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I took this C-F shot in early 1991 across the street from their Jackson, TN terminal. The manager would always let me borrow their back issues of the Transport Topics newspaper whenever I'd show up looking for work and/or pictures. A White 9000 and an IH Transtar rusting away a few miles West of Vero Beach in the late 1990's. These two old fire trucks were parked out behind the former Jerry's 76 Auto Truck Stop along I-95 near Manning, SC when I stopped by to shoot a few pictures in Oct. 1993.
Graves & Hall old White 9000 at a repair shop of some sorts near Wabasso, FL back in the mid 1990's. NAVL agent appears to be House Moving Co. from Norwalk, CT layed over at the former W. Melbourne Days Inn at I-95 & U.S.192 sometime in the late 1990's. Early morning shot at X-63 on I-75 in Tifton, GA when Smalley & Saia were first mixing equipment in the mid-late 90's.
Late afternoon in mid October 1993 found me at the Manada Hill, PA Travel Centers of America on I-81 N.E. of Harrisburg. This was the only angle I had open on a great looking Pete leased on with Zachary, LA based bulker Blue Flash Express. This NJ based Pete had the name Cutlass on the sleeper and was shot off of Florida Route 70 W. of Ft Pierce in the mid 1990's. Paint manufacturer Sherwin Williams Co. uses their private transportation division CTS (Contract Transportation Systems) based in Cleveland, OH to deliver their company products. I found this one at a former Food Lion Grocery lot in Palm Bay, FL in the late 90's. The numbers CTS-TT-0002 just behind his left headlight are authorization numbers required to pull Tandem Trailers on Florida's Turnpike system.
I came across this bright red extra sharp Peterbilt a few miles West of Ft Pierce, FL near I-95 & Florida's Turnpike in the mid 90's. The tree lined background of this rest area on N.B. U.S. 231 South of Montgomery, AL gives this picture a crispness that a gray tractor pulling an empty flatbed would normally lack. This was also taken somtime in the mid 90's. This too was a mid 90's picture of this sleeper team Overnite Transportation WhiteGMC shot near Ft Pierce, Florida.
Found this WhiteGMC leased to Watkins Shepard from Missoula, MT in the mid 1990's at the Resaca, GA Flying J which is about 90 miles N. of Atlanta on I-75. I always liked the looks of this truck plus the silver paint and aero fairings gave it somewhat of a futuristic look. Here is an ex: Frederickson Motor Express SBFA Ford Louisville doing second run duty as a citrus grove ag hauler from Vero Beach, FL. I shot this probably about 1999-2000 West of Vero Beach along Florida Route 60. I like the logo for General Transport from Akron, OH. Found this O/O leased on with them in the mid 1990's at the Falcon Citgo fuel stop near the entrance to Florida's Turnpike
In October 1998 I visited TraiLiner's HQ in Springfield, MO while on a family vacation. Back then they ran a sharp fleet of these set forward axle aero Pete's to which several were scattered around their parking area. These were interesting set-up's Centurion and Eagle Auto Transport ran out of Jacksonville, FL. I caught this one rolling South passing me in April 1997 a mile or so North of the Sebastian, FL exit on I-95. A good looking O/O's Pete leased on with Fleet Carrier Corp from (I think) Springfield, MO that was at the West Memphis, Arkansas Petro back about 1993.
I came across this beautiful Pete sometime in the early 1990's that was leased on with H & R Transport from Lethbridge, Alberta. It was parked at the former Rexton Inn which was across the street from the Vero Beach Travel Centers of America West of Vero Beach, FL.
The only photo opportunity I ever got for Chieftan Van Lines out of Ralston, Nebraska was this IH which was layed over at the former Days Inn near I-95 (W. of Vero Beach, FL) back in late 1997. That's a neat mascot they used for their logo. This O/O has his big WhiteGMC leased on with Mayflower agent Gazda Transportation System, Inc. from Minneapolis, MN that had pulled into the S.B. I-95 rest area at the 169 mm S. of Palm Bay, FL in late 1997. Here's a great looking IH Transtar with drom setup leased to West Warwick, RI based Paul Arpin Van Lines, Inc. that was parked between I-95 & Florida's Turnpike W. of Ft Pierce in Dec. 1995.
Alterman Transport Lines from Opa Locka, FL a long time refrigerated fixture up and down the East Coast of the U.S. operated a large variety of tractor makes/ models over the years. I found this International stopped at the S.B. I-95 rest area at the 169 mm S of Palm Bay Florida sometime in the mid 1990's. H.L. Stansell from Palm Harbor, FL was still another of the many Florida based reefer fleets that ran the Eastern U.S. for years always with the saying Trucking For Jesus on their trailers . I believe they closed up somewhere around the year 2000 and in their final years they dropped the initials H.L. and went simply by Stansell as this IH I shot in W. Melbourne in the late 90's shows. Lester Coggins Trucking another long time well traveled plant/foliage carrier originally out of Ft Myers and and later Okahumpka, FL was acquired by Gainey Transportatation and eventually renamed LCT Transportation. This good looking KW was still running strong in the mid 1990's when I shot it in W. Melbourne, Florida.
Back when Yellow still went by Yellow Freight System I came upon this IH at during a stop at the All State Citgo at X-121 of I-75 in Unadilla, GA in the mid 1990's. Spring 1994 shot of this beautiful drom equipped Freightliner leased to an unidentified Allied agent that was at the Vero Beach, FL Travel Centers of America by I-95 & Florida Route 60. I caught this Freightliner for Buanno Express from Fort Johnson, NY in the early 90's when they had a small terminal in Melbourne, FL.
