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Locally based this Mack Pinnacle hauls cars under the name of SDR Group, Inc. that I found parked for the weekend at a shopping plaza in Warner Robins, Georgia. Great looking Pete with the name Rick McCoy (I believe it reads on the door) from Jonesboro, Arkansas that was parked just right for a few pictures @ the Raphine, Virginia Petro along I-81, X-205.
​TFI subsidiary Golden International from Montreal, Quebec with a Pete 579 next to an Old Dominion Freight Line Volvo VN at a N.B. I-81 rest area a few miles North of the Mt Jackson, Virginia area. ​A Wisconsin based Pete 389 & Volvo VN occupying two rows of the reserved parking spaces @ the Greencastle, Pennsylvania T/A beside I-81. ​International Eagle 9900i operating as A & R National Transportation from Waynesboro, Pennsylvania parked in the closest spot to N.B. I-81 @ the Sunoco fuel stop @ X-5 in Greencastle, Pennsylvania.
From Indian head Park, Illinois, USCargo Direct with a reefer lettered MARTRANS Logistics resting early a.m. at the Perry Walmart. Two W-9-L's @ the Raphine, Virginia Petro on I-81 during Oct. 2016. ​One of the few remaining diesel powered Volvo VN's for FL Transportation, Inc. out of the huge Kathleen, Georgia Frito Lay Bakery makes it's way down U.S. 129 toward the plant shortly before sunset in Jan. 2017.
A Georgia O/O running under the name Cobra Trucking LLC snoozes inside his cab at the Perry Burger King lot near I-75. ​Marten Transport Ltd, Mondovi, Wisconsin& an unidentified Freightliner Columbia @ the Perry Walmart in Feb. 2017. Foodgrade liquids carrier Johnsrud Transport, Inc. based in Des Moines, Iowa with one of their Freightliner Cascadia's at the Perry Walmart.
​RON Express, Inc. from Boca Raton, FL parked out behind the Perry Flash Foods C-store & fuel stop. Competitors in the liquid foodgrade hauling business Johnsrud Transport, Inc. & Indian River Transport, Inc. rest side by side at the Perry Walmart early morning in Feb. 2017. Some funky kind of highlighting on this O/O's Freightliner Columbia that he had leased on with J.T.I. (Jones Transportation, Inc.) based in Forest Park, Georgia. Caught it at a great time of day while the lighting still lit up.
​The Martin Brower Company LLC making an early morning delivery to the Perry McDonald's @ X-136 on I-75. ​Pete 579 for Cowan Systems based in Baltimore, Maryland and A VN operating as ISX from Bowling Green, Kentucky.
An O/O's VN leased on with Schneider National Carriers on U.S. 129 in Bonaire, Georgia in Jan. 2017. DMS Moving Systems based in Bessemer, Alabama makes it's way E.B. with a short furniture van on Georgia Route 96 in Houston County. Image is a little blurry, I had to run up close to the road to catch it in time as it was passing by. ​A 4 axle T-2000 leased on with landstar Ranger hooked to a tiny U.S. Army generator of some sort that it was pulling at a shopping center parking lot along Georgia Route 96 in Houston County. An odd set-up for certain.
Southeastern Freight Lines headquartered in W. Columbia, South Carolina heads south on U.S.129 beside the Norfolk Southern mainline rail in Feb. 2017. ​Looks like a Pete 389 for TLS Trucking with a Minnesota base plate. Although the writing on the hood reads Courtesy Hood Peterbilt of Sioux City. So it might be a 379 with a 389 hood? I found it on the back parking area of Brintle's Flying J @ X-100 of I-77 for Mt Airy, North Carolina.
An ex: J.E. Fortin IH 9400 now running for the Hi Star Group from Brampton, Ontario that was laid over at the Perry Motel 6. ​Covenant Carriers, Inc. (CCI) from Olive Branch, Mississippi hooked to a E3 Cargo freight box @ a parking lot near I-75 in Perry. ​Dawn at the Perry Walmart found these two Peterbilt's side by side while their drivers slept inside their tractors. The black 389 runs for Buccaneer Enterprises LLC from Douglas, Georgia and the 579 belongs to Sweet Life Transportation, Inc. based in Plant City, Florida.
Big Western Star day cab & lowboy for Great Lakes Equipment & Truck Sales from Paris, Michigan that was getting ready to pull out of the Perry Rodeway Inn at dawn in Feb. 2017. ​Thom's Transport Co. Inc. from Blackshear, Georgia with one of their company owned IH ProStar's at the Perry Walmart in Feb. 2017.
