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Late 90's shot of a Horseless Carriage KW T-600 from Paterson, NJ that was @ the S.B. 169mm I-95 rest area, South of Palm Bay, FL. I had to deal with a real heavy overcast sky that day so this was the best I could get it to look. An unidentified Ford & Pete @ the Flacon Oil Citgo W. of Ft Pierce taken after sunset in the early 1990's Buanno Trans. Co., Inc. from Ft Johnson, NY and when they also had a satellite terminal in Melbourne, FL during the mid 1990's. Your basic CH Mack, but it looks nice with the matching trailer.
Carolina Pacific from High Point, NC @ the Vero Beach, FL T/A during the late 1990's with this two tone KW T-600. Owner operator Gary Marsili from Dalton, PA (near Scranton on U.S. 6) ran this immaculate Mack CH Elite model. He had pulled into the Vero T/A @ X-147 on I-95 in Florida sometime in the late 1990's. A real sharp Pete 379 the O/O had leased to Malone Freight Lines from Birmingham, AL that was at the fomer Speedway fuel stop X-173 on I-95 in Palm Bay. FL back in June 1996.
Here's a scene from the Vero T/A (X-147 on I-95) taken in the late 1990's. Am autohauler from Westbury, NY that was at a shopping center lot along U.S. 1 in Ft Pierce, FL in the mid 1990's. FWC, Inc. out of Rustburg, Virginia ran a colorful small fleet of them pulling reefer trailers back in the 1990's. These two were at the Falcon Oil Citgo W. of Ft Pierce in the mid 90's.
Came across this beautiful yellow Pete 379 from West New York, New Jersey with a Chinese name on the door @ the Vero T/A back in April 1997. An O/O operating as W. Timms Transportation from Oklahoma had his 1980 yellow Pete 359 leased on with Western Flyer Express out of Oklahoma City, OK. I took the picture @ the Jackson, GA Flying J in the mid 1990's. I shot this Pete from Cannelburg, Indiana @ the Richmond Hill, Georgia Travel Centers of America in the early 1990's.
I like the colors on this Indian Valley Enterprises Pete from Souderton, Pennsylvania I shot @ the Manada Hill T/A (N.E. of Harrisburg, PA) in Oct. 1993. My old Yashika 35mm camera had a slight light leakage issue on occasion as was the case with this 359 Pete. It belonged to B. Pausewang or Rausewang from New York State and had pulled into the Falcon Oil Citgo W. of Ft Pierce, FL in the mid 1990's. It was a really sharp looking ride and this was the oly picture I took of it. CRST operated Bettendorf, Iowa based metals carrier 3I Truck Line for several years before merging it into CRST Malone. I shot this KW T-6 @ the Falcon Oil Citgo W. of Ft Pierce, Florida in the early 1990's.
An owner operator leased to Malone Freight Lines from Birmingham, Alabama (another metals hauler that CRST accquired and now operates as CRST Malone). This colorful blue Pete had pulled into a former Speedway fuel stop along I-95 in Malabar, Florida in the mid 1990's. VMC = Vernon Milling Company from Vernon, Alabama IH @ an I-75 rest area near Ooltewah, Tennessee back in the mid 1990's. Benjamin Moore Paints from their Jacksonville, FL distribution center ran these Ford's up & down the state during the 1990's. I shot this one near Ft Pierce in Nov. 1994.
My earliest memories of trucks as a very young child were of Milwaukee, Wisconsin based Schwerman Trucking Co. solid black White 4000 models I'd see running on U.S. 202 near the house I grew up in. Back then their tag line on the cab door read "Schwerman Service Satisfies". Now, jump forward to Sept. 1994 when I found this Schwerman IH parked near I-40 in Cookeville, Tennessee. A solid gray Pete for Rush Leasing, Inc. (not sure where from) that was @ the Falcon Oil Citgo W. of Ft Pierce, FL in the early 1990's. Taken on a very windy Florida day in the early 1990's at the Falcon Oil Citgo was this Pete 362 COE that read MSC on the cab door.
Volunteer Express, Inc. based in Nashville, Tennessee at a now torn down diner @ X-175 (Tiftonia) of I-24 near Chattanooga, TN in the mid 1990's. That diner use to bring in a lot of rigs as the gravel lot was fairly good size for it's day. Para Marine, Inc. was a Lake Wales, FL based foodgrade tanker fleet that either was acquired by another foodgrade fleet or simply shut down in the late 1990's. I shot this KW T-600 @ the entrance to the Falcon Citgo W. of Ft Pierce sometime in 1995. A Jacksonville, FL based sod hauler that was resting @ the I-95 169mm rest area (S. of Palm Bay, FL) in April 1997.
