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Spartan Express from Greer, SC taken at a motel in Jackson, TN in early 1991. I came across this sharp O/O rig early one morning in the mid 90's at the S.B. I-95 rest area at the 169 mm. I believe they were out of S.W. Florida. Pullen Bros. is a long time nationwide reefer fleet based out of Sikeston, MO. This White/GMC was posed almost perfect while layed over in Palm Bay Florida in the early 90's.
M.W. & W.M. Donnell from Bellwood, AL. They hauled alot of processed chickens among other reefer commodities. I believe they shutdown their reefer operations, but continue to operate a fleet of dumps. I shot this at the Vero Beach, FL T/A back in the mid 90's. St Lucie Towing from Ft Pierce, FL was still operating this tough looking White Road Boss when I came upon it parked by a Ft Pierce restaurant in the early 1990's. White's 76 was a long time LTL stopping destination for coffee along I-81 near Raphine,VA. These two posed nicely back in Oct. 1993 to accent the familiar sign that greeted truckers.
Truckers approaching X-126 of I-40 in W. Central Tennessee see this long time landmark of the North 40 Truckstop. This was taken in March 1991. I came across this Tom's Volvo/White while traveling on U.S. 63 near West Plains, MO in Oct. 1998. He was just getting ready to pull out when I asked him to wait a few seconds. Taken at the Petro on I-75 X-25 in Corbin, KY in the late 90's
Two U.S. Xpress Freightliner twins at the Petro on I-75 X-25 in Corbin, KY in the late 90's Estes Express IH 8100 was stopped right off of the I-40 and U.S..412 exit at Jackson, TN in Oct. 1998. Caldwell Freight Lines from St John, NB I found in the rain along FL 70 W. of Ft Pierce, FL in the early 90's.
Carolina Albino was shot at the N.B. I-95 rest area at the 168 m.m. S. of Palm Bay, FL in the mid 90's. J.E. Fortin from near Montreal, Quebec was staying at a former Holiday Inn W. of Vero Beach on FL Route 60 when I had the opportunity to take this picture in the early 1990's. This awesome Mack Superliner was leased on with Independent Operator, Inc. out of WI. I was driving near our former home in Melbourne, FL in the early 90's when I saw him parked behind a shopping center and did an immmediate U-turn before the sun got any lower.
The N.B. 168 mm rest area on I-95 S. of Palm Bay, FL is the location of this O/O leased on with Schanno of St Paul, MN's livestock div. The timeline was the late 90's. Hoover Brothers from West Plains, MO was parked at a weekday cattle auction near West Plains, MO on U.S. 63 in Oct. 1998.
Barlow Pete from Fawcett, MO was parked at the General Lee 66 Truck stop along I-40 X-287 near Cookeville, TN during the late 90's. Cardone Industries from Philadelphia, PA was stopped at the Florence, SC Petro I-95 X-169 in Oct. 1993. Certified Grocers Ocala, FL was acquired by Eli Witt Co. from Tampa during the mid 90's. They ran a very clean fleet and held onto and maintained them meticulously for a good many years versus trading them every few years.
This sharp Mack Superliner leased to Anderson Trucking Service from St Cloud, MN was stopped at the Youngstown, OH Petro on I-80 in May 1990. Found this O/O leased to Ranger from Jacksonville, FL stopped along I-10 and FL Route 53 near Madison, FL in April 1991 Check out the jumbo exhaust stacks on this O/O Pete COE I found at a truck stop along I-70 on the East side of Dayton, OH in May 1990.
These two AAA Cooper city P & D drivers met for lunch in W. Melbourne, FL back in 1991. I found these two AAA Cooper WG's stopped while their driver's ate lunch in Melborne, FL in late 1996 Alterman Transport Lines from Opa Locka, FL operated a good number of these big tall Ford COE's in the 80's & early 90's. I found this one about 1990 at the S.B. 169 mm rest area on I-95 S. of Palm Bay, FL.
Proficient Foods from Orlando at one time did all the Denny's in this part of Florida, but in most cases they were acquired and faded into history. This WhiteGMC photo was from 1999 at Palm Bay, FL. This sharp Safety Kleen Pete was "hanging Out" at the Florence, SC Petro on I-95 Exit-169 in Oct. 1993. Saia was laid over at a Tifton, GA Super 8 Motel along I-75 during the mid 90's.
This classic KW for heavy hauler SSK from the Dallas, TX area was paused at the W. Memphis, AR Petro in early 1991. Here's kind of a neat picture I shot from out the back window of the guy I use to commute to work with while we were Northbound on I-95 near W. Melbourne, FL in the late 90's. This Publix WC was taken in the early 90's out back of the W. Melbourne, FL store.
