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Fleet Transportation Co. (Division of Leaseway Transportation) White 9000 single axle tanker taken at Patrick AFB, FL tank farm in the early 80's. JMI Transport, Inc. from Batesville, Arkansas at the former W. Melbourne, Florida Days Inn. JMI stood for Julian Martin, Inc. who was race car driver Mark Martin's Dad. I found this Pete "camper" where I-4 and U.S. 27 cross N. of Haines City, FL in 1988.
Ardmore Farms with headquarters in Eastern PA also ran a juice plant in Deland, FL. During the 60's and 70's they operated a very colorful orange fleet. Either they shutdown, were acquired or did away with their private fleet because by the mid 90's their name disappeared from the highway. Here's a classic looking ride, Griffin Used Cars from some small town in Kentucky. He was waiting his turn to enter Florida's Turnpike at Ft Pierce back in 1981. I'm almost certain this is an ex:Roadway Express tractor converted over to an autohauler by an O/O leased on with the former Contrans/Dixie Auto Transport. Check out the single tires on the rear of the dual tandems. Looks like it might have helped to keep the trailer from rubbing the outside tires in tight turns.
Overland Express Inc. Peterbilt COE was shot in March 1985 at the I-95 N.B. rest area at the 168 mm S. of Palm Bay, FL. United Van Lines Kenworth, Fenton, MO taken at the old Holiday Inn. W. of Vero Beach on FL Route 60 in the late 80's. Chemical products company W. R. Grace operated a private fleet for many years and during the mid 80's the then new KW T-600 was the flagship OEM tractor for their longhaul operations. This one was at Whiskey Pete's Truckstop and Casino right near the CA/NV line on I-15 in Feb. 1987.
An early production Freightliner FLD leased on with Gemini Trucking before it was renamed Gemini Nationwide at the downtown Nashville, TN Travel Centers of America along I-65 & I-24 in June 1989. Atlas agent Ace Worldwide of California with a set back front axle Freightliner layed over at the former Holiday Inn W. of Vero Beach on FL Route 60 early one morning in the late 1980's. Looks like a Ranger decal on this IH's saddle tank taken at the former Courtesy House 76 W. of Vero Beach in the late 1980's.
R Mack for Commercial Carrier Corp. from Auburndale, FL at the N.B. I-95 rest area, mm 168 S. of Palm Bay, FL in early 1985. One of the very 1st pictures I took with my Fuji camera in July 1988 at Melbourne, FL. An IH Transtar leased to McKenzie Tank Lines from Tallahassee, FL that was dropping a load of aviation fuel @ the St Lucie County, FL airport I use to work at in the early 1980's.
Allied GMC Astro parked along au.S. 1 in Ft Pierce, FL, mid 1980's. Two Hancock Grain Mack's from Evanston, Indiana @ a citrus packing house in Ft Pierce, FL, mid 1980's. Tree of Life natural foods distributor with a Ryder owned IH unloading @ a health food store in Cocoa, Florida late 1980's.
Twin Carpet Transport, Inc. T-600's @ the former Courtesy House 76 Auto/Truckstop W. of Vero Beach, FL in the late 1980's. Kauff's Towing & Recovery from the Palm Beaches of the S. E. Florida Coast. This Pete was kept @ their satellite Ft Pierce facility when he was "yanking" an old buried fuel takn out of the ground @ the St Lucie County International Airport in the late 1980's A Kentucky based Ford 9000 something and Associates is all I can make out from the lettering between the saddle tank cab steps. This was taken in the late 1980's @ the former Holiday Inn W. of Vero Beach on Florida Route 60.
An unidentified blue Pete that I shot in June 1989 @ the Nashville East 76 Auto Truck Stop along I-40 near Mt Juliet, Tennessee. Another unidentified Pete that was at the Ft Pierce, FL State Farmer's Market on U.S. 1 in the mid 1980's. Mctyre Trucking from Orlando, Florida parked for the weekend in 1985 @ a shopping plaza in Eau Gallie, Florida (now part of Melbourne).