White Pete 389 @ Perry Walmart for HardwarE Construction, Inc. from Shawneetown, Illinois with a reefer. Off season for construction business in February up North so I assume the company is making some revenue hauling reefer freight. ​Vine Line Trucking LLC based in Byron Center, MI with a Pete 579 @ the Perry Burger King lot. ​An ex: Werner Enterprises FL Classic XL now for an O/O from Madison, Georgia & a T-680 for Bestmark Express, Inc. from Strong City, Kansas @ the Perry Walmart.
R.L. Newton Transportation from Astatula, Florida with what looks like an original KW W-9-L model from the 1990's next to a CDT T-680 from Lake City, Florida @ the Perry Walmart in Feb. 2017. ​US Environmental from Downington, Pennsylvania resting at the Mill Run, Pennsylvania Pilot on I-80 @ X-173. CNG powered T-680 for UPS on his 30 min. break @ the Perry Walmart.
​Another ex: Werner Enterprises Classic XL now operated by an O/O from Florida resting @ the Perry Walmart. Marten Transport Ltd. Mondovi, Wisconsin with a replacement hood on this Pete 386 next to a former Gordon Trucking, Inc. (now Heartland Express) Cascadia @ the Perry Walmart. Drew's Transportation Services (DTS) from Holland, Michigan with two of their heavy haul Volvo's @ the Perry Motel 6 in Dec. 2016.
Fitzgerald Glider Pete 389 for KHA Logistics from Sheridan, Illinois. That's one pretty ride right there! Another KHA Logistics, from Sheridan, Illinois I shot it in April 2016 also @ the Perry Walmart. They run one sharp small fleet back & forth to Florida. Western "Star Car" leased to Bell Trucking Co. Inc. based in Shoemakersville, Pennsylvania S.B. on U.S. 11 crossing the bridge over the Susquehanna River near Northumberland, Pennsylvania.
Good looking older Western Star leased on with Eastern Express, Inc. from Griffith, Indiana who was parked at the Lamar, Pennsylvania T/A. Fuel South based in Waycross, Georgia dropping a load of unleaded at the Perry Flash Foods C-store & fuel stop right at sunrise in Dec. 2016. Smith Transport from Roaring Spring, Pennsylvania parked at the Byron Pilot in fall 2016.
Big G Express, Inc. Shelbyville, Tennessee resting at the Perry Walmart with a pretty sharp (I think anyways) T-680. Skelton Truck Lines Ltd based in Sharon, Ontario & now Raleigh, North Carolina doing a drop & hook at the Mill Run, Pennsylvania Pilot early a.m. That their turn around point for each driver from each terminal. ​I like the way this random shot of this O/O leased to Schneider National Carriers came out as I simply held my camera up and aimed it blindly while I was waiting at a light at U.S. 129 in Warner Robins, Georgia.
At the Greencastle, Pennsylvania T/A. McConnell Transport Ltd based in Woodstock, new Brunswick with one of their company IH ProStar's resting before sunrise at the Greencastle, Pennsylvania T/A. Russell Cartwright from Hertford, North Carolina (a contract hauler for Perdue Farms) with a very sharp T-660 @ the Sunoco C-store & fuel stop on I-81 X-5 Greencastle, Pennsylvania.
Poly Trucking Grand Prairie, Texas (WDT) Western Dairy Transport LLC Cabool, Missouri & Ship EX out of Salt Lake City, Utah backed into spots at the Max Meadows, Virginia Love's. Two big "hoods" at the Max Meadows, Virginia​ Love's Travel Stop on I-81, X-84. ​FedEx Freight T-660 S.B. on I-81 passing the rest area @ the 199 m.m. between Raphine & Lexington, Virginia.
VN 780 for Star Van Systems, Inc. out of Stoney Creek, Ontario @ the Perry Walmart in Jan. 2017. ​Cascadia Evolution for National Van Lines, Inc. based in Broadview, Illinois resting at the Perry Walmart lot. ​A freshly washed & detailed Cascadia Evolution for KLLM Transport Services from Jackson, Mississippi also at the Perry Walmart.
​Neat old FLD with a very interesting flatbed load of a little bit of everything onboard for Classic Transport, Inc. from Chestermere, Alberta that was laid over at the Perry Motel 6. Chestermere is an Eastern suburb of Calgary that is right along the Trans-Canada Route 1. VN #849 for Jordan Carriers, Inc. from Natchez, Mississippi whose driver lives and parks on the weekends not far from my house.
Pete 389 for Scot-Lynn Commodities based in Simcoe, Ontario & a TMC Pete 579 @ the Byron Pilot early Christmas Day morning 2016. Clean & green Coronado for Hanceville, Alabama based environmental specialist Action Resources that I found on the back row of the Byron, Georgia Pilot in Dec. 2016. From Shelbyville, Tennessee Titan Transfer, Inc. with one of the many Cascadia Evolution models in their fleet resting at the Perry Walmart before sunrise in Feb. 2017.
