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More Cascadia's on the road in the U.S. than any other class 8 truck and this image I shot @ the Byron Pilot kind of highlights that fact.

​Volvo VN 780 with a Pennsylvania base plate running for Tippy Toes Moving & Storage LLC from Yonkers, New York who was at the Perry Walmart in Dec. 2016. ​Dawn image of this sharp Pete 389 for Buccaneer Enterprises LLC from Douglas, GA resting at the Perry Walmart.
Good time of day lighting on this Sysco Atlanta LLC Cascadia delivering to the Perry Sonny's Barbeque across the parking lot from Walmart. Nicely appointed & trimmed up big bunk W-9-L operating as Paradigm Logistics Solutions LLC that stopped by the Perry Walmart in Feb. 2017.
​Averitt Express from Cookeville, Tennessee waiting to turn at a light on North Carolina Route 55 in Apex. Stephen Izzi Trucking & Rigging, Inc. / Operated by S.P.I. Transport Systems, Inc. from Edison, New Jersey with this heavy hauler Pete 389 @ the Raphine, Virginia Petro along I-81, X-205. An all Cascadia line up with a Ryder owned one on lease with Fredericton, New Brunswick based Sunbury Transport Ltd in the center with a Schneider National Carriers, Inc. Cascadia on the right.
​T-680 leased to Cano & Sons Trucking, LLC from San Juan, Texas I found @ the Toms Brook, Virginia Pilot along I-81. ​VAH for Cassens Transport Co. from Edwardsville, Illinois that was S.B. on U.S. Route 522 a few miles N. of Winchester, Virginia. Deerfield Farms Service from Deerfield, New Jersey with one of their KW T-680's at the S.B. I-81 rest area near Radford, Virginia & m.m. 107.
​D & D Trucking from Kinston, North Carolina with this Freightliner Columbia @ Brintle's Flying J on I-77, X-100 near Mt Airy, North Carolina. ​Crete Carrier Corp. / Shaffer Trucking with corporate HQ in Lincoln, Nebraska stopped at the Perry Walmart.
Trans Porte, Inc. the in-house distribution arm for US. Foods with a Penske owned Cascadia on the Route 247 Connector in Warner Robins, Georgia in Feb. 2017. Bestmark Express, Inc. from Strong City, (in central Kansas) with this T-680 that visited the Perry Walmart in early 2017. UPS Freight with the VN, Perishable Distribution Solutions, Inc. from Forest Park, Illinois with the T-660 & a Mack Pinnacle for M & M Transportation LLC from Fisher, West Virginia at the Toms Brook, Virginia Pilot.
​CDT, Inc. Lake City, Florida with one of their many Kenworth T-680's during a stopover at the Perry Walmart. ​A Freightliner Cascadia Evolution for Christian Faith based Nussbaum Transportation Services, Inc. headquartered in Hudson, Illinois pauses for a brief period after fueling up at the Pilot near Mill Run, Pennsylvania.
Peterbilt 377 whose Owner has it leased on with Landstar resting at the Lamar, Pennsylvania T/A along I-80. ​A city P & D Freightliner Columbia for Estes Express Lines rolls West on Georgia Route 96 in Houston County during Feb. 2017.
​Mack Pinnacle's for SWTO, LLC from Winston Salem, North Carolina which may stand for Speedway Wilco Trucking Operations that are used to distribute fuel to the company C-store & travel centers throughout North & South Carolina. The two Pinnacle's are parked at the Latta, South Carolina Wilco Hess on I-95, X-171 and the single Pinnacle is at the Graniteville, South Carolina Wilco Hess on I-20, X-11.
Carpenter Liquid Transporters from Rockdale, Illinois resting before sunrise at the Perry Walmart in Feb. 2017. Looks like a former Gordon Trucking, Inc. Columbia next to this Mack for Albany, Georgia based Southern Ag Carriers at the Perry Walmart.
Classic XL for Morrow U.S.A. from Oneida, Tennessee pulling out of the Perry Flash Foods headed back out to N.B. I-75. ​Cyclone Carriers Ltd from Henderson, Iowa with a Cascadia Evolution hooked to a Timpte Super Hopper hopper @ the Madison, Georgia T/A on I-20, X-114. Paschall Truck Lines, Inc. Murray, Kentucky & Pete389 auto hauler from N. Charleston, South Carolina @ the Lee Hi ​T/A on U.S. 11 & X-195 on I-81 near Lexington, Virginia.
​"Big Blue" operating as Pop's & Pat Trucking from Virginia Beach, Virginia and leased on with Admiral Merchants Motor Freight parked at the Raphine, Virginia Petro (formally White's). A FedEx Ground contractor operating as EMCJ Trucking, Inc. from Charlotte, North Carolina and a J & R Schugel, Inc. KW T-680 from New Ulm, Minnesota out in front of the Toms Brook, Virginia Love's fuel islands.
Cascadia Evolution for Moeller Trucking, Inc. from Maria Stein, Ohio resting at the Perry Walmart in Feb. 2017. Marten Transport Ltd & ICX (Interstate Carrier Xpress) a div. of Gully Transportation based in Qunicy, Illinois @ the Perry Walmart. ​Close up of ICX T-680 #4134 @ the Perry Walmart.
Puryear Tank Lines div. of Puryear Trucking. from Apex, North Carolina with one of their good looking Pete's passing by me near their terminal in Apex while the sun was just barely up and it was still pretty dark in the shade. ​Unidentified Pete 379 that had pulled into the Raphine, Virginia Petro on I-81 @ X-205. ​Andy Transport from Quebec & TransCarriers based in Memphis, Tennessee together @ the Toms Brook, Virginia Love's in Oct. 2016.
