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Volvo 880 leased on with Landstar Inway with the big D-16 powerplant at the Perry Walmart. Odd thing about this good find is that about 3 days prior to when I took this I had an opportunity to shoot it at the service plaza about 1/2 way across the Western Kentucky Parkway but a another semi parked right beside & partially in front of it just as I was about to snap a few images of it and totally wiped out my picture opportunity. A bunch of oil & gas exploration fracking support bulkers for Williams Transportation from Laurel, Mississippi after a days work at the Flying J along I-80, X-173 near Lamar, PA.
A Pete 389 daycab for aggregate hauler K & K Enterprises from Roberta, Georgia approaching a red light on U.S. 129 at Warner Robins, Georgia. A KW T-600B with interesting looking "living quarters" also leased on with Landstar Inway at the Perry Walmart.
A couple of Kentucky based livestock haulers parked at first daylight near Hillsville, Virginia at Cockerham's Gulf Travel Plaza along I-77, X-14. A Peterbile 579 & a 386 for Cypress Truck Lines, Inc. from Jacksonville, Florida. The 579 I found at the Byron, Georgia Pilot and the 386 was at the Perry Walmart just after daybreak.
An orange Pete 379 for Dealers Auto Transport from Salt Lake City, Utah at the Ft Chiswell, Virginia Flying J. A flat top sleeper Pete 379 leased on with Coal City Cob from Granite City, Illinois pulling a Dana chemical tanker backing in next to a Schneider National Bulk chemical tanker at the Lamar area Pilot Travel Center along I-80 in central Pennsylvania. Chem hauler John N. John, Inc. from Crowley, Louisiana with an IH ProStar at the Perry Walmart.
Caught this nice FLD leased to Landstar rolling through an intersection on W.B. Georgia Route 96. From Seward, Nebraska, Seward Motor Freight with a 2007 Pete 379 that was delivering store fixtures to a Kroger "supercenter" that was under construction near where I live in Houston County, Georgia.
A real eye catching solid black Pete 379 for an O/O operating as Land Transport Corporation out of Forest Hills, Minnesota at the Perry Walmart.
Same tractor different trailer two months later.
KW W-9-L for JNJ Express, Inc. from Memphis, Tennessee. Most of these have been replaced with aerodynamic Paccar models now. I caught this one at the Ft Chiswell, Virginia Flying J in 2014. An O/O with a very clean Volvo VN that he has leased to The Mason & Dixon Lines, Inc. div. of Universal out of Warren, Michigan. I caught him as the sun was rising at the Wytheville, Virginia Wilco Hess in 2014 before it became a Pilot branded travel center. A big Volvo 880 leased on with ATS Specialized, Inc. out of St Cloud, Minnesota resting at the Perry Walmart lot.
A very clean and well maintained IH 9400, unit# 1031 for Frazee, Minnesota based Daggett Truck Lines, Inc. that was at the W. Macon, Georgia rest area on N.B. I-475 when I stopped in. I've been trying to get a shot of one of Concrete Supply Co.'s Pete 389's from Fayetteville, Georgia for awhile and finally got the opportunity recently when he stopped for a coffee at the J.P. Valero Travel Center near Perry.
Proficient Auto Transport based in Jacksonville, Florida with one of their Sterling enclosed "wiggle wagon's" getting a tire repair done at the Kangaroo Pilot along I-95 near Dunn, North Carolina. A Lebanon, Pennsylvania based construction equipment company that was parked at Cockerham's Gulf near Hillsville, Virginia along I-77 about sunset back in Feb. 2015. Good looking Freightliner Classic XL for RTC ________Trucking Co., Inc. from some town in Georgia that begins with an A (and not Atlanta). I shot him at the J.P. Valero Travel Center near Perry.
Millis Transfer, Inc. from Black River Falls, Wisconsin at the Perry Walmart with this KW T-680. This was as it was getting light at the Lamar, Pennsylvania T/A in late Oct. 2014. Part of the fuel islands at the Ft Chiswell, Virginia Flying J as it was getting dark.
Found this nicely painted up Pete 379 that was leased to Dawes Contract Carriage LLC from Waterford, Wisconsin early morning at the Perry Walmart.
A heavy hauler W-9-L from Mechanicsville, Virginia that was sitting at the Wytheville, Virginia Flying J which is 3 mi. down I-77 & I-81 from the big Ft Chiswell, Virginia Flying J. Western Star for Kandel Transport, Inc. from Akron, Ohio after fueling up at the Lamar, Pennsylvania T/A. An O/O pulling for Shop Rite (Wakefern Food Corp) out of the Allentown, Pennsylvania area DC rolls N.B. on Pennsylvania Route 100 toward I-78 just after sunrise.
M___ Express, Inc. from New York State with a sharp W-9-L auto hauler at the Kenly, North Carolina Wilco Hess along I-95. National Fruit Product Co. Inc. based in Winchester, Virginia (marketers of Whitehouse Apple Products) with a Ryder owned F/L Cascadia resting at the Sadler Pilot Travel Center on I-95, X-75
Cowan Systems LLC from Baltimore, Maryland next to a UPS T-660 at the Lamar, Pennsylvania area Flying J on I-80, X-173. A KW T-600B leased to R.J. Baker Trucking, Inc.from Minnesota parked next to a Mabe's (Mabe Trucking) KW T680 from Eden, North Carolina also at the Perry Walmart lot.
A awesome looking Pete 379 with round headlight single headlights for Ronald Short Trucking from Lincoln, Delaware hooked to an Allen's Quality Chicken Products reefer and Jennie's Jr. Diner on Pennsylvania Route 41 near Gap. Covan World Wide Moving out of Midland City, Alabama with an IH ProStarat the Byron, Georgia Pilot Travel Center along I-75. A KLLM Cascadia Evolution & reefer trailer at the Perry Walmart on a perfect morning.
Jim Sanders Trucking, Inc. from Glendale, Arizona who had just pulled forward from fueling up at the Wytheville, Virginia Wilco Hess in late Oct. 2014. At the Greencastle, Pennsylvania Livestock Auction, Larry P. Weyandt & Sons Livestock Dealer from Claysburg, Pennsylvania with this sharp Volvo VN. Parked at the Blacksburg, South Carolina Flying J along I-85 are a Calex Integrated Supply Chain Solutions Volvo VN & a Knight Transportation IH ProStar
An unidentified Volvo VN next to a UPS Mack Pinnacle at the N.B. West Virginia Turnpike (I-77) service plaza around the 17-18 mile marker. Iron Wheel Trucking out of Cartersville, Georgia and leased on with K & B Transport, Inc. from Troy, Michigan pulling a Shaw Floors freight box at the Perry Burger King lot right beside N.B. I-75.
A nice KW T-660 big bunk leased on with SPD (Smokey Point Distributing, Inc. based in Arlington, Washington. I found it at the Thomson, Georgia Love's on I-20, X-172. MRS (Midwest Refrigerated Service) operated by Midwest Refrigerated Transport, Inc. from Milwaukee, Wisconsin with a Ryder owned Freightliner Cascadia at the Perry Walmart. A 2015 Pete 386 for Everglades Express from Freeport, Illinois & Bonita Springs, Florida at the Perry Burger King. Man, that was a pretty truck!!

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