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Paffile Truck Lines from Lewiston, ID shot in April 1977 at Terminal Stations. Trans-American Dodge COE along U.S. 202 N. of Westfield, MA 1974. When was the last Dodge COE you saw rolling down the highway?? White F/L leased to West Coast Truck Lines from Eugene, OR. taken at the Muffin Treat along I-80 in Fairfield, CA on the same day in April 1977.
The shot of one of them fueling a C-5-A on the Flightline at Travis was taken in 1976. I was next in line to pump a load onto it. The shot taken of the lineup of one of 3 rows of refuelers we operated was shot in 1977 and must have been a slow day to have that many all parked.
These two shots of the posed Dodge 900 or U.S. Air Force R-9 Refueling unit is the kind I drove when I was stationed at Travis AFB, CA from Sept 1975-June 1979.
IH Transtar was taken in late 1975 at Terminal Stations. NAVL Pete COE was taken in sept. 1975 at terminal Stations one of my first truck pictures out in CA. GMC Astro's belong to McKesson Chemical taken in June 1976 also at Terminal Stations. It was a long distance shot that I cropped down as there was a mile of asphalt in the foreground.
Grand Auto Stores was based in the East Bay area (some city below Oakland) and operated a big chain of auto parts stores in that part of CA. This shot was taken in 1976 at the Muffin Treat in Fairfield, CA. I just remembered another big tire dealer out there was called Big O tires, they operated a nice private fleet also. NWC-- Nationwide Carriers, Inc. Maple Plain, MN was shot at a Fairfield, CA motel. Taken in early 1979. This Frieghtliner COE belonged to United Agricultural Transportation affectionately nicknamed The Farmers Route from somewhere in CA. The had a real sharp fleet of F/L COE's all painted medium greeen w/ white trim. Unfortunetely this B & W shot was the only one I was ever able to find stopped wherever my rounds took me. Maybe someone knows where they were based out of and whatever became of them. Taken in early 1979.
I took Longacre Family Poultry GMC in early 1975 in W. Springfield, MA right down the road from St Johnsbury's terminal. Everybody no doubt remembers Mrs. Smith's Pie Co. from Pottstown, PA. They ran IH Transtars for a good many years all wearing this extra bright eye catching yellow and white colors. Taken in early 1975 @ the Pioneer Valley Ref. Warehouse in Springfield's north end. Tony's Pizza use to come all the way to Westfield, MA from their plant in Salina, KS to deliver to a local frozen pizza distributor. I always thought it was an interesting concept as you could cram more frozen pizza's into furniture van w/ a freezer than a conventional reefer van. This was taken in early 1975.
Wednesday is Prince Spaghetti Day was a long running theme for Viva Foods out of Eastern Mass. This old Dodge was taken as it delivered in the N. end of Springfield, MA in early 1975. Unidentified KW's pulling grain hoppers was taken at Terminal Stations. Taken in early 1979. A brand new Ford CL-9000 COE was taken at the 49er 76 N. of Sacramento on I-880. Taken in early 1979.
How is this for a classy Chevrolet ride! He was pulling for Allied agent Baley Moving and Storage Co. Not sure where they were based out of, but I know took the picture at a motel in W. Springfield, MA in early 1975. Burnham Van Service, Columbus, GA Diamond Reo. I always liked the looks of this particular COE model as the big grill and clean lines of the tractor's design shape gave it a pleasing business looking appearance. I know I shot this somewhere in the Springfield, MA area, but the exact location even with the background to help eludes me. Here is a Dodge COE for Global Van Lines from Anaheim, CA at the time I shot it at the Mass 10 Truck Stop on U.S. 20 near Auburn, MA in 1974.
Republic Van Lines with Headquarters in Baltimore, MD had a neat logo a flying duck with a bright sun behind it. I caught this drom equipped F/L as the sun was setting behind the Westfield, MA Howar Johnson's in the winter of 1974/75. ALNASCO from Pittsfield, MA. They moved structual steel to const. sites. This was taken in 1974 along U.S. 5 in W. Springfield, MA. NOte the Mitchell Transport Road Boss in the background painted up to pull dedicated Lehigh Cement bulkers. Mack Western COE was either an O/O or possibly a Co. owned truck for Safeway Truck Lines from IN or OH. Some Safeway rigs had LaPaz, IN on the door and others had an Ohio city, possibly Lima on the door. This was taken in 1974 by the Hampden Beef Co. lot in downtown Springfield, MA
Here is an O/O leased to Subler Transfer from Versailles, OH taken in 1974 at the farmers market complex in Springfield, MA. There was this Subler and a Carl Subler also from Versailles, OH and Auburndale, FL. Tobin's Packing Co., Albany, NY 1974 on U.S. 202 N. side of Westfield, MA Smith's Transfer Corp. Staunton, VA interesting combination of a city P & D tractor hooked to a open top drop frame with probably a load of glass. I shot it in W. Springfield, MA in 1974.
