabover from South Bend, Indiana with lowboy semi trailer, 1970s. Marmon conventional alongside Transtar cabover, Detroit, mid 1970s. Stylish Marmon cabover with load of steel coils in Detroit, late 1970s.
Liquid Cargo Lines Autocar Constructor Beautiful little Autocar Construcktor in the colours of Spur Oil Brockway 3-series tractor with orginal Brockway timber-framed cab working somewhere in New Jersey
Pretty little 3-series Brockway refrigerated truck working in New York city Chevrolet Bruin tractor with stake and rack trailer and air dam in the colours ogf Glengarry Truck Lines. Diamond Reo in the colours of Mel's Express. Day cab is a little unusual unless it was a local delivery unit and short, twin stacks suggest 8V-71 power?
Diamond Reo garbage truck working in New York where the garbage trucks are always nicely turned out. One of the 261 Dodge Bighorn tractors built awaits its first owner as it sits on a dealer forecourt in Toronto circa 1974. Evocative period picture of a very popular fleet truck in its day. Note the air dam. Is this an old Doug McKenzie ride?
Nicely turned out Ford L in Glengarry colours. Note sleeper box, roof-mounted air con unit and balanced appearance of tractor. Teeswater Creamery experimented with European air-cooled V10 Deutz diesels in their Ford Louisville tractors for a short time. AAll I can recall is the overpowering stench of hot engine oil in the cab! The engine was rated at 320-hp (almost the same as the Detroit 8V-71 at 318) but was just as poor on torque. The grille emblem is the Deutz symbol. They were probably dogs to drive, but I always liked the looks of the big Ford W-9000 that appeared for a brief period after the W-1000 and before the really stylish CL-9000. Photographed in Toronto.
White Freightliner in the colours of Tri Line Freight from the prairie provinces. Note winterfront. White Freightliner conventional in the bold and unmistakeable colours of Atomic Transfer. White Freightliner cabover in the colours of Rempel-Trail. These guys were from Edmonton, Alberta.
GMC General with Quebec plates in a winter setting Superb Kenworth K-100 cabover with extended sleeper in the outstanding colourrs of Martime Ontario Freight Lines I had the great pleasure of driving this superb KW W-900 with a Big Cam Cummins 400 and walk-thru sleeper on road test for Motor Truck magazine back in the late 1970s
This smart KW cabover owned by Black Sea Fish Importers of Toronto was used to collect fish from Fulton fish market in New York. I made one trip myself with the owner of the rig back in the late 1970s and like all KWs of the period it handled really well. KW livestock hauler at the front end of what looks like a boxvan but could be some sort of specialist livestock trailer. Weller's unusual Leyland Bison used as a tree surgeon's vehicle in the mid 1970s
Hood emblem from a working Leyland Canada, Saskatoon, 1976. Mack H-model in Diversey colours in the Mack trucks yard on the Queensway, Toronto. Scot A1HD operated by Canadian Automotive Radiators
Scot A2HD operator unknown. Heavy-duty Scot tractor built to haul oversize trailers in a mining job in the Maritime provinces White Road Commander 1 at the front of a B-Train tanker set operated by Sunoco
White Road Boss operated by Thur livestock haulers. The Road Boss was never really popular in North America but was really loved by Australian truckers, particularly as a livestock hauling tractor. Rare Universal Carrier 10 x 4 mixer with half cab in the colours of Dufferin Concrete, Toronto
How about this? Rolls-Royce diesel power. What a SUPERB rig! (I know the RR diesels were crap!) This picture is of one of Tri-State Motor Transit's KW cabovers hauling a special semi-trailer designed to haul radio-active materials. Tri State were based in Joplin, Missouri. KW cabover truck-trailer combination with a load of bricks and self-loader crane.
Smart KW W-900 typical of the period with round air horns, five bullet markers, tube type tires, visor, baby moons on the hubs and blind-spot mirror mounted benaeth the West Coasts. Kenworth K-100 cabover and quad semi-trailer operated by Manitoulin Transport southbound on Hiway 400. Late 1960s KW cabover belonging to Bell photographed in Detroit, Michigan.
Classic 1960s KW conventional operated by Riley Truck Lines of Chappell, Nebraska. International Transtar cabover with set of A-train trailers operated by M.J. Smith of Chatham, Ontario. Smart colours on this IH Transtar 4300 conventional assure it stands ot from the crowd.
Mack B-73 with tri-axle semi trailer and a Time-DC decal on the door. Trailers of this type were popular in Michigan in the early 1970s. Beautiful old B-model with straight through stacks, roof-mounted air-con unit and big tandem-axle tank semi-trailer. Provost of Montreal White/Western Star with tri-axle tank trailer Eastbound and down on the 401 in Ontario.
White/Western Star operated by Harkema Express. Very smart White/Western Star with widespread tandem tank trailer. White-Freightliner cabover with clipped front bumper, roof-mounted aircon unit and huge tri-axle tank trailer in the colours of Westcane Sugar Limited.
Promotional picture taken at Niagara Falls showing colourful reefer trailer and new Ford W-9000 cabover operated by Roseman Transport of St. Catherines, Ontario. Ford Louisville and Trailmobile trailer operated by Livingstone Transport. Always one of my favourites was the Ford CL-9000 cabover, this one coupled to a tri-axle semi trailer.
Thought to the first 3408 CAT installed in a KW conventional, this rig was owned and operated by Julers Savard of Montreal, Canada. Promotional photo of Coles Express late 1960s Diamond Reo cabover. Mighty 11-axle Great Lakes Special with Diamond-Reo cabover heading up two tank trailers. Rig operated by the Michigan Milk Producers Association.

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