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Canadian Pacific Railway's "The Canadian" ad from a 50's copy of National Geographic Northern Pacific' "Vista Dome" ad from a 50's copy of National Geographic
Millwaukee Road's "Hiawatha" ad from a 50's copy of National Geographic as well as some other advertising A collection of rail pictures from The Golden Home and High School Encyclopedia 1961 Edition published by Golden Press from New York City
UP unit crossing the main street that goes through Mitchell, IN in Oct. 2003. I took this in June 1995 at the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum of this A unit that just had been brought in for restoration for the museum. Russell MacNeil Collection. Gainesville Midland 2-10-0 #208 taken at the Southeastern Railway Museum in Duluth, Georgia.
This CSX train was Eastbound on the old Boston & Albany mainline creeping past the historic Chester, MA rail station that has been turned into a museum on May 3, 2007. I asked Lisa to do a Virginia Suderman and shoot this Northbound NS on the line that runs next to U.S. 340 a little South of Grottoes, VA on Oct. 28, 2007 as I drove. Not bad for her first attempt I guess, I need to counsel her on getting a little closer though!! Heart of Georgia Railroad in Fort Valley, Georgia. This ole girl comes over to the Tolleson Lumber Mill here in Perry, Georgia once or twice each week. They connect into the Norfolk Southern Macon to Albany mainline where it passes thru Fort Valley. Taken in July 2008.
I didn't have a special light meter or filtering device plus it was getting to be late afternoon, but Lisa & I made it to the East Portal of the famous Hoosac Tunnel near Florida, Massachusetts. I believe the Springfield Terminal Railroad operates over this route and through this 4 1/2 mile tunnel through the Berkshire Mountains. Believe it or not I had never been there before. It took 51 years and almost 5 months, but now i can say "I've been there, done that"!! This is where the Boston & Albany (CSX) mainline crosses over Bancroft Road & some brook near Bancroft, MA in the Berkshires. This was one of the original 6 or 7 Keystone Arch design bridges that were built in 1843/1844 when the rail line first opened. Sometime ago the blocks were concreted over and this is what it looks like today.
Hey, looky what I found right along Ohio Route 18 near Wellington, Ohio! This was the motive power for the tourist/excursion Lorain & West Virginia Railroad parked with a bunch of old passenger coaches at their passenger station on the W. side of Wellington. I shot this under heavy cloud cover plus drizzling rain so this was the best I could do with my telephoto lenses from the gate.
Went to take a picture of this interesting keystone arch tunnel near the White Sulfur Springs, WV exit of I-64 and just as I did this CSX train came by. This I believe was part of the old C & O and later Chessie System line that runs West out of Clifton Forge, VA.
I caught these two older CSX horses on a siding in downtown Cordele with my telephoto lens on the morning of May 22, 2010. About 25-30 miles N.N.W. closer to Columbus, GA I came across this 4 unit set
awaiting a green signal in the little hamlet of Lilly, GA also on May 22, 2010.
Lisa and I were first in line at the GA Route 52 crossing on the Norfolk Southern mainline between Gainesville, GA & Greenville, SC as we waited on this double stack train to roll past us near Lula, Ga on Sunday evening July 11, 2010. The ole Atlantic Coast Line Railway initials are still clearly visible July 31, 2010 on this now CSX Jacksonville, FL to Columbus, GA mainline overpass of Georgia Route 90 in Byromville (Dooly County).

That's one big trainyard and maintenance facility on the East side of Bellevue, but unless you know where to go, you can't get close enough to get any photo's unless you wait on the Ohio Route 4 overpass for incoming or outgoing trains.

Fostoria, Ohio did not live up to it's claim as "Train City U.S.A." atleast while I was there. This was all I saw. The train station faces the NS mainline. That's looking East. The big elevators is the NS mainline looking West. and the crisscross is where the NS & CSX meet, (hopefully not at the same time)! It must have been quiet hour as I saw two CSX N.B. trains to the S. of Fostoria as I traveled S. on U.S. 23 which kind of parallel's that line.

I did see two NS trains rolling thru Bellevue but that mainline is about a 1/4 to a 1/3 of a mile S. of where the museum sits. The museum is on both sides of this one city street with quite a few (some old and rusty passenger) passenger cars, baggage cars and at least one U.S. mail card. There was also various locomotives, const. cars, a snow plow car and various other pieces of this n that which rode the rails at one time.

