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Here's two good looking wreckers for Bob Parker Towing in Jackson, TN. Photo was taken along U.S. 45 on the S. side of Jackson in early 1991. A sharp Freightliner out of San Antonio, TX at the former Rexton Inn near the Vero Beach T/A in 1997. Here's a "holy cow" looking Pete leased to Passport Transport from St Louis back before Fed EX acquired them pausing for me as he pulled out from under the fuel canopy at the Falcon Citgo fuel stop near the Ft Pierce Exit of Florida's Turnpike sometime in the mid 90's.
This Ford Aeromax made for a nice picture back in the late 90's at the Vero Beach, FL T/A. Watkins had pulled into the N.bound I-75 rest area in Alachua County, FL on this foggy morning in Nov. 1997. Newton Transportation, Inc. Lenoir, NC is one of those classic NC based furniture hauling fleets. This Mack was unloading at a small furniture shop in summer 1999 along Lee Highway where U.S. Route's 11, 41, 64 & 72 all run together on the S.W. side of Chattanooga, TN near the base of Lookout Mountain.
An O/O leased to Aluminum Express out of Ohio stopped at the North 40 Phillips 66 Truck Stop at X-126 of I-40 in March 1991. This KW COE was leased on with Pro Aire Transport based somewhere in Arizona and had stopped on the East side of Dayton, OH right off of I-70 back in May 1990. An early a.m. shot of Roadway Express unit 43483 that was parked out in front of the Vero Beach T/A in the late 1990's.
ACT--American Central Transport from Liberty, MO. I found him near Cleveland, TN during the mid 90's sometime.  ADI (Airport Distribution or Distributors, Inc.) at the S.B. I-75 rest area near Ooltewah, Tennessee in May 1993. Fepco Container, Inc. from Conley, GA & Marten Transport Ltd from Mondovi, WI. Sept 1990 at the 76 Auto/Truckstop along I-75 at Wildwood, FL.
Hazwaste and bulk hauler Suttles Truck Leasing from Demopolis, AL was the owner of this immaculate KW T-2000 that was at the Okahumka Service Plaza of Florida's Turnpike early evening on Aug. 31, 1997. Here's super sharp Freightliner from Ontario that was layed over at the Vero Beach, FL T/A sometime in the late 1990's. Here's a scenery shot taken in the mid 90's at the Falcon Citgo fuel stop by the Ft Pierce Florida's Turnpike exit. The CH Mack belonged to NAT-North Alabama Transportation and was hooked to twin pups.
I came across this unit leased to Foreway from Coopersville, MI at the Stafford, MO T/A along I-44 N.E. of Springfield, MO in Oct. 1998. Moishe's Worldwide Moving Service from New York City at an outlet mall parking lot along I-95 W. of Ft Pierce, FL in the early 90's. Go Big Red!! Here's an extra sharp Pete with Eubanks lettered on the cab door from what looks like NJ at the S.B. I-95 rest area just N. of Ft Pierce, FL I took sometime in the mid 1990's.
This sharp red Autocar was stopped in front the restaurant by Indian River Truck Brokerage on Florida Route 60 West of Vero Beach in the early 1990's. I came across this tent revival ministries Dodge from Marion County, Florida that was at a church in Jackson, TN when we were living there in early 1991. An Aeromax Ford was pulling this set of C-F twins N.B. on I-95 near W. Melbourne, FL in the mid 90's.
I wanted to get a decent shot of my truck next to an awesome rig and I think I found the perfect rig in Cocoa Beach, FL with this 3-Way Van Lines from Sunnyvale, CA sitting pretty in the morning sun back in late summer 1991. An extra sharp Brockway that belonged to Spaulding's, Inc. from Fair Haven, VT which pulled into the Palm Bay, FL Speedway along I -95 in the mid 90's. On his bumper he had a VT tag that read Brockway plus a Florida license plate. Builders Transport from Camden, SC with this White Road Commander II taken at the former Courtesy House 76 Auto Truck Stop near Vero Beach around 1990.
Anderson #100 from Medford out on Long Island, NY near Vero Beach, FL in the early 90's. Mapes Moving & Storage from Vestal, NY at a motel near Vero Beach also from the early 90's.
An ex: CTI, Carpet Transport, Inc. taken early morning at the I-95 S.B. 169 m.m. rest area in the late 1990's. Here is an extra sharp livestocker I shot at Wildwood, FL in August 1990
J.D. Lewis Trucking from Deland, FL operated this very colorful fleet of Kenworth T-600's and I came across this photo opportunity in 1994 at the Vero Beach T/A. J.D. Lewis out of Deland, FL ran some mighty bright T-6's in the mid 90's. This one was at the Vero Beach T/A in 1996 or 97. Steel hauler Farris Trucking, Inc. from Haleyville, AL was layed over at motel along U.S. 45 on the S. side of Jackson, TN in early 1991.
