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Mast Trucking, Inc. whose HQ & yard is right along U.S. 62 between Millersburg & Berlin, Ohio waiting for a light to change early a.m. in downtown Berlin and hooked onto one of their company reefers that pulls processed poultry products for Case Farms Chicken of Winesburg, Ohio. An unidentified Pete rolling E.B. on U.S. 62 into Millersburg, OH in a snow aquall. A Freightliner Classic XL from West Virginia with a load of lumber sitting on the shoulder of U.S. 62 & Ohio Route 39 in downtown Berlin before sunrise. The red building in the background is the oldest building in Berlin that dates back to 1840 if my memory is correct.
The fuel islands at the Fairplain, West Virginia Love's on I-77, X-132 make for a good shot as they sit up on a small hill and you can angle your shot upwards toward them. A Freightliner Cascadia for Sysco Cincinnati LLC making an early a.m. delivery to the hotel we stayed at in Florence, Kentucky. As my old saying goes, sometimes decent photo opportunities come right to you instead of you going to them. Dawn on Jan. 23, 2016 @ Cockerham's Gulf in Hillsville, VA shortly before we left as I-77 was passable and safe for travel by then once again.
Freightliner Columbia for Sunbelt Furniture Xpress out of Hickory, North Carolina not going anywhere any time quick at Cockerhams's Gulf. Big bunk Pete pulling out of the Blacksburg, South Carolina Flying J headed back onto I-85. The letter of the sleeper box reads, Trey D Trucking and it was leased to a carrier by the name of Triangle (something).
Winter road grime covered Volvo VN 780 from some province in Canada resting at the S.B. I-77 rest area near the 65 m.m. I could not make out which province the plates were from because they were so ice, snow & road grime covered. The lettering on the cab door read Angel (something). Note the Canadian "spread" on the trailer axles.
A Prime, Inc. Freightliner Cascadia at the N.B. I-75 rest area near the 42 m.m. & Athens, Tennessee. A winter road grime covered KW W-9-L for H.O.C. Transport dropping a load of unleaded at a Speedway gas station in Millersburg, Ohio. A CH Mack for what looks like R. or E. Miller Trucking on U.S. 62 & Ohio 83 in Millersburg with a load of hardwood headed for a sawmill most likely in Holmes County to be made into Amish hand crafted furniture.
An unidentified Pete 379 wearing a Texas base plate on U.S. 62 & Ohio 83 during a snow squall in Millersburg during Jan. 2016. KW for Dayton Freight Lines based in Dayton, Ohio rolling down Main St. (U.S. 62 & Ohio 39) in Berlin. Check out the size of those twin stacks on the big bunk Pete leased to Wheaton World Wide Moving that stopped by the Perry Walmart.
Volvo VN leased to Landstar parked at the Knoxville, Tennessee T/A at dawn along I-40 & I-75, Exit 374. A sharp Pete 379 for Pries Trucking from Minnesota resting at a Pilot Travel Center on I-75, X-141 (midway between Clinton & Jellico, Tennessee). Western Star "Lo-Max" GRMI (as the logo reads) and I'm assuming that stands for Grand Rapids, Michigan as it has a Michigan base plate. I found it sitting at the Pilot Travel Center on I-75, X-129 near Georgetown, Kentucky. There are two Pilots at the same exit, one on each side of the interstate.
Parked at the Lebanon, Ohio Walmart along U.S. 42 was this KW T-680 for Hillard, Ohio based Arctic Express. At the Jeffersonville, Ohio T/A on I-71 where it crosses U.S. 35 I found this good looking Pete 379 Huntley Trucking from New Plymouth, Ohio. The windchill was below zero that day so I had to make a very brisk & short walk around the parking area looking for photo opportunities. Freightliner Cascadia Evolution model leased to metals carrier Mawson & Mawson, Inc. from Langhorne, Pennsylvania at the Jeffersonville, Ohio T/A on I-71, X-65.
An O/O pulling a Walnut Creek Foods reefer from Walnut Creek, Ohio with his good looking Pete headed into downtown Millersburg, Ohio on U.S. 62 & OH Route 83. An IH 9900i Eagle for Butner Construction from McLeansville, North Carolina waiting at Cockerham's Gulf for road conditions to improve some on I-77 before continuing his journey during winter storm Jonas in Jan. 2016. A W-9-L from Eastern North Carolina that hauls pigs pulling into Cockerham's Gulf in Hillsville, Virginia during winter storm Jonas in Jan. 2016.
IH ProStar company tractor for the Flatbed & Specialized division of Marshfield, Wisconsin based Roehl Transport Inc. I caught on U.S. 36 in downtown Mt Vernon, Ohio in Jan. 2016. I found this KW W-900 for Humphrey Farms from Harrodsburg, Kentucky parked at a resort hotel in Berlin, Ohio. There is a weekly stock auction in Mount Hope, which is the next village North of Berlin so he was most likely in town for that.
A Freightliner Argosy II for a Flippin, Arkansas recreation boat manufacturer by the name of Fishing Holdings, LLC that was waiting to unload at an outdoor recreation store in Perry, GA. An almost new Freightliner 122SD (or Coronado II) an O/O has leased on with Landstar System that was at the Perry Walmart.
Aug. 2011 image of Con-way Truckload T-660 #34808 based in Joplin, Missouri at the Max Meadows, Virginia Love's on I-81. Looks like an ex: Werner Enterprises Freightliner Classic now leased on with Consolidated Lumber Transport, Inc. from Palmer, Massachusetts parked @ the Jeffersonville, Ohio T/A on I-71, X-65. Lil John Transport from Apple Creek, Ohio rolling East thru Wilmot, Ohio on U.S. 250 with this sharp Freightliner Classic.
Blackwell Trucking, Inc. from Oklahoma with a load of hay bound for somewhere in the Northeast in Aug. 2011 @ the Max Meadows, Virginia Love's on I-81, X-84. Venezia Bulk Transport, Inc. from Limerick, Pennsylvania on U.S. 11 on the N. side of Winchester, Virginia in Aug. 2011. A very clean (esp. for winter) and well cared for Classic XL leased on with Mercer Transportation Co. at the Byron, Georgia Pilot in Jan. 2016.
One large "condo" equipped Volvo VN leased to Greeneville, Tennessee based F.A.F., Inc. (Forward Air) that had just pulled into the N.B. I-475 rest area, West of Macon, Georgia as I was about to pull out. Dawn line up at the Knoxville, Tennessee T/A X-374 on I-40 / I-75. Super nice Pete 389 leased to Woodfield, Inc. from Camden, Arkansas I came across parked by himself @ the Knoxville, Tennessee T/A.
Another snow scene from Cockerham's Gulf Travel Plaza at Hillsville, VA during winter storm Jonas in Jan. 2016. The Volvo VN belongs to UPS Freight, the Pete 386 was for Kingdom Express from Muldrow, Oklahoma and the Pete 386 with a Cat tracked excavator belonged to R.J. Corman Railroad Construction (a div. of the R.J. Corman Railroad Group) from Nicholasville, Kentucky. He was trying to get up to Roanoke, Virginia but had wait until I-77 & I-81 road conditions improved before he could get back on his way.