One of New Oxford, PA based Frock Brothers "classic" KW's stopped @ the former Pam's 76 @ X-238 of I-40 near Lebanon, Tennessee in June 1989. Shot this E.B. Freightliner Conv. back in mid May 1981 as I rolled W.B. on I-10 near Van Horn, out in West Texas. When I first moved to Florida in late Dec. 1980 this tough looking B Mack was sitting right off of U.S. 1 just South of the Indian River/St Lucie County line for a few months before it disappeared one day. Don't know if it drove or was towed out, but I believe it had Indiana base plates. Imagine coming across a "find" like this alongside a highway today!
Can't quite make out the lettering on the cab door, but the city is Central City, Nebraska. I shot this in the late 1980's @ the former Courtesy House 76 W. of Vero Beach, FL. Taken in the late 1980's this O/O had his Pete leased on to AGC (Ag Carriers, Inc.) from Taveres, FL. I shot it @ a motel next to the Falcon Oil Citgo W. of Ft Pierce, FL. Ranger from Jacksonville, FL with a Renner's Express freight box taken in Melbourne, FL in the late 1980's.
From 1989 an O/O Pete 359 from Bixby, Oklahoma that was layed over @ the former Rexton Inn near I-95 W. of Vero Beach, FL. I shot this O/O Pete leased on with Coldway Carriers from Americus, GA at a small truckstop along U.S. 231 between Dothan & Ozark, AL in the late 1980's. Here is a better re-do of a picture I took in the late 1980's just as dawn was breaking @ the former Days Inn in W. Melbourne, FL. I use to drive through the lot on my way into work fairly often as alot of truckers use to stay there.
Russell Stover Candies, Inc. from Kansas City, MO. also had a plant in Wildwood, FL. I shot this F?l FLD in 1989 near the big former 76 Auto/Truckstop @ Wildwood. Here's a reprint from Feb. 1987 of this Milne KWCOE and 2 S.E. Rycoff & Company Pete 362 COE's that I shot at Whiskey Pete's Casino & Best Western Hotel along I-15 near the NV/CA border. I wanted to have you repost this good find that I was happy to find. Hayes Clipper COE (with Peterbilt cab)
at the St Lucie County Fair near Ft Pierce in Feb. 1983.
Location G.L., Inc. from Quebec for this International that was taking on a load at a citrus packing house on the Turnpike Feeder Road W. of Ft Pierce, Florida. Mack R parked near Egan - Fickett Packing just off of U.S. 1 on the N. side of Ft Pierce in the early 1980's. Early 1980's behind the old Days Inn on Route 60 and across the street from the Courtesy House 76 W. of Vero Beach, Florida.
Small bunk Pete 359 with the name Block Trucking on the cab door and leased on with Johnson Transfer behind the old Days Inn W. of Vero Beach. Valley Livestock Trucking truck with pull trailer climbing the grade on U.S. 50 in far Western Nevada headed toward S. Lake Tahoe, California in the mid 1980's. Nov. 1983 here at a motel just off of I-26 in N. Charleston, South Carolina. That's a super looking KW in the middle for sure!
An early 80's vintage general view of Egan-Fickett citrus packing house near U.S. 1 on the N. side of Ft Pierce, Florida. The Mack Western with the Pitzer reefer trailer was from Pennsylvania. I zoomed in on this Marmon C.O.E. whose driver was laid over at the former Holiday Inn near the Courtesy House 76 on Florida Route 60 in the late 1980's. Zoom-in on this 35 m.m. shot I took at the Unocal 76 along I-5 in Santa Nella, California in Feb. 1987.
B Mack moving a Sea Land container from a citrus packing house in Ft Pierce, Florida to probably either the Port of Jacksonville or Port of Tampa back in early 1981. GMC Brigadier for C & J Commercial Driveaway, Inc. that was based out of Lansing, Michigan. I took this picture in June 1982 @ a Howard Johnson Lodge & Restaurant in New Castle, Delaware just S. of the Delaware Memorial Bridge on I-295. Complete Auto Transport, Inc. out of their Willow Run, Michigan terminal with this Chevrolet C-90 that I caught in June 1982 at a Howard Johnson Lodge in New Castle, Delaware with a load of Chevy Chevette's.  Ryder System had already acquired Complete and several other auto hauling fleets in the late 1970's & early 1980's.

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