SLH Transport, Inc. from their Halifax, Nova Scotia operation after fueling up at the Toms Brook, Virginia Pilot. Western Flyer Xpress (WFX) Oklahoma City, Oklahoma pulling out of the Toms Brook, Virginia Love's headed back to I-81. ​Wilride Transport Ltd from Guelph, Ontario & Truro, Nova Scotia that was resting at the Toms Brook, Virginia Pilot.
Pretty sharp Pete 579 for Western Provisions from Sioux Falls, South Dakota even though it had a lot of winter road grime on it. But that comes with the season for normal winter driving​​ conditions. ​Prestige Auto Carriers LLC from St Cloud, Florida with this Volvo VNI caught not long after sunrise at the Perry Burger King truck parking area. That's why everything in the image has an orange/yellow glow to it.
FLD with the name Denman Trucking, Inc. on the cab door and AMP Transport on the side of the reefer trailer. ​Gemini Motor Transport, LP which is Love's in-house fuel distribution fleet rolling through the auto parking area of their Dunn, North Carolina travel stop along I-95 @ X-77. ​First green T-680 that I've seen for Tulsa, Oklahoma based Melton Truck Lines, Inc. I was told the different color tractors for them are high miler, safe driving reward tractors that the drivers get to pick out which color they want to drive.
​KW T-660 with Studio Sleeper for reefer fleet Barlow from Faucett, Missouri that pulled into the Perry Walmart for some shopping in Feb. 2017. Well kept IH Eagle operating as Logistio Dynamics from Buffalo, New York pulling into the Raphine, Virginia Petro (ex: White's).
SRX Transport from Spartanburg, South Carolina with a really good looking Volvo VN-780 sleeping at the Lamar, Pennsylvania T/A before sunrise in late Oct. 2016. Custom looking condo living quarters on this T-660 leased to Reliable Carriers from Canton, Michigan at the Raphine, Virginia Petro.
Pro Fence LLC from Shippensburg, Pennsylvania after fueling up at the Sunoco Travel Center @ X-5 on I-81 in Greencastle, Pennsylvania. KW T-800 for Troy, Alabama based Wiley Sanders Truck Lines, Inc. stopped at Cockerham's Gulf near Hillsville, Virginia.
An O/O's T-600B that he has leased on with MCLE (Music City Logistics Express) from Nashville, Tennessee next to an IH 9400 for Wicker Services, Inc. from Burlington, North Carolina at the Lee Hi T/A on U.S.11 a few miles N. of Lexington, Virginia. A Mack Pinnacle for Seagrove, North Carolina based Chief Express and Cascadia Evolution for Crete Carrier Corp. / Shaffer Trucking from Lincoln, Nebraska stopped at a W.B. service plaza on the Pennsylvania Turnpike several miles East of the greater Harrisburg metropolitan area. U.S. Mail hauler McCormick Trucking from Murfreesboro, Tennessee @ a N.B. I-81 rest area a few miles N. of Mt Jackson, Virginia.
Great Plains Trucking the in-house carrier for Great Plains Manufacturing from Salina, Kansas with a load of commercial lawn mowing blade covers that are towed behind the tractor resting at the Perry Walmart in Feb. 2017. A Ryder owned Cascadia Evolution for Coteau-du-Lac Quebec based C.A.T., Inc. at the 107 m.m. rest area on I-81 near Radford, Virginia.
An O/O who leases his T-680 to Eagan, Minnesota based Minstar Transport, Inc. and on a dedicated run for the ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) div. of Polaris out of their Huntsville, Alabama manufacturing facility. O/O A.C. Vaness from Oxford, Wisconsin with his Pete 379 early a.m. @ the Perry Walmart.
Cascadia Evolution for ECM Transport LLC from the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania suburb of Cheswick stopped at the S.B. I-81 rest area @ the 199 m.m. between Raphine & Lexington, Virginia. ​An O/O with his S.F.F.A. Mack operating as Everett Transport, Inc. from a small town in East Tennessee doing his pre-trip inspection @ the Lamar, Pennsylvania Flying J.
​W-9-L leased on with Ft Worth, Texas based Lone Star Transportation LLC who was hauling these new dumpsters from where they were manufactured in Vernon, Alabama down to somewhere in Florida when he stopped into the Perry Walmart to do some shopping enroute. Pete 579 with a "covered wagon" operating as Hoge Motor Co. from Springfield, Tennessee @ the Perry Walmart in Feb. 2017.
Company owned IH ProStar for Erb from New Hamburg, Ontario resting at the Lamar, Pennsylvania Flying J along I-80. Volvo VN for milk hauler Red Stag LLC based in Cresson, Texas at the Walmart along I-81 in Woodstock, Virginia.
Never caught the name on the doors of this beautiful Pete 379 from North Carolina that was parked along the entrance/exit of the Toms Brook, Virginia Love's, but it made for several nice images as daylight came on.
Unidentified Pete at the Lamar, Pennsylvania T/A in late Oct. 2016. ​Pete 389 for Pasha Distribution Services with national headquarters in the greater Los Angeles, California area and operates distribution fleets out of numerous U.S. ports rests early a.m. at the Perry Walmart in Feb. 2017. Cascadia Evolution for ATS from St Cloud, Minnesota next to a colorful KW T-680 for TRCC Transport, Inc. from Dalton, Georgia at a parking area across the street from the Perry Walmart.

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