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Two Western Auto Stores International's from Gastonia, NC with ocean going containers at the Vero Beach, FL T/A in the mid 1990's. Flatbed carrier Charger from Hueytown, AL with this ex: J.B. Hunt at the Vero Beach, FL T/A sometime in 1997. It seemed Charger came out of nowhere, grew quickly then fizzled out just as fast as they came into existence. Lynn E. Schwalm Livestock Dealer from Pennsylvania at a small truckstop on U.S. 412 near Dyersburg (in the N.W. corner of Tennessee) in early 1991.
This beautifully maintained KW leased on with Mason Dixon from Warren, Michigan had stopped at the Palm Bay, FL Speedway along I-95 X-173 in the late 1990's. A Dodge 900 auto hauler operated by N & J Transport, Inc. from Danvers, Massachusetts was parked in an empty lot on Westover Air Reserve Base in Chicopee, MA in Oct. 1993. American Transportation Systems, Albuerquerque, New Mexico at the former Days Inn at U.S. 192 & I-95 in W. Melbourne, FL, early 1990's.
Brown NAVL also at W. Melbourne Days Inn early 1990's. Security Storage of Washington, W. Melbourne Days Inn early 1990's I wish I had a better angle to shoot this IH drom equipped Transtar back in the early 1990's at the former Days Inn in W. Melbourne. However rigs were parked all scattered and this was the best I could do. A drom unit sure added character to a cabover, too bad this classic era is all but disappeared among the "bedbuggers".
Foodgrade carrier Bynum Transport from Lakeland, FL with their mid 1990's color scheme at the former Texaco fuel stop on Florida Route 60 W. of Vero Beach. These days they are solid red and base out of Auburndale, FL. A big Pete leased to K.A.T. (Kenosha Auto Transpot, Inc.) truck haulaway div. at the former Days in W. of Vero Beach also sometime in the early 1990's. Looks like an O/O leased on with Smith Transport from Roaring Spring, PA at the former Holiday Inn W. of Vero Beach, FL in the early 1990's.
CWM Transportation a div. of Waste Management Corporation with a great looking R Model Mack at a rest area on U.S. 231 about 20 miles South of Montgemery near Pine Level, Alabama in the early 1990's. I came across this restoration in progress Peterbilt while walking around the Falcon Citgo lot near Ft Pierce, FL in early 1995. That's an interesting cab darkening setup he has all around the windows. It was leased to the Atlanta, GA based RTC div. of Rocor Transportation Company, Inc. An extra sharp Volvo leased to enclosed auto hauler Passport Transport from St Louis, MO at the Vero Beach T/A in the early 1990's. Passport is now part of FedEx's Custom Critical division.
Ron's Auto Transport from Erie, Pennsylvania with this 'snazzed up" GMC Brigadier at the N.B. I-95 rest area near the 168 mm a little South of Palm Bay, Florida in the early 1990's. When an ex: trucker and Mack fan retires and goes RVing this is what he uses to pull his camper around! I bet his wife also loves riding along and seeing America with all the creature comforts that an R Mack cab offers!!
Commercial Carriers, Inc. Romulus, MI at the former W. Melbourne, FL Days Inn, early 1990's. NAVL IHCOE near Ft Pierce, FL early 1990's. The initial's read HTS on the sleeper but the front panel of the livestock trailer reads Jones Lambert. A mid 1990's shot taken at the Vero Beach T/A which is the former Courtesy House 76.
An extra sharp but yet another unidentified Pete 379 at the former Holiday Inn W. of Vero Beach on Florida Route 60 in the mid 1990's. The Silver Fox! Unidentified 359 Pete at the former Courtesy House 76 W. of Vero Beach, FL sometime in the early 1990's. Southeastern Freight Lines WhiteGMC at X-174 of I-24 on the W. side of Chattanooga, TN taken in the summer of 1993 or 94.
Livestock trucker Jimmie Rogers from Yates Center, Kansas use to deliver/pickup cattle at a big ranch W. of Melbourne, Florida and would lay over at the former Days Inn by I-95 in W. Melbourne. I shot these two Petes sometime in the early 1990's. Allied agent Joyce Brothers (not sure where from, CT possibly) at the former Texaco fuel stop along Florida Route 60 W. of Vero Beach sometime in the mid 1990's. Found this nice green Pete for Mueller's Transport Service from Maryland just out from under the fuel canopy of the Vero Beach, FL T/A in the late 1990's.
The staff at Greenstein Trucking HQ in Pompano Beach, FL let me walk around their lot both times I visited them. They even gave me a Greenstein note pad and a real nice pen just for coming by! These two Pete's were lined up waiting for their next run up North. Greenstein is no longer in business, but another fleet W.T. Fellows, Inc. from Davenport, FL their trailers fly the same U.S. flag on their stainless reefers that Greenstein's did. In my eyes the GMC General was a great truck to photograph because of it's clean and sharp lines, everything was squared up. I wish they had become more popular than they did, but at least I got several good shots of General's over the years including this sharp one that was leased on with Iowa City, Iowa based Heartland Express. I found him at the Falcon Citgo fuel stop by the Ft Pierce, FL entrance to Florida's Turnpike in the early 1990's. Came across this really sharp Pete 359 in early 1991 on U.S. 70 between Lexington & Jackson, Tennessee. He was originally leased to Turnbo Transport from Savannah, TN as it reads on the cab door. However, when I took the picture he had it leased on with Tombigbee Transport (a dedicated carrier for Aqua Glass from Adamsville, TN).