O/O with this sharp Autocar leased to Decker Transport Riverdale, NJ at the Tennessee Welcome Center on I-155 near Dyersburg, TN in the early 1990's. Here's Roadway tractor #80000 at the Vero Beach T/A in the late 90's.
Perhaps this number has some significance?

Any Roadway fans know anything that they can share?
Unidentified Pete along I-95
at the Palm Bay, FL Speedway, late 90's.
Caldwell Transport Ltd from St John, New Brunswick at the Ft Pierce, FL Days Inn by I-95 & Florida's Turnpike in the mid 1990's. This was R Mack tractor #64 for Virginia Mirror Company, Inc. Martinsville, VA final trip before it was to be replaced by a CH Mack. The driver paused and posed it nicely for me at the Falcon Citgo fuel stop W. of Ft Pierce, FL sometime in the early 90's. Carpet Transport, Inc. from Calhoun, GA ran a sharp fleet of the early KW T-600's hauling flooring all over the U.S. out of North Georgia and bringing whatever they could stuff into the reefers for the backhaul. I shot this one in W. Melbourne, FL in the early 90's.
Factory and Steel Transport was out of Waverly, TN. I found this good looking Freightliner along I-65 near Franklin, KY also in the early 90's. A cold fall rain had just stopped where we were staying by Exit 86 of I-24 near Oak Grove, KY so I ventured over to the Pilot next door and got a decent shot of this Sun Chemicals Pete pulling out from under the fuel island canopy in late Oct. 1994. A kind of rare set of Mayflower twins at West Melbourne, FL sometime in the mid 90's.
Took this rainy day shot in early 1991 somewhere right off of I-40 in W. Tennessee A couple of tractors layed over at the former Holiday Inn W. of Vero Beach, FL on FL Route 60 about 1990. The F/L conventional is "Something" Farms. Freightliner COE is leased to Mid America Farm Lines from Springfield, MO and the IH Transtar is leased to Inway. The KW W-9-L is an O/O from Vero Beach, FL who had stopped at the N.B. I-95 rest area near the 168 MM S.of Palm Bay, FL in the late 1990's.
One sharp 85 Mack Superliner for Mario Joyal from the Province of Quebec that was stopped at the 168 m.m. N.B. I-95 rest area S. of Palm Bay in the late 1990's. Love the colors of this Bulldog! Allied Systems from Decatur, GA with one of their lime green Ford L-9000's right off of I-10 at FL Route 71 near Marianna in Florida's Panhandle in the mid 90's Lippert from Green, Kansas taken in N.W. Tennessee in fall 1998.
Here's a Carolina Freight Carriers set back front axle L9000 pulling two styles of freight pups I shot at White's Truck Stop I-81 X-205 near Raphine, VA in late Oct. 1993. Landspan, part of Watkins Associated Industries from Lakeland, FL at the Vero Beach, FL T/A in the mid 1990's. Frito Lay from Dallas, TX with one of their big Ford CL-9000 COE's at the former Holiday Inn W. of Vero Beach on FL Route 60 sometime in the mid 1990's.
A couple of slightly used R Mack's piggybacked up headed probably to the Caribbean Islands or S. America to finish their working careers. This was in the late 90's at the Hojo Express Inn on Florida route 60 W. of Vero Beach. Allied Systems Ltd. Decatur, GA White Expeditor taken at the former West Melbourne, FL Days Inn at I-95 & U.S. 192 sometime in the mid 1990's. This unidentified gray Freightliner was at the Vero Beach, FL T/A in the early 90's.
Great Coastal was originally from Newark, NJ. At some point Estes Express acquired them, moved their HQ to Richmond, VA and ran them independently until Estes either sold them to Heartland Express or Estes spun Great Coastal off where Heartland picked up what was left of them in 2002. I think that's how the story went, I hope someone can clarify it better than me. I shot this F/L in Oct. 1993 at the Florence,SC Petro along I-95 X-169. A sharp Pete COE leased to Besl Transfer from Cincinnati, Ohio at the S.B. I-75 rest area at about the 119/118 MM S. of Unadilla, GA taken about 1998 or 99.
I.G. Johnson from Sarasota, FL ran this nice Western Star back in the mid 90's. I caught him while stopped in Ft Pierce by the Florida's Turnpike Veri Trucking, Inc. from the Province of Quebec
at the Vero Beach, FL T/A in the mid 1990's.

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