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Allied Van Lines agent The Federal Companies at the former Holiday Inn W. of Vero Beach on Florida Route 60 from the early 1990's. D.J. Franzen from Altoona, Iowa was pulling out of the fuel islands at the Oak Grove, KY Pilot on I-24 X-86 sometime in the mid 1990's.
An O/O going by the name L & M Trucking from East Bridgewater, MA had his extra sharp R Mack leased on with Avon, MA based Refrigerated Food Express, Inc. and was parked at the Pride Ambest, X-6 of the Mass Pike in Chicopee back in Oct. 1993. Atlas agent Nelson-Westerberg, Inc. out of Sommerville, NJ with a drom equipped Pete COE at the former Days Inn by I-95 in W. Melbourne, FL sometime in the early 1990's. New England Cartage Co. Inc. Burgess Mayflower in Satellite Beach, FL early 1990's vintage.
Livestock hauler Crabtree from the State of Indiana was at a small truckstop along U.S. 412 & U.S. 51 near Dyersburg, TN in early 1991. Tigator whose's home base was Port Allen, Louisiana was featured as Small Fleet of the Month in the original Overdrive Magazine ran orange tractor's for most of their years in business. This Pete was parked at the former Market 76 Truck Stop on U.S. 1 in White City, FL in the early 1990's when I pulled in looking for "picture takers". Note their unique half Tiger/half Alligator creature painted on the sleeper box. An early KW T-800 for Greenstein Trucking from Pompano Beach, FL that I shot in the late 1990's in their company yard.
Big sleeper United had pulled into the former Sears store lot along U.S. 1 in Ft Pierce in early 1990's. This KW was layed over at the former Holiday Inn W. of Vero Beach in the mid 1990's. It belongs to an O/O from either KY or NY. Here's a shot from the early 1990's taken out in front of Indian River Truck Brokerage on Fl Route 60 West of Vero Beach. The initials on the Pete read NTS, Inc. and the name on the IH Transtar looks like Floyd E. Baker from Mt Jackson, VA.
Mayflower Electronics div. Freightliner taken in Melbourne, FL early 1990's. U.S. Inter-Mex from McAllen, TX that was at the former Williams Stopping Center on I-65 near Franklin, Kentucky in the late 1990's. Two good looking Pete's at the Florence, SC Petro Stopping Center on I-95 X-169 back in Oct. 1993. Trans Coastal Corp was from Maine.
A Mack CH for heavy hauler W.T. Mayfield Trucking Co. based in Mableton, Georgia that had pulled into the Falcon Citgo fuel stop by the Ft Pierce exit of Florida's Turnpike in Aug. 1994. Western Star for Atlas agent American Movers at the former Days Inn near the Vero Beach T/A in the early 1990's. I like the colors of this KW leased on with Bekins Van Lines from Hillside, IL that was at the former Rexton Inn across from the Vero Beach T/A in the early 1990's.
One sharp Pete leased on with Mayflower's Electronic's and Trade Exhibit's div. at the former W. Melbourne, FL Days Inn U.S. 192 & I-95. Taken very ealry 1990's. Came across this Saia WhiteGMC in summer 1997 along A-1-A in Satellite Beach, FL. S. Puscher from Lynden, Ontario was one awesome sharp KW that had pulled into the Texaco fuel stop next to Indian River Truck Brokerage on FL Route 60 W. of Vero Beach sometime in 1999.
Acme Moving & Storage/A-1 Best Way from Augusta, Georgia at the former W. Melbourne, FL Days Inn. An O/O leased to Dailly Express from Carlisle, PA near Vero Beach, FL in the mid 1990's. A couple of Mack's at the former Holiday Inn W. of Vero Beach on Florida Route 60 in the early 1990's. The R Model belonged to Hi Acres Citrus Harvesting/Hauling from somewhere in central Florida and the MH COE to Ruke Transport, Inc. not sure where from.
Miller Transporters based in Jackson, Mississippi with a set back front axle IH on President's Island along the Mississippi river near Memphis, Tennessee in the mid 1990's. Looks like Allied Van agent Western Van & Storage with this Mack Cruiseliner at the former W. Melbourne, FL Days Inn in the early 1990's. Ex: Carolina "Albino" traveling underneath the I-95 overpass near Malabar, Florida in the mid 1990's.
A Bekins "bed bugger" parked near Florida Route A-1-A in Satellite Beach, FL early 1990's. Here is a troubled shot of an interesting fleet, North Penn Transfer from Lansdale, PA. This was the first exposure on a roll in my old Yashica Electro 35 as I didn't advance it enough before I shot the picture in Oct. 1993 at their former W. Springfield, MA terminal. Two colorful Volvo's pulling the mobile offices of a traveling circus (can't quite make out the name) layed over at the former W. Melbourne, FL Days Inn during sometime in the late 1990's.
