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This extra nice KW W-900L was leased on to Oehme Contract Carrier from Lititz, PA. Caught it at a service plaza on I-95 in Connecticut in Oct. 1993 Western Star COE operating as Mike Short Trucking Mocksville, NC and was shot during the early 90's at the Citgo Falcon Fuel Stop near the Ft Pierce Florida's Turnpike interchange. This O/O leased on with McKenzie Trucking based in Tallahassee, FL was delivering a load of jet fuel to the fuel storage facility where I worked at on Patrick AFB, FL during the late 90's.
Early evening shot of this Wheaton KW W-900 taken at the former West Melbourne, Florida Days Inn at I-95 & U.S. 192 about 1995. Penn Trucking Co. out of Cordele, GA at the N. Bound I-95 rest area at mile marker 168 in 1994. Kenworth T-600 out of Pembroke Pines, FL either leased to USF Dugan or pulling "overflow" freight for their Florida operations. Shot it about 1998 at the Vero Beach T/A
This former CTI tractor was converted nicely into this single axle straight job running expedited freight for Roberts Express. Came across it parked at a Jackson, TN motel lot when we lived there in early 1991. KW W-900 Autohauler was leased to Auto Transport Ltd of Bethany, Ct and was taken at the T/A at Vero Beach, FL in April 1994. Clean and very business looking KW T800 for Conoco, inc. from Ponca City, OK shot at the Jackson, GA Flying J on I-75 Exit-200 in May 1995.
This KW T-600 for W.D. Potato Ltd from Beeton and Toronto, ON has a really nice color scheme and looked especially sharp in the early morning light at the S. bound I-95 rest area at the 169 mile marker S. of Palm Bay, FL KW W-900L leased to Ranger pulling a Gemini freight box with the explosives drom behind the sleeper was taken in Oct. 1993 at the Ruthers Glen, VA Petro Stopping Center at Exit-104 of I-95 & VA Route 207 in Oct. 1993. The good looking Western Star with the wrapped lumber load on the deck bed had E.S. Adams Trucking from some town in PA that starts with a "S". I found him at the Manada Hill, PA T/A in Oct. 1993
Beautiful blue KW W-900 I found at Pam's Truck Stop along I-40 Exit-238 East of Nashville in Lebanon, TN in Oct. 1994. KW T-800 Autohauler. Caron Auto Works is from Connecticut somewhere and I believe they were acquired by United Road Services and folded into their operation several years ago. Shot this T-800 in the mid 90's at the Vero Beach, FL T/A. Here's an extra fancy KW tractor nicknamed "Carolina Condo" leased on to the Special Products Division of Atlas. Found him at the Falcon Citgo Fuel Stop W. of Ft Pierce on FL Route 70 in late 1994.
This "what appears to be"orange KW W-900 was taken on a day that the remnants of a dust storm way across the Atlantic Ocean in the Sahara Desert found their way to Florida's East Coast. The entire sky had an orange tint and visability was reduced somewhat. He hails from Concord, NC and was hooked to a Burgess Transport freight box from Charlotte, NC Shot it at the Falcon Citgo W. of Ft Pierce sometime in the early 90's This is not your typical everyday load aboard this lowboy!! It's a restored B-25 Mitchell Bomber being hauled from Ft Lauderdale, FL out to the Confederate Air Force facility at Harlingen, TX by Les Chapman Transport, inc. from Blossom, TX and was taken on the same day and location as the "Carolina Condo" KW Grove Manufacturing from Shady Grove, PA ran a sharp private fleet moving their cranes from plant to buyers. Caught this one paused along I-40 at Exit-126 in TN back in Mar. 1991.
Both of these Kenworth T-600's were shot at the Vero Beach T/A in the late 90's. Came across Wynonna Judd's concert support unit at the Cordele, GA T/A at Exit-97 on I-75 in Oct. 1999. The cab was lettered Wynonna, inc. Nashville, TN. A real nice looking setup indeed.