The Mad River Railroad Museum in downtown Bellevue, Ohio has a lot of artifacts and cars. I knew it was going to be closed for the season when I came Oct. 25th, but at least I was able to get a decent shot of this restored F-7 which sits right beside the CSX mainline. On the way to church in early Nov. 2010 we had to wait on this Southbound Norfolk Southern coal train barreling through Unadilla, Georgia.
On the way to church in early Nov. 2010 we had to wait on this Southbound Norfolk Southern coal train barreling through Unadilla, Georgia. Here's the view looking North on the Norfolk Southern mainline from Georgia Route 230 in downtown Unadilla. Neat old water tower. An Eastbound NS decending the Allegheny Mountains around the famous Horseshoe Curve W. of Altoona, PA on the afternoon of May 4, 2011.
A local work train that was laying new cross ties W. of Altoona is headed back to the Altoona yards rounding the Horseshoe Curve also on May 4, 2011. Here's the two pusher/extra braking power locomotives bringing up the rear of the downhill coal train I shot @ the Horseshoe Curve W. of Altoona, PA on May 4, 2011. Leaving church in Unadilla this morning, Aug. 28, 2011, we caught this southbound Norfolk Southern C40-9W.
Southbound Norfolk Southern C40-9W passing thru Unadilla, GA on 9-11-2011. Northbound Norfolk Southern with a consist of empty auto car trailers passing thru Unadilla, GA Sunday afternoon Oct. 2, 2011. The tail end pusher locomotive on an Eastbound UP coal train on the viaduct to the Mississippi River in downtown St Louis, MO on Oct. 28, 2011.
Headed back to the house after church services this morning we got up to the Norfolk Southern mainline just as this 3 unit train was approaching the grade crossing in downtown Unadilla, GA. I only had time to shoot this quick shot as soon as we came to a stop. As we were leaving church on Sunday Feb 12, 2012 I raced up to the tracks in our vehicle just in time to catch SB Norfolk Southern #9568 as it approached the grade crossing and shot this thru our windshield. Norfolk Southern on the roll through Unadilla, Georgia in Aug. 2012.
The sign at the famous Horseshoe Curve up in the hills a few miles West of Altoona, PA. CN along the Miramichi River in old downtown Miramichi, New Brunswick. It might be a local service unit as it was shutdown with no one around it late on a Friday afternoon.
Here's a couple more shots from the Radford, VA railyard on Martin Luther King Day 2013. Those old caboose's make for a good addition to a rail picture.
A picture I shot on Mar. 10, 2013 rolling Northbound through Unadilla, GA. He was "hauling" too. Some kind of a railroad track conditioning/maintenance unit working on the N/S mainline between Atlanta & Birmingham at Tallapoosa, GA (about 5 miles from the GA/AL line). While I was out walking around downtown Ephrata near the hotel we stayed at in Lancaster County, PA I at first stumbled upon the old train station and then this nicely restored Pennsylvania Railroad caboose. It was also restored on the inside, but of course was all locked up. I guess there are a lot of old cabooses sitting around all over, but not too many as nicely restored as this ole girl is.
S.B. NS local out of Macon, GA with an ex: Southern Railway lead unit and an ex: Conrail 2nd leading a string of cement hoppers through Warner Robins, Georgia on down to the CEMEX cement plant in Clinchfield, Georgia in in early Mar. 2015. I caught this 4 unit CSX making its way toward Wilmington, NC early in the morning between E. Laurinburg & Maxton, NC. I managed to drive ahead of it and pull off on a side road just before it barreled past. Norfolk Southern 2774 making it 's way to Macon, Georgia and about to roll past the Georgia Route 247 Connector grade level crossing in Warner Robins.
Norfolk Southern 6113 based at the rail yard in Macon, Georgia and used to pull local freight around central Georgia Southbound on the mainline track that runs through Warner Robins and points South in Georgia. Norfolk Southern #9407 passing thru downtown Cresson, Pennsylvania leading a long train of double stack containers on it's way E.B. toward the Gallitzin Tunnel & the Horseshoe Curve. Norfolk Southern #9407 leading a double stack container train thru Cresson, Pennsylvania as seen from the train watching observation platform.
‚ÄčNorfolk Southern work train with several gondola cars of cross ties parked for the weekend in early Dec. 2016 at a rarely used siding alongside the main North & South mainline that runs on the East side of Warner Robins, Georgia. Norfolk Southern #9528 passing directly in front of me at the train observation platform in Cresson, Pennsylvania on the former Pennsylvania Railroad mainline.
Norfolk Southern work train on the siding by the former Warner Robins, Georgia train station. NS is getting ready to rebuild & replace the rails of a surface level crossing with a main highway that connects with U.S. 129 & the main entrance to Robins AFB. ‚ÄčThe former Pennsylvania Railroad mainline that runs thru Cresson, PA seemed to have on train after another when I stopped by there on an early Sunday afternoon in late Oct. 2016. Here #2687 leading a mixed manifest of cars waits for the green signal to proceed East toward the Gallitzin Tunnel & Horseshoe Curve. BNSF #7600 leading a train inbound for Tulsa on the mainline that runs through Claremore, Oklahoma and right beside historic Route 66.

My wife Lisa caught this BNSF freight being lead by locomotive #7205 which was rolling Westbound between Seymour & Rogersville, Missouri on the BNSF mainline that stretches from Memphis, Tennessee to Springfield, Missouri.

I caught this train rolling Southbound about 25 miles S. of the Norfolk southern Macon, Georgia railyard in early April 2018. I see UP locomotives all the time on NS tracks. Norfolk Southern Northbound passing Warner Robins, Georgia.