McKenzie Tank Lines, Inc., Tallahassee, FL at the N.B. I-95 168 m.m. rest area South of Palm Bay, FL in the mid 1990's. A "snazzy Freightliner leased on with Centurion Auto Transport from Jacksonville, FL at the Falcon Citgo fuel stop W. of Ft Pierce by Florida's Turnpike entrance in the early 1990's. Transport Clomar from Quebec on the scales at the Vero Beach T/A in the late 1990's.
This picture of the ex:Carolina "albino" was taken shortly after ABF bought them out at the I-75 & U.S. 441 exit a few miles S. of Lake City, FL. Taken in the mid 1990's. Here's a Service Transport GMC that I took at their Jackson, TN terminal in Jan 1991. Service had their corporate HQ in Cookeville, TN and were sold off to an investor group in the 90's then closed up about 2003 or 2004. A fall 1993 or 94 shot of a classy looking Pete leased to Dallas Mavis from Kenosha, WI taken in the drizzle at the Oak Grove, Kentucky Pilot at X-86 of I-24. His hood was up the entire time I was on the property and I didn't want to pass the shot up so I settled for this view.
Picture from the mid 1990's...John Fayard Fastway Systems form Gulfport, Mississippi & Prattville, Alabama at the now closed Cordele, GA Travel Centers of America at X-97 of I-75. Knight Transportation acquired John Fayard and folded it into their operations. A well kept Freightliner for West Virginia based QS--Quality Supplier along I-40 at Cookeville, TN. Guy Johnson Transportation Co., Inc from Newark, Delaware stopped along TN Route 69 & I-40 X-126 near Holladay, TN in early 1991.
Unidentified Pete 379
taken at Thayer, Missouri in mid Oct. 1998.
Blue Line Distribution from Ontario taken in the mid 90's at the S.B. I-95 rest area S. of Palm Bay, FL. Lewis Super Valu from Indianola, MS. Found this Pete 377 layed over at a motel along I-40 in West Tennesse near Brownsville.
Trism Specialized Carriers, Inc. rom Marietta, Georgia Western Star. Taken during the mid 90's in Palm Bay, Florida. A classic Southern fleet, Floyd & Beasley Transfer, Inc. from Sycamore, AL before they stopped running orange tractors and went to plain Jane white. This was taken in the mid 90's at a towing lot in Melbourne, FL. Came across this nice looking Liberty Linehaul Pete from Ayr, Ontario that was at the Vero Beach T/A in the mid 90's.
I sent several pictures I had of Walker Transportation to a lady I went to high school with. Her family runs that company and both our Dad's use to work for O'Connor Lumber growing up in Westfield. They are based in Grottoes, Virginia and use to haul Coor's Beer out of the Elkton, Virginia brewery. Here's one I took next to a super looking KW from Prince Edward Island, Canada. These were taken in the late 1990's M.C. Distributors from Pensacola, FL operated this early version of the aero Peterbilt 377 model. I shot it early 1990's at the former Courtesy House 76 W. of Vero Beach, FL.
DSI Transports from Houston, TX at the Cookeville, Tennessee Pilot Travel Center on I-40 at X-287 in the mid 1990's. A general miscellanous lineup at the Vero Beach, Florida Travel Centers of America from the early 1990's. Frito Lay IHCOE taken in the late 1990's at the former Green Derby Holiday Inn at X-136 in Perry, GA.
Smith Transport out of Roaring Spring, PA at the S.B. I-95 rest area 169mm S. of Palm Bay, FL in the early 1990's. Boss Transportation from Irwindale, Georgia at the S.B. I-95 169mm rest area S. of Palm Bay, FL with a great looking IH sometime in the mid 1990's. Nancy Baer from Jasper, Indiana with a sharp Ford 9000 also at the 169mm rest area in the mid 1990's.
Came across Big R Express unit 87-01 from Montreal, Canada parked out in front of the former Courtesy House 76 W. of Vero Beach, FL in the early 1990's. Grove North America from Shady Grove, PA is a manufacturer of wheeled cranes and other industrial equipment. I shot this great looking KW at on one of my trips in the early 1990's somewhere North of Georgia. A very well maintained ex: Weyerhauser Freightliner leased to K and E Trucking, Inc. that had stopped @ X-174 of I-24 on the W. side of Chattanooga, TN in the mid 1990's.
A beautiful KW leased on with Bangor, Maine based Dysart's that had pulled into the Vero Beach Travel Centers of America in July 1995. This Frito lay IH COE with a Florida's Turnpike tandem trailer logo in green (at bottom of cab door) was layed over at the former Perry, GA Quality Inn in the late 1990's. Southern Refrigerated Transport from when they used Ashdown, Arkansas as their base taken in the early 1990's @ the Petro on I-40/I-75 at X-369 about 20 miles W. of Knoxville, Tennessee. I've always liked their company colors.

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