A very clean Cascadia owned by Penske, but on lease to Wausau Transit LLC (the in-house fleet of Wausau Marble Co.) based in Wausau, Wisconsin. Note the portable crane behind the cab used to lift the heavy slabs of rock off the trailer. Very nice driver who was a real pleasure to talk with about the scope of his job. First generation Freightliner Coronado model for United Van Lines mega agent Suddath Moving Systems that was laid over at the Perry Motel 6 in Feb. 2017.
​Two million miler safe driver reward International LoneStar for Boyd Bros. Transportation, Inc. based in Clayton, Alabama & Cincinnati, Ohio. I found it at Cockerham's Gulf Travel Center along I-77 near Hillsville, Virginia @ X-14. This was one of the nicest LoneStar's that I have come across to see in person.
Cascadia Evolution for Truck Service (TS) that's from Forest City, North Carolina and was resting at the E.B. I-20 rest area between Columbia & Florence, South Carolina when I pulled in there.
​Classic XL from Sturtevant, Wisconsin resting at the Byron, Georgia Pilot. ​A new Pete 579 on lease with Landstar Ranger based in Jacksonville, Florida partially in the early morning shadows of another truck @ the Perry Walmart. KW T-300 for Adams Construction company that had pulled up to the fuel islands of Cockerham's Gulf near Hillsville, Virginia before dawn in Nov. 2016.
Three of the very sharp KW's from the fleet of E & F Trucking, Inc. parked in their yard in Denver, Pennsylvania early a.m. in Oct. 2016. E & F runs mostly foodstuffs reefer freight coast to coast out of their Lancaster County Pennsylvania headquarters. ​I like the early morning lighting on this T-660 for E & F Trucking, Inc. that was sitting in their Denver, Pennsylvania yard in late Oct. 2016.  
Porter Livestock from Fulton, Missouri at the S.B. I-81 Virginia Welcome Center a few miles N. of the greater Winchester area.
An O/O's Freightliner Columbia contracted to Payne Transportation Ltd from Winnipeg, Manitoba resting at the Perry Walmart in Feb. 2017. Volvo VN-780 for Salt Lake City, Utah based Ship EX, Inc. on the shoulder of the S.B. I-81 rest area at about the 107 m.m. near Radford, Virginia. Western Star operating as Morrow USA that wears a Tennessee base plate. Park at the Perry Walmart.
Unidentified O/O W-9-L from New York State at the W.B. I-40 rest area near Clermont, North Carolina. An ex: big truckload fleet VN-780 now in it's 2nd life with an O/O who has it leased to Landstar Ranger rolling W.B. on Georgia Route 96 in Houston County. ​Freightliner 122SD for Norfolk Southern Railway that brought in heavy equipment to help rebuild a grade level street crossing on their main North <> South line that passes through Warner Robins, Georgia.
Unit #777 for Jordan Carriers, Inc. from Natchez, Mississippi with two empty "bulktainer" liquid shipping containers that was at the Byron Pilot early a.m. 50 Year anniversary edition Volvo for Keen Transport, Inc. from Carlisle, Pennsylvania that was fueling up at the Toms Brook, Virginia Pilot. ​Sunbelt Furniture Xpress from Hickory, North Carolina & a unit of St Cloud, Minnesota based Anderson Trucking Service stopped at a S.B. I-81 rest area near Radford, Virginia near the 107 m.m.
Good looking flat top Pete for an O/O operating as Atchison Trucking LLC from Braham, Minnesota who was resting at the Perry Walmart in Feb. 2017.

Roundup of Cows &amp; Critters Trucking from Cleveland, Georgia who were parked at Cockerham's Gulf near Hillsville, Virginia in early Nov. 2016.
Cano & Sons Trucking LLC from Pharr, Texas with the KW T-680 & Pete 379 for Cows & Critters Trucking out of Clarkesville, Georgia sleeping side by side at Cockerham's Gulf along I-77, X-14 near Hillsville, Virginia.
Pete 379 for Cows & Critters Trucking making his way on out of Cockerham's Gulf near Hillsville, Virginia. Two Peterbilt 379's for Cows & Critters Trucking from Clarkesville, Georgia idling with their parking lights on while their drivers napped inside them at Cockerham's Gulf near Hillsville, Virginia (I-77, X-14) in early Nov. 2016. Close up of the Cows & Critters Trucking Pete 379.

​J. Brown Trucking from Keeling, Virginia at Martin's Trailside Express Ambest in East Earl, Pennsylvania.

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