Service Trucking originally from Leesburg, (now Eustis), Florida was still running this Autocar wrecker when I was able to shoot it in the early 1990's at the Falcon Citgo W. of Ft Pierce near the Florida's Turnpike entrance. This was the oddest set of trailers I ever saw Westway Express from Albuerquerque, New Mexico pull. They were mostly a reefer fleet with solid white Peterbilt 377's. He had pulled into The North 40 Phillips 66 truck stop along I-40 a X-126 near Sugar Tree, Tennessee about March 1991.
One super nice Peterbilt leased on with Landstar Ranger who was at the Resaca, Georgia Flying J along I-75 in fall 1998. This is another one of my all time favorite shots. I remember I shot this beautiful Mack Superliner for Springfield, Missouri based Trailiner in May 1990 at an I-70 Westbound rest area between Columbus & Dayton, Ohio. MAB Paints from Orlando, FL stopped near X-176 of I-95 in Palm Bay, FL in the mid 1990's.
An xtra sharp Mack with VTI lettered on the sleeper box from Lawrenceville, ? and Vincennes, Indiana. Shot it at the former Holiday Inn W. of Vero Beach on Florida Route 60 in the early 1990's. Hmieleski Trucking Corp from S. Plainfield, NJ taken right near the W. Springfield, MA St Johnsbury terminal in Oct. 1993. Use to see a lot of Brockway's growing up in New England. Came across this S. axle GMC Astro for NAVL on a dark rainy February 1991 morning on U.S. 45 Business in Jackson, TN.
Hollar & Greene Produce Co., Inc. from Boone, NC & Bunnell, FL has for years run an extra sharp fleet of Kenworth's. Here's one I caught in the early 1990's at the Courtesy House 76 W. of Vero Beach, Florida. Frock Bros. Trucking, Inc. out of New Oxford, PA runs a super sharp small fleet of blue KW's. They ran this one well into the mid 1990's when came across him "on the move" pulling out of the Jackson, GA Flying J at X-201 on I-75. I had to shoot into the sun, but I wasn't going to let this baby pass me by. G.L. Widener of Abingdon, Virginia was at the W. Memphis, Arkansas Petro Stopping Center in the mid 1990's. He was wedged in a row of parked rigs so this was my best angle to "capture the scene".
C & C Trucking from Duncan, SC was at the former Cordele, GA Truckstops of America (I-75 X-97) in Oct 1999. At one time they were the dedicated carrier for the Baby Superstore chain. American International Movers, Inc. Forsyth, GA was still running this Diamond Reo COE and a Frank's Transport FLD from Ontario, Canada were at the former Courtesy House 76 W. of Vero Beach, FL in the mid 1990's. Here's two colorful rigs! Apache Transport out of Monroe, Georgia and Transport Bourassa from the Province of Quebec were at the Falcon Citgo by the Ft Pierce exit of Florida's Turnpike in the early 1990's.
A colorful curtainside for Marshfield, Wisconsin based Roehl Transport who was parked at the Vero Beach T/A in May 1999. An unidentified KW and a CH Mack leased to Jack Gray Transport from Gary, Indiana AT the former Tifton Travel Center Shell (now a Pilot) on I-75 X-60 on the S. side of Tifton, GA late Oct. 1997. The driver of this Pete 379 leased to Bekins Van Lines told me that he had a weekly dedicated run between Michigan and S. Florida. He was layed over at the same Ramada Inn on U.S. 1 in Deerfield Beach, Florida that our family was while on a weekend getaway.
A nicely striped KW T-600A leased to Bekins Van Lines from Hillside, IL at the Vero Beach Travel Centers of America sometime in the mid 1990's. This winter weather covered J.H. Ware Trucking Freightliner from Fenton, Missouri taken on a dismal Jan. 1991 day along U.S. 45 S. of Jackson, TN was the only photo I was ever able to get of this reefer fleet. Tranter Moving & Storage, Inc. from what looks like Newtown, PA at the Vero Beach TA in the mid 1990's. They sure had that early T-600 dolled up nice!
Unidentified Pete and a East Penn Trucking Marmon COE from Lehighton, PA near Vero Beach, FL in the early 1990's. Another East Penn Marmon this time a conventional at the former Courtesy House 76 on FL Route 60 W. of Vero also early 1990's vintage. Here's a Centurion Auto Transport Ford Louisville. Most trucks had d.b.a. Shaft, Inc. lettering, but this one just had Shaft, Inc. on the cab door. I caught this one at the Ft Pierce McDonald's by I-95 and the toll gate for Florida's Turnpike in the early 1990's.
Mayflower layed over at the former Days Inn on U.S. 192 & I-95 in W. Melbourne, FL in the early 1990's. L.T.L. fleet Goggin Truck Lines was based in Shelbyville, TN. I caught this linehauler Peterbilt in early 1991 when he was at Able Cartage in Jackson, TN doing a drop & hook.
P.D.Q. Transportation was a small truckload fleet based near Humboldt, TN. I found this IH Eagle early one morning during the early 1990's along U.S. 412 near Lexington, TN. ABF R Mack on the "ready line" at the Jackson, TN terminal in early 1991.

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