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A super sharp W-9-L for J & J Truck Sales from Danville, Virginia laid over at a motel near Lamar, Pennsylvania right alongside W.B. I-80. Dexter's Trucking from Lebanon, Ohio leased on with Classic Freight from Walton, Kentucky. Early Jan. 2015 at the Perry Walmart. In the more distant shot that's solid ice on the bottom left of the image as it was only 15-16 degrees when I shot the image. Very cold for here that day.
The driver of this Pilot Flying J Cascadia stopped by the Perry Walmart to pick up a few items. At the Franklin, Kentucky Key Stop Marathon, TJB with a Volvo VN from Quebec and one of the Ryder owned Cascadia's on lease to Plumrose Ham Products based in Tupelo, Mississippi. An O/O leased on with Landstar Inway with a Freightliner Coronado parked at the Oak Grove, Kentucky Pilot, X-89 right near the Kentucky/Tennessee line on I-24.
UPS IH at the Perry Walmart with a 53 freight box. Earl R. Martin, Inc. based in East Earl, Pennsylvania dropping a load of unleaded fuel at Martin's Trailside Express on U.S. 322 in East Earl with one of their Pete 379's.
SGR Transport, Inc. from Miami and Decker Truck Line Ft Dodge, Iowa resting at the Perry Walmart in Jan. 2015. Buccaneer Enterprises LLC from Douglas, Georgia with this IH 9200 Eagle & hopper trailer resting alongside U.S. 341 by I-75, X-136 in Perry. From Omaha, Nebraska a Poling Transportation, Inc. Freightliner Cascadia parked next to a Landstar agent with his Cascadia at the Oak Grove, Kentucky Pilot. X-89 on I-24.
Two shots of this road grime covered big Volvo 880 for an O/O running as MPG Trucking from Dennison, Minnesota that was at the Perry Walmart. That same Volvo 880 use to have it leased to LodeStar of Barnesville, Minnesota before winter set in.
Plainfield Trucking, Inc. based in Plainfield, Wisconsin resting as it was getting light at the J.P. Valero Travel Plaza along I-95, X-138 near Perry. Love the name of this fleet, Road Dog Express, LLC from Indianapolis, Indiana with a sharp Coronado at the Lamar, Pennsylvania Flying J.
An unidentified Illinois based Pete 379 pulling a "bulker" trailer parked at the Oak Grove, Kentucky Pilot @ X-89 on I-24. From New Jersey, ETGI (Environmental Transport Group, Inc.) with this Mack who had just topped off with Diesel at the Lamar Pilot. Very different graphics package on the cab of this asphalt hauling KW-T-800 for Eves Trucking Co. from Phoenixville, Pennsylvania who was pulling out of the Lamar, PA McDonald's at X-173 on I-80.
Here's another Eves Trucking Co. T-800 I shot in Oct. 2010 at the Buckhorn, Pennsylvania T/A. Very interesting looking small fleet they operate. A curtainside trailer being pulled by a Freightliner Coronado for a fleet called Buccaneer from Buckhannon, West Virginia @ the Oak Grove, Kentucky Flying J. An unidentified W-900-L KW with a load of 6 little import truck chasis parked at the Oak Grove, Kentucky Pilot @ X-86 of I-24. (The much bigger Oak Grove Pilot is located @ X-89 on I-24).
Big M Transportation / Big M Diesel Express from Blue Mountain, Mississippi. Most all of their Freightliner Cascadia & Mack Pinnacles have the deer guard in front of the grill now. Taken @ the Oak Grove, Kentucky Pilot, I-24, X-86. FedEx Ground Coronado O/O after fueling up @ the Oak Grove, Kentucky X-89 Pilot on I-24. Pete 386 leased to Quality Carriers, based in Tampa, Florida parked at the Morton's Gap, Kentucky Pilot on I-69 near Madisonville.
Had to take multiple angles of this absolutely spotless & shining Pete for JR Transport, Inc. from Vincennes, Indiana I found when I went to the Perry Walmart early a.m. to pick up some items in mid Jan. 2015.
TMC Pete 567 from Des Moines, Iowa with a load of rebarb wire @ the Franklin, Kentucky Flying J on I-65, X-2 at dawn. The company driver for this Transport Nishan, Inc. Volvo 880 from Kirkland, Quebec was having some repair done by a road call service company when I first pulled up.