Neal Holsomback Carpet Sales from Calhoun, GA shot at I-75 & Florida Route 6 in North Florida in the mid 90's. I believe This was the tractor Mr. Holsomback "tricked out" to make a real eye catcher show tractor out of. This was a very sharp rig even before he did all the customizing to it. Here is an intersting McDonalds supplier. PFD Lebanon. Prairie Farms Dairy out of Carlinville, Illinois and the tractor was from Memphis, TN. This was taken on U.S. 64 in Bolivar, TN in Feb. 1991. Caught this Roadway as the driver was coming out of a Hardee's along I-75 near Calhoun, GA in May 1993.
This Roadway was stopped at the Okahumpka Service Plaza at the Northern end of Florida's Turnpike. Notice the tandem trailer I.D. numbers in green on the driver's door. This was shot early evening during the late 1990's Carolina was pulled into a rest area on W.B. I-40 near Crossville, TN in May 1993. This J.E. Fortin Freightliner from near Montreal, Quebec was stopped by the Ft Pierce Turnpike entrance in the early 90's.
Alterman Transport Lines from Opa Locka, FL was a common sight pedaling refrigerated commodities locally and over the road before they closed up shop. This Ford Louisville was stopped near exit 173 in Palm Bay, FL in the late 90's Here is a well kept GMC Astro that the O/O leased onto Inway uses to haul light and bulky loads. The late 90's near Vero Beach, FL was the time and date on this photo. This big Anderson Pete from Medford, NY was stopped at a diner along FL Route 60 W. of Vero Beach during the early 90's.
The Kolbe and Kolbe Ford from WI was taken in the mid 90's at the former Holiday Inn on FL Route 60 W. of Vero Beach. Came across this sharp Western Star leased on to Venture Express from LaVergne, TN in a diner parking lot at X-174 of I-24 just W. of Chattanooga, TN in the late 90's. Seaport Express from "beautiful" Mississauga, Ontario taken at the Vero Beach T/A in the early 90's.
Here is one of Smalley's Pete COE's they used in linehaul service around FL that I shot when he stopped near Vero Beach during the early 90's. Sunbelt Auto Carriers Express from DeBarry,FL taken during the mid 90's at the former Speedway fuel stop at X-173 of I-95 in Palm Bay, FL Yoder, a small longtime livestock fleet from Ohio. I found him in Oct.1999 at the Atlanta South T/A X-200 off I-75 near Jackson, GA.
Barrieau Express from Hartford, CT was taken during the late 90's at the former Days Inn on FL Route 60 W. of Vero Beach near I-95. Graebel Van Lines at the Vero Beach T/A, late 90's Hartley Trucking Co. out of Ravenswood, WV was layed over at the Pompano State Farmers Market W. of Pompano Beach, FL by I-95 back in the late 90's
This Midwest Continental had just pulled out from under the refueling canopy at the Jackson, GA Flying J along I-75 X-200 in the fall of 1999. Ort trucking was a small Wisconsin based reefer fleet who sold out to and was merged into a larger reefer fleet a shortly after 2000. This one was taking a break at the Vero Beach T/A in the late 90's. Yacht Transport was layed over at the former Perlis Ambest truck stop located at I-75 X-97 just south of Cordele, GA in the hamlet of Wenona in 1999.
This Walbon Company T-800 was pulling into the Falcon Truck Stop on FL 70 by the Ft Pierce toll station to Florida's Turnpike sometime in the early 90's. You don't see very many R Mack's set up to haul cars so this Orlando, FL O/O was a good find in the mid 90's at the S.B. I-95 rest area at the 169 m.m. S. of Palm Bay, FL. This MacK Superliner for road contractor MacAsphalt a div. of APAC was parked near the approach end of one of the runways at Patrick AFB, FL thus the A-10-A in the background.
This was the only angle I had on this sharp looking Hendrickson out of Grand Rapids, MI I caught at the Falcon Fuel Stop on FL 70 & the Ft Pierce exit of Florida's Turnpike in 1996. They were a rare sight indeed that far south in the U.S.

Here's two shot's of what once was Anderson & Webb Trucking Co. Inc. out of Mt Airy, NC. They either sold out and merged with the former Thomas Produce Co. of Greensboro, NC and became ATW or both fleets were bought by a holding company and merged together to form ATW. Shortly after that they disappeared from the highways.

Tractor #1053 was shot at the General Lee 66 along I-40 near Cookeville, TN about 1993 or 94 and tractor #1232 w/ the ATW reefer box was posed perfectly for me by the driver at the Vero Beach, FL TA in the late 90's. They were a real colorful eyecatching fleet during their heyday of operations and one of my favorites.

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