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Here is the fleet that inspired the kids Christmas time movie Polar Express several years back. I found him layed over in Palm Bay, FL back in the early 90's. "Action shot" of Sunbelt Auto Carriers Express from Debarry, FL Northbound on I-95 about the 181 m.m. near West Melbourne, FL in the mid 90's. Food Lion Stores based in Salisbury, NC unloading at their former Palm Bay, FL store in the mid 90's.
A Rochester, NY based Ford Louisville taken near Vero Beach, FL in the early 90's. How's this for stand out colors. I'm guessing this might be an ex: Nu-Car Carriers unit, maybe someone knows for sure.

The orange Nu Cars worked out of the ports and hauled imports outbound. Most were O/Os with fleet numbers starting "LD" or "L".Thanks Dick Copello for this information
Here is an early evening shot from Sept. 1990 along I-75 at Wildwood, FL. The reefer unit is for C & C Produce from Atmore, AL and the livestock Pete belongs to Gotebo Express Gotebo, OK
Dixie Savings Stores from Chattanooga, TN with a nice looking GMC that was stopped at X-174 along I-24 a few miles West of Chattanooga in the early 90's. This IH wrecker was picking up the Schneider F/L at the Wytheville, VA T/A at X-42 on I-77 just North of the I-81 exit in Jan. 1999. Nothing fancy just a good looking work truck that caught my eye.
National Food Express SBFA Western Star in early 1991 at a Refrigerated warehouse in Jackson, TN I was digging through my Ford files and remembered I had made this nice find back in 1995 at a produce stand in Warner Robins, GA. I bet this "old girl" will light up some old truckers memories. When I was growing up and traveled from MA to FL and back during winter vacation with my parents I'd see straight jobs like this bringing Southern grown produce to the Northern markets every so often along the way. This Wilburn Truck Lines Ford has a face only the owner could love. That's the impression I got from the angle I shot it at near Vero Beach, FL in the early 90's.
In my page 14 of my vintage pictures there is a picture of this Dodge. Vero Dodge as I called it. In the caption I said it was restored and here is a photo of it restored the first time in the tanish colors and then restored again in the red paint job.
A. Smith Trucks, Inc. from Las Cruces, NM & Colorado Springs, CO. Shot during the mid 90's at the I-95 169 mm rest area S. of Palm Bay, FL. Double Crete's, mid 90's at a diner along I-24 X-174 just W. of Chattanooga, TN Carolina Ford taken at the Northbound I-95 Rest area mm168 in Mar. 1994
Cumberland Farms Stores from Canton, MA also has convienence stores in Florida with Gulf branded gas which I believe they also own the Gulf name. They operated these "classic" R Macks to deliver fuel up until the late 90's when this picture was taken on I-95 at the N.Bound 168 mm rest area. These St. Johnsbury Fords were at the West Springfield, MA terminal in April 1995. Texaco Freightliner delivering to a Palm Bay, FL Texaco station during the mid 90's.
Tyson Foods from their Northfield, IL location layed over for the weekend at Patrick AFB near Cocoa Beach, FL in the early 90's. This Averitt Express Pete 377 was stopped at the General Lee 66 Truck Stop along I-40 X-288 near Cookeville, TN sometime in the mid 1990's. B.A. Moore from Virginia was shot at the former Days Inn across the street from the Vero Beach, FL T/A in 1999
The owner/operator lof this double bunk IH leased to Overnite Express from Minnesota was resting close to I-24 X-174 near Chattanooga, TN during the summer in the mid 90's. I found this real sharp KW leased to Carolina Pride Foods at the Vero Beach T/A sometime in the mid 90's. This was taken in May 1990 at TruckWorld along I-80 at Girard, OH which is the 1st Westbound exit in Ohio coming out of PA.

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