St Germain Express from Quebec with a brand new Air Liquide liquid nitrogen pressure tank and a smaller tank of some kind that the couple was transport from Alabama up to Ontario. A Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin O/O who has his Volvo VN on lease with Admiral Merchants based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. A good looking construction CH Mack with a load of rocks in the dump bed for Southern Concrete Construction Company, Inc. from Albany, Georgia resting while the driver ate his lunch at the Perry Walmart.
A very nice Freightliner from Alachua, Florida leased to & pulling this dump trailer for Curry Trucking. A very bright red Coronado operating as MaxTrans from Tennessee at a Love's on I-24 between Chattanooga & Manchester, Tennessee. Double Prime's, tanker & reefer division's at the Madison, Georgia T/A on I-20, X-114.
Sharp Pete autohauler for Virginia Transportation Corporation based in W. Warwick, Rhode Island taking a break at the Ft Chiswell, Virginia Flying J on I-77 & I-81. Batesville Logistic, Inc. from Manchester, Tennessee. The in-house fleet for Batesville Casket Co. Batesville, Indiana resting at dawn in Greencastle, Pennsylvania at the T/A along I-81. One very sharp Western Star leased to N. Little Rock, Arkansas based Oakley Transport, Inc. after a days work in the central Pennsylvania oil/gas fields at the Lamar T/A on I-80.
Long distance view of part of the parking area at the Love's on I-77, X-1 in Virginia which sits right at the base of the climb up to the top of Fancy Gap in the North Carolina Blue Ridge Mountains. An unidentified O/O's Coronado wearing an Alabama base plate taken in late afternoon at the Ft Chiswell, Virginia Flying J. Kirk Trucking from Godley, Texas (S.W. of Ft Worth) resting right after sunrise @ the Wytheville, Virginia Wilco Hess (now Marathon) along I-77 & I-81, X-77.
A Pete for JMG Trucking, LLC from Oxford, Pennsylvania with a piece of construction equipment to do with either the oil & gas exploration or coal mining industry that has pulled forward after "dieseling up" @ the Lamar, Pennsylvania Flying J along I-80. An IH LoneStar from Celadon's lease division next to a Bonus Transportation, Inc. Freightliner Columbia which is based in Apopka, Florida at the Perry Walmart.
An O/O leased to Landstar with a Chicago area based Volvo VN behind it also at the Perry Walmart. A Quebec based Landstar agent from the town of Mirabel operating as P & R Transport with this Western Star at the Wytheville, Virginia Flying J on I-77 & I-81 early a.m. IH ProStar for Kane Freight Lines, Inc. from Scranton, Pennsylvania taking a break at the Travel Centers of America along I-80, X-173 in central Pennsylvania near Lamar.
A very clean & sharp KW W-9-L leased to Bennett Motor Express from McDonough, Georgia laid over at the Whitsett, North Carolina on I-40 & I-85, X-138. Tractor # 318 for Robert Heath Trucking, Inc. (America's Best) based in Lubbock, Texas and parked at the Fair Play, South Carolina Love's on I-85, X-4. One of the KW T-660's that Mast Trucking, Inc. from Millersburg, Ohio runs at the Lamar, Pennsylvania Pilot Travel Plaza along I-80, X-173.
Copper Sky Transportation, Inc. from Memphis, Tennessee at the W. Macon, Georgia I-475 N.B. rest area with a very nice blue Volvo VT 880.
A very sharp looking Classic XL from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, early morning at the Lamar, Pennsylvania Pilot.
RES Exhibitions from New York State with this T-2000 that was layed over at the Perry, Georgia Howard Johnson's. Lessors, Inc. from St Paul, Minnesota with one of their KW T-700's at the Perry Walmart. ATS from St Cloud, Minnesota delivering some stone to a Houston, County, Georgia cemetery. I shot this from the shoulder of the highway with my telephoto so as not to take pictures while walking on hallowed ground.
FedEx Freight with one of their Multimodal container trailers taking his 30 min. break at the Perry Walmart. ICX (Interstate Carrier Xpress), Inc. from Quincy, Illinois with one of parent company Gullly Transportation's patriotic trailers also at the Perry Walmart. From Kennesaw, Georgia CRS, (Commercial Roofing Specialties), Inc. with a sharp day cab Western Star I caught behind the Perry Sonny's Barbeque/Waffle House.

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