A super looking Pete 379 that the O/O had leased on with Cornhusker Motor Lines, Inc. from Omaha, Nebraska. I took this in April 1996 @ the former W. Melbourne, FL Days Inn on U.S. 192 by I-95. S.J. Bear, Inc. from Brasleton, GA & Lehigh Acres, FL had just pulled out from under the fueling canopy @ the Vero Beach T/A sometime in the late 1990's. Marten Transport Ltd. from Mondovi, Wisconsin taken in March 1991 @ Wilhite's 76 Auto Truckstop (X-68 on I-40 in West Tennessee).
Livestocker hauler Bob Kirk but it eludes me as to where I shot it at sometime back in the mid 1990's. I'm totally drawing a blank on it's location. Jimmie Rogers from Liberal, Kansas with this bright yellow Pete and a Dekalb Swine Breeders, Inc. Wilson Silver Star livestock trailer @ the Vero Beach, FL T/A in 1994. Owner operator with his big white Pete that he had leased on with the former Roadway Package Express parked @ the S.B. I-95 rest area just N. of Ft Pierce in 1994 or 95.
I shot this FTC Pete from Riverview, FL in heavy overcast along I-75 South of Lake City, FL in Sept. 1993. As you can see the owner was a big supporter of the POW MIA movement from the Vietnam War. Even listed the current number (1,849) that were still missing and unaccounted for at that time. I shot this Pete that the O/O had leased to Marten Transport Ltd from Mondovi, WI @ the 1991 Mid-America Truck show near Louisville, KY before the truck beauty contest got really big. An O/O leased to NAVL who had parked his Pete 377 perfectly posed for a good picture near Palm Bay, FL in the mid 1990's.
RSC Transportation, Inc. is a steel hauler from W. Columbia, SC that still runs Mack's. I shot this Vision when they first came out, (late 90's, I believe) at the S.B. I-95 rest area S. of Palm Bay, Florida. A Keen Transport heavy hauler that was at the Kingsland, GA Wilco Hess, X-1 on I-95 in the mid 1990's. Here's a nice Pete for Paquette Enterprises from Clairmont, New Hampshire & some town in Florida that I shot near Vero Beach, FL in the mid 1990's.
This shot was one of numerous angles I took of this outstanding looking Pete for Sunnyvale, CA based Three-Way Corp. The name Three Way & their logo came from the 3 directions in which they traveled from their Bay Area/Silicon Valley home office in California. I took this in the early 1990's along Florida Route A-1-A in Cocoa Beach, FL. Van Trent Trucking from Melbourne, Florida operated several Pete 379's during the years I lived there. I caught this one hooked to a foodgrade tanker @ I-95 & U.S. 192 in W. Melbourne during the mid 1990's. J-Mar Trucking out of Atmore in Southern Alabama had just pulled out from under the fuel canopy @ the Jackson, GA Flying J on I-75 X-201 when I was making my rounds around the lot in August 1995.
I took this shot of Sunland Distribution from Burlington, NJ pulling into the Falcon Citgo W. of Ft Pierce, FL in the mid 1990's. They had really colorful rigs while they were in business. A really sharp Pete that this Canadian O/O had leased to Premier Freight System that I found at the Ft Pierce, FL Flying J in the late 1990's. I like this profile type angle of this Jimmie Rogers Pete 377 from Liberal, KS @ the former W. Melbourne Days Inn in the early 1990's.
A Ford L-9000 leased to Roberts Express based in Akron, Ohio that was at a small truckstop on the E. side of Dayton, Ohio along I-70 in May 1990. Here is a Davis Express, Inc. Freightliner from Starke, FL in the early 1990's during their beginning years. Davis has grown to become quite a large Southeastern regional reefer fleet. Tru-Pak Moving & Storage Rutherfordton, NC @ the former W. Melbourne, FL Days Inn in the early 1990's.
Bernie's from West Palm Beach & Port Salerno ran a super sharp small fleet of Freightliner mid roof F/L Classics in the 1990's. I shot this one in 1995 @ the Falcon Citgo W. of Ft Pierce, FL by I-95 & Florida's Turnpike. Land O Frost from Searcy, Arkansas was @ the Vero Beach, FL T/A in the mid 1990's with this set forward axle Freightliner FLD. A super looking IH Eagle belonging to Mike & Lisa Martin from NY State beside an unidentified KW W-9-L at the former Days Inn W. of Vero Beach, FL.

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