Russell MacNeil Vintage Truck Pictures

These pictures we all taken at the old Massachusetts 10 Truck Stop on U.S. 20 near Auburn in the fall of 1974.

Midwest Coast Transport International. Global Van Lines Dodge cabover. Unknown Kenworth lowbed.
Triangle Truck Lines International and North American Van Lines GMC Astro. Republic Van Lines Ford cabover. Freightliner leased on with Warren Transport from Waterloo, IA.
The famous Mass 10 Truck Stop "The Dump" on U.S. 20 near Auburn, MA was the setting for this Brockway for Barclay Heavy Hauling from NJ back in 1974. Here's an F Mack leased on with Frostways, Inc. from Detroit, MI. They were an all reefer fleet and it's odd to see him hooked to a Great Dane freight box at the Mass 10 during summer 1974. I can't make out the name on the sleeper berth, but the tractor is nicknamed "Miss Lori" and I shot it at the Mass 10 Truck Stop during the summer of 1974.
O/O leased his White Freightliner on with Melton Truck Lines which in 1974 was still based out of Shreveport, LA when I shot him at the Mass 10. Here's a Coats Freightways KW COE from Council Bluffs, IA Dallas & Mavis Forwarding from South Bend, IN with this load of some type of tractor caps.
Global Van Lines back in 1974 was headquarted out of Anaheim, CA This looks to be an O/O leased on to Navajo Freight Lines from Denver, CO who had pulled into the Mass 10 Truck Stop while I was there back during the summer of 1974. Maybe some Navajo fan could supply some more info on this rig as it looks like an ex: fleet rig but I don't know what fleet had this color scheme. A sharp looking O/O unit out of NC sitting next to a W.S. Thomas Transfer F Mack out of Martinsville, VA at the fuel pumps at the Mass 10.
Delp Transport Freightliner taken at MASS 10 in late fall 1974. Two shots of this Shaffer Trucking Pete COE from New Kingston, PA before Crete acquired them.
Taken at MASS 10 in late fall 1974.
Smith's Transfer Corporation, Staunton, VA was at the Mass 10 Truckstop on U.S. 20 in Auburn, MA. Shot during the summer of 1974.

Vintage Truck Pictures
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