The Tractor is leased on with Pan American Van Lines out of Long Beach, CA and is hooked to a Continental Van Lines furniture van who was based in Monterey, CA. I'm assuming either one bought the other or they merged forces back in the mid 90's when I shot this at a Days Inn W. of Vero Beach on FL Route 60. This KW W-900 read Faulkner on the cab door and had a Michigan base plate. Shot it at the Falcon Citgo Fuel Stop W.of Ft Pierce on FL Route 70 by Florida's Turnpike entrance in the early 90's This extra nice KW W-900L owned by a Missouri farmer, I came across while visiting Springfield, MO in Oct. 1998.
This nicely repainted KW T-600 and ex: Covenant Transport trailer was doing second duty for a small fleet out of Tipton, IN called Cannon Trucking and was shot East of Nashville near Mt Juliet, TN at an old 76 Auto Truckstop along I-40 in the early 90's. Kenworth heavy hauler, James "Whitey" Cain out of Atlanta, GA shot in 1999 the the All State Citgo Travel Plaza I-75 & U.S. 41 Exit-121 near Unadilla, GA I found this other photo of two more James "Whitey" Cain KW "heavies" I shot at the All State Citgo Truck Stop near Unadilla, GA. It was taken at another part of the parking lot as about 6 or 7 of these nice rigs were all taking a break together.
KW T-800 w/ the big sleeper, flatbed and odd background was shot at the 1991 Mid America Trucking extravaganza near Louisville, KY which is held by the fairgrounds. The rig is owned by Ficel from Buffalo, NY Here is a sharp O/O's rig leased on w/ FFE out of Dallas, TX and was taken at the Falcon Citgo fuel stop W. of Ft Pierce by the Florida Turnpike entrance in the mid 90's. This is what I call a classic style KW paint scheme on this Compton KW W-900 from Berkelely Springs, WV that I shot at White's 76 Auto Truck Stop along I-81 near Raphine, VA in Oct 1993.
Mueller's Transport Service Peterbilt from Crownsville, MD, taken at Travel Centers of America, west of Vero Beach, FL. While on vacation in Oct. 1993 to where my parents use to live in the Indian Orchard section of Springfield, MA I saw this tired MB Mack surrounded by two tired old freight boxes at Martin Trucking's former terminal there. I do not know much about Martin other than they were a G.F. local carrier. J.S. & D. Trucking, Inc. is a milk hauler from Quitman, GA and this was the very first T-2000 I saw pulling a tanker when that model first came out and I thought it looked "awesome" gleaming in the morning sun at the Mid-State Citgo along I-75 near Unadilla, GA in the mid 90's.
Once a Marine always a Marine so the saying goes. This trucker by the name of Roneker from N.Y. State and leased on to haul Russer Meats spent alot of money to have his KW T-600 all painted up in Marine scenes and logo's. He posed his pride and joy nicely for me in these two shots at the Falcon Citgo W. of Ft Pierce in early 1998. Allmand Bros., Inc. from Holdredge, NE appears to be a construction support equipment manufacturer. Orange seem to be a popular color among companies who operate fleets up north as perhaps they stand out better in blizzards?? Found him at the Vero Beach, FL T/A in the mid 90's.
Here's a real beauty from Boyden, IA. Not sure what Demco makes, but they had a sharp unit to deliver the products to their markets. The cab reads, Demco Transportation, Inc. and was photographed at the former Unocal Corporate owned 76 Auto Truck Stop in Wildwood, FL along I-75 just above the Northern terminus of Florida's Turnpike in Oct.1990. This was a former Brown Transport Corp. tractor that Benton Express, Inc. from Atlanta, GA had purchased and painted up in their color scheme. Shot it as he came out from under the fuel island canopy in early 1998 at the Vero Beach, FL T/A. ABF R Model Mack at their Jackson, TN terminal along U.S. 412 by I-40 in early 1991.