Thrifty Service Systems, Inc. (TSS) from L.A., CA delivering to the docks of the Springfield, MA farmers market complex during the summer of 1974. NAVL Chev Titan taken at the Holiday Inn in downtown Springfield, MA in 1974 Unidentified White Western Star. The lettering is too small and not super sharp. I do know I took it backed to the same door as the Thrifty KW COE if you notice the tree behind the building.
IH Transtar is for Blodgett Furniture Transport form Grand Rapids, MI They were a long time carrier of new furniture that went out of business sometime in the early to mid 80's. I shot it in 1974 in W. Springfield, MA. Mack R model belonged to Columbia Paperboard from the Albany, NY area. Prior to obtaining these Macks they ran the mid 60's version of the White 9000. This was taken at the Valley View Diner where U.S. 5 and I-91 meet in W. Springfield during the winter months of 1974/1975. Diamond Reo with a "covered wagon" was leased to Jones Motor Co's Lancer special commodities division based out of Spring City, PA and was waiting to unload at the Sterling Radiator pant in Westfield, MA in the spring of 1975.
O/O leased to Schanno Transportation based out of W. St Paul, MN I found in a snowstorm in early 1975 at the Westfield, MA Hojo's lodge. National Van Lines Freightliner taken at Terminal Stations along I-80 at Cordelia, CA Bekins Van Lines GMC Astro taken along I-80 at Vacaville, CA
Unidentified Peterbilt taken at Terminal Stations along I-80 at Cordelia, CA West Coast Truck Lines Freightliner taken at Terminal Stations along I-80 at Cordelia, CA in February 1976. Mack COE was for a Portland, OR tanker and heavy haul fleet called Widing Transportation. They were a common sight in and out of the Bay Area of CA in the 70's. Hopefully someone knows what ever became of them after I moved back East in early 1981.
Truck lineup taken at Terminal Stations at Cordelia, CA in May 1976 Unidentified Diamond Reo and Freightliner tanker taken at Terminal Stations at Cordelia, CA in February 1976 Unidentified Mack COE taken at Terminal Stations at Cordelia, CA in June 1976
White Road Boss NAVL was shot next to the old M & M Transportation terminal at exit 6 of the Mass Pike in 1974 in Chicopee. IH Transtar was shot in Westfield, MA in 1973. NAVL Ford was shot in West Springfield in 1974.
Brockway COE's was shot in Westfield, MA in 1973. A Quebec based sugar co. Redpath taken where I-90 (Mass Pike) and I-91 meet in W. Springfield, MA also in March 1975. I came across this early 70's Willis Shaw Frozen Express Freightliner COE one evening at the Westfield, MA Howard Johnson's in 1974.
Two Owner/Operators leased to Colonial Refrigerated Transportation from Birmingham, AL near Fairfield, CA in 1977 on that one roll of B & W film I tried. Arrow Trucking Company from Oakland, CA, White Freightliner COE with a long wheelbase was taken at the Muffin Treat near Fairfield, CA in April 1976. Unidentified Kenworth W900 was taken in April 1976 at the Cordelia, CA Terminal Stations Texaco
Mayflower GMC Astro was taken in April 1976 at the Cordelia, CA Terminal Stations Texaco Unidentified Freightliner hay hauler taken in April 1976 at the Cordelia, CA Terminal Stations truckstop. Unidentified Peterbilt 359 taken in April 1976 at the Cordelia, CA Terminal Stations truckstop.
P.B. Mutrie Trans. was a bulk hauler from Waltham, MA who was acquired by Coastal Tank Lines out of York, PA and later in later years Akron, OH. I believe this was new Coastal purchase rolling stock as P.B. was all Mack & White nameplates from my memory of them. I shot this in 1974 at their parking area along Memorial Drive in West Springfield, MA Ingersoll Rand was I believe an industrial products Mfr out of Southern CA.. They were a regular customer at the Marquis Texaco Truck Stop along U.S. 5 in West Springfield, MA when I shot him in 1974. This North American agent I found while on one of several trips to the Mass 10 Truck Stop along U.S. 20 in Auburn, MA during early 1975.

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