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I Shot this O/O leased to Schanno Transportation, Inc. of W. St Paul, MN in May 1990 @ Truck World along I-80 in Hubbard, OH. O/O leased to Jones Motor Co. Inc. based in Spring City, PA. I shot this Freightliner at the Manada Hill, PA 76 (now T/A) in Oct. 1993. Reliable Carriers, Inc. from Canton, MI with what I believe is a owner operator Western Star leased to them. I believe I took this at the Wildwood, FL 76 around the 1990/91 time frame.
The A Model KW belongs to Southwest Transportation, Inc. from Phoenix, AZ and the green Pete for Younger Bros., Inc. from Houston, TX. I took this in 1992 or 93 at the former Courtesy House 76 W. of Vero Beach, FL. A close up of a super looking unidentified Pete 359 and a Western Star for S.L.F., Inc. from St Louis, MO. This was also at the Courtesy House 76 in June 1994. Another shot from the early 1990's at the old Courtesy House 76 with a Smith Transfer Co., Inc. KW T-6 from Wilson, NC as the feature truck.
Shot this unidentified Freightliner & Asche Transfer Pete at the Falcon Citgo near Ft Pierce, FL in June 1995. I like the U.S. flags that the Asche driver has flying above his mirrors. UVL/Lawrence was at the Vero T/A or it might have still been the Courtesy House 76 back when I took them about 1994. Ford AeroMax is from IL that I shot at the 1991 Mid America Truck Show.
NAVL/Oerdue was at the Vero T/A or it might have still been the Courtesy House 76 back when I took them about 1994. A real sharp "Star" leased on with Landstar Inway at the Vero T/A in the mid 1990's. An equally sharp KW leased to Landstar Ranger at the Falcon Citgo that I took in the early 1990's.
A red Pete 379 for Fisher & a black Western Star leased to Universal Am Can Ltd at the Falcon Citgo W. of Ft Pierce on Florida Route 70 taken in the mid 1990's. AMM American Machinery Movers, Inc. Jefferson, LA mid 1990's at the Vero T/A. The green IH belongs to a trucker from Prince Edward Island and the Pete 377 for Kem Martin is leased to Todd Transport, Inc. from I believe Minnesota. I shot it in 1998 at the Falcon Citgo W. of Ft Pierce, FL.
he Peterbilt 382 (I think that was the # Paccar assigned that design) was leased to Dart Transit and the green Freightliner FLD was leased on with North Star Transport from St Paul, MN.  I shot it in May 1996 at a rest area somewhere in the S. E. United States.  Can't remember where, don't even remember taking it, but I know I did. An unidentified White and an early Freightliner leased to DAS (Dependable Auto Shippers) from Mesquite, TX at the Vero Beach T/A in May 1997. F/L Classic XL lettered Port of Call Transport LLC from Adairsville, Georgia laid over at the Perry Motel 6.​

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