Found this unidentified Marmon parked next to a James River Paper IH at an I-95 rest area between Baltimore, MD & Washington, DC in Oct. 1993. Regency Transportation from New Jersey was at Westover Air Reserve Base near Chicopee, MA back in Oct. 1993 when I back home visiting. A.J. Weigand out of Dover, Ohio pulled into this W.B. I-40 rest area just into Tennessee from the border with North Carolina while our family was stopped there. Pulled right up behind our mini van in the late 1990's just like he came in to get his picture taken!
Dahlen Transport from Newport, Minnesota had this FLD nicely painted up for dedicated service for Quaker State Oil that I found just after daybreak at the S.B.169 mm I-95 rest area S. of Palm Bay, FL in the mid 90's. Hunter Oil Co. from Cabool, Missouri was at the company truck stop along U.S. 62 near Cabool, MO in Oct. 1998. Interesting colors on this Midwest Van Lines agent for American Red Ball from Columbus, Ohio that was at the Vero Beach T/A in Sept. 1997.
Shot this John Christner Trucking from Sapulpa, Oklahoma not long after the Freightliner Century series first came out at the Vero Beach, FL T/A. Here's a Quebec based Freightliner chasing seagulls around the Brunswick, GA Flying J on I-95 at X-29 sometime in 1999. The Lundy Packing Company out of Clinton, NC was a regular up to Spingfield, Massachusetts with Diamond Reo COE's when I was growing up. This Freightliner FLD was at the Jackson, GA Flying J on I-75 X-200 in Aug. 1996. Not long after I took this photo their private fleet was rebranded as LPC Transport, Inc.
Matuszko Trucking orignally from N. Amherst, Massachusetts at the Manada Hill, PA Travel Centers of America in late Oct. 1993. You didn't see too many "two story" GMC Astro's even in their "heyday's during the 1970's and early 80's. This O/O leased to Lakeland, FL based Sunco Carriers, Inc. pulled into the Falcon Citgo fuel stop near Ft Pierce when I just happened to be there shooting pictures back in the early 1990's. American Freightways trio from Harrison, Arkansas at a small truckstop diner along U.S. 60 west of Mountain Grove, Missouri in Oct. 1998.
A great looking Western Star leased on with the former Huskey Div. of the Rocor family of fleets. I believe Huskey was from the Denver, Colorado area. I found him at a Melbourne, FL Walmart in early Jan. 1997. The Jackson, Tennessee terminal ready line of Jones Truck Lines from Springdale, Arkansas in early spring 1991.
A "super looking" Mack Superliner leased on with Trism Specialized Carriers from Marietta, Georgia taken at the Palm Bay, FL Speedway fuel stop along I-95 X-173 sometime in the mid 1990's. A super tough looking KW from Georgia that I can't quite make out the name or home city. This was at the L & G Truck Plaza on U.S. 41 & U.S. 441 @ X-414 of I-75 about 7-8 miles S. of Lake City, FL sometime in the late 1990's. WhiteGMC WG Unit 9794 for Springdale, Arkansas based Jones Truck Line at their Jackson, TN terminal in early spring 1991.
Heavy hauler Moore Transportation Company from Fort Worth, TX posed nicely for me in back of the former Days Inn W. of Vero Beach, FL near I-95 in the early 1990's. I shot this in the early 1990's along U.S. 192 in West Melbourne, FL when Swift Transportation from Phoenix, AZ still operated these style of Freightliner COE's. That's my oldest daughter to the far left of the shot also taking it's picture. Sadly, she grew out of truck picture taking. When I was growing up in Massachusetts I'd only see C-F green White Freightliner's pulling a pup trailer doing city P & D duty. So when I saw this little IH pulling this big freight box in the late 1990's I thought it made for an interesting picture. I believe it was based at C-F's big Orlando terminal as that was the closest terminal to where we lived in Florida.
This is an odd set-up a big Kenworth W-900 pulling what looks to be an ex: Sears & Roebuck freight box. I'm guessing it was either being used as a storage or construction project trailer. He had pulled into a Texaco station at the U.S. 192 exit of I-95 in W. Melbourne, FL in 1998 or 99. Sercombe Trucking from Jackson, Michigan ran these extra eye catching Freightliner's when they first came out. This one was looking for a parking spot at the Falcon Citgo near Ft Pierce, FL in the mid 1990's. A big Pete for Huntington, NY based Plycon Van Lines with a custom built Dorsey furniture trailer in the service bay of the former Courtesy House 76 Auto Truck Stop W. of Vero Beach, FL about 1993 or 94. The big chromed front bumper looks neat with the Plycon name etched into it.
This "awesome" GMC Astro was layed over at the former Days Inn on U.S. 192 & I-95 in W. Melbourne, FL in the early 1990's. I can't make out the lettering on the trailer as to which Allied agent this O/O had leased his truck to. J.A. Haralson Moving & Storage from Tyler/Longview, Texas was also at the former W. Melbourne, FL Days Inn back in the early 1990's. Here's a rare find! A Marmon in Mayflower colors at the Falcon Citgo W. of Ft Pierce, FL by Florida's Turnpike entrance ramp around 1993 or 94
A really nice "aero" Western Star for Champion Transportation Services, Inc. out of Wood Dale, Illionois just off the fuel islands of the Resaca, Georgia Flying J about an hour N. of the Atlanta metroplex area in fall 1994. Summerford Truck Line, Inc. from Ashford, AL either sold out or was absorbed into AMX Alabama Motor Express from Dothan, AL in the late 1990's. Here one of their T-6's is at the Falcon Citgo W. of Ft Pierce in the early 1990's. Check out the big steer tires on this older KW for Thompson Trucking from Sparks, a small town in S. Georgia. I shot this in Adel, GA along I-75 sometime in the mid 1990's.

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