A Pete 386 for livestock hauler M Co., Inc. out of eastern North Carolina pulling into Cockerham's Gulf during the height of winter storm Jonas.

McElroy Truck Lines, Inc. out of Cuba, Alabama with this Freightliner Cascadia at the Perry Walmart.
You don't see very many traditional style Peterbilt's without the exterior mounted air filter canister barrels. I caught this 1994 379 Pete for Fleet Movers, Inc. at the Knoxville, Tennessee T/A Travel Center on I-40 & I-75 around daybreak. Three rigs in a snow shower sitting at the Walton, Kentucky T/A along I-71 & I-75 X-175 in Jan. 2016. Bright yellow Pete 379 for Oklahoma based Lickity Split Expediting, LLC with a Kobelco tracked excavator for a load who was at the Berkshire, Ohio Flying J @ X-131 on I-71.
Three sharp "hoods" leased on with Jones Motor Co., Inc. from Spring City, Pennsylvania at a Pilot Travel Center on I-71, X-140 where Ohio Route 61 crosses, North of the Columbus area. One "beautiful" A model KW for O/O C.C. Steffler from Tombell, Pennsylvania and leased on with Jones Motor Co., Inc. Spring City, Pennsylvania An O/O for LandStar and a company owned IH ProStar for MCT Transportation LLC based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota parked at the Duncan, South Carolina T/A (which is directly across the street from the Pilot @ X-63 on I-85.
I could have sworn Can Amex ( was an Ontario based fleet with the Ontario base plate, but on the cab door it reads Olive Branch, Mississippi. So I guess it has duel citizenship for both the U.S. & Canada. Pace Marathon Expedited Service is a Brampton, Ontario based fleet and I shot this Western Star for them at the Pilot on I-75, X-141 between Clinton & Jellico, Tennessee. AAIi (All Around Industrial, Inc.) from Murfreesboro, Tennessee is a contractor that performs industrial plant construction type work. shot this nice Pete for them at the Perry, Georgia Super 8 Motel.
A tough looking Peterbilt leased on with Kraze Trucking, LLC based in Amherst, Wisconsin parked at the Perry Walmart. An almost new heavy haul Pete for G & G Specialized Carriers from Muskego, Wisconsin about to head back out to I-75 from the Perry Walmart parking lot.
A Freightliner Columbia pulling a foodgrade tanker on U.S. 62 & Ohio 83 in Millersburg, Ohio in Jan. 2016. Vovlo VN with a "condo" size sleeper for Adkins Enterprises, LLC with a J.B. Hunt IH ProStar close by at the Fair Plain, West Virginia Love's on I-77, X-132. Hill's, Inc. from Fries, Virginia fueling up at Cockerham's Gulf in Hillsville, Virginia after sunset before all the snow from winter storm Jonas moved in.

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