Here is an interesting paint job on this O/O leased on with Comcar owned WSE, (Willis Shaw Express) out of Elm Springs, AR. This was taken at the Resaca, GA Flying J on I-75 X-320, about an hours drive North of the Atlanta area. The driver of this KW W-900L leased on with McKenzie Tank Lines from Tallahassee, FL is from Belgium and came to America to "truck" and own a Harley Davidson. He use to run coast to coast out of S. Florida, but that left him no time to ride his "hog" So now he "runs with the big dogs" during the week and rides his bike on weekends. Shot this at the fuel storage area where I use to work on Patrick AFB in Florida. Hollar & Greene Produce Co., inc. is a large agri-business concern with locations in Boone, NC and Bunnell, FL. Their trademark has been these sharp solid green KW's for many years which they have a drawing of on their boxes of cabbage you see in grocery stores down here. I found this beauty stopped at the S. bound I-95 rest area at the 169 mile marker in 1994.
Benny Whitehead, Inc. from Eufaula, AL was an early fleet user when these KW W-900L models first came out. They sure were an eyecatcher as this shot proved taken at the Falcon Citgo Fuel Stop W. of Ft Pierce on FL Route 70 in the early 90's Benny Whitehead Kenworth W-900Lfrom Eufaula, AL taken at the Falcon Truck Stop along Highway 70 west of Ft. Pierce, FL. This sharp looking ride belongs to Lamison Produce out of Cullman, Alabama and was taken at the old Howard Johnson's motel just before it was torn down in the mid 90's to make way for a Pilot Truck Stop by Florida's Turnpike Ft Pierce ramp.
Apple House from Scranton, PA is a long time hauler in and out of Florida. They ran this distinctive paint scheme on their fleet of KW's throughout the 70's, 80's and up until about the mid 90's when they went to a solid dark blue. Their rigs were always immaculate. Found this T-800 stopped at the former Courtesy House 76 W. of Vero Beach in 1995. Applehouse, Scranton, PA taken during the early 90's at the Falcon Truck Stop along FL Route 70 and the Florida Turnpike. I had perfect timing on this KW dump unit leased on with Jack Gray Transport out of Gary, IN. Just as I was about to shoot it this beautiful eagle was landing on it's nose!! This occured at Jack's Shell Truck Stop along I-65 just S. of Cullman, AL in June 1990.

This is my tribute to a long time pure Mack flatbed fleet called Shelton Trucking Service, inc. from a small Florida Panhandle town called Altha.
They are not fancy, but do have a nice color scheme which has stayed pretty much the same for a good many years.
R Model Mack with tarped load was shot in West Melbourne, FL in the early 90's. R Model Mack next to the ex: Cassens Dodge auto hauler I found parked near my former home in Melbourne, FL in the late 80's.
CH Mack I found in 2000 at the Pilot Truck Stop on FL Route 70 W. of Ft Pierce in 2000. Shelton R Model Mack taken in Palm Bay in the early 90's.

Foose Bros. is from Mahwah, NJ and this has been their standard colors for quite sometime. I came across this W9L when our family pulled into an Eastbound I-40 rest area near Crossville, TN in Sept 1994 while returning to Florida. This Montgomery Tank Lines CH Mack was shot at a Conoco fuel stop along I-24 at Exit-174 W. of Chattanooga, TN in the mid 90's. The early evening sun position made for excellent picture conditions. You don't see too many dedicated auto haulers for Moving fleets, however this was a good find in 1990 at the West Memphis, AR Petro Stopping Center by the I-40/ I-55 split to go over different bridges across the Mississippi River into Memphis, TN.
Alexander's Atlas KW W-9 that I saw parked at the former West Melbourne, FL Days Inn on U.S. 192 by I-95 in the early 90's. Smith, Inc. from Sandyville, WV operates a fleet of "covered wagons" all painted up in attractive blue and white colors. I hung out the back sliding window of my friends pickup to get this "action" shot of him passing us on N. bound I-95 near West Melbourne, FL in the mid 90's ETV from the Grand Rapids area of MI acquired a local competitor called McNitt Contract Carriers. This KW T-600 was still wearing McNitt colors when I shot it at the Falcon Citgo W. of Ft Pierce, FL in the early 90's.

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