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Taylor Transport, Inc. from Cartersville, GA with this pretty Pete at the Atlanta Petro. Big bunk KW-T-660 leased to Airline Transportation Specialists in-line at the Jackson, GA Blue Beacon truck wash. Emerick Bros. Inc. with an Illinois base plate at the Atlanta South T/A near Jackson, GA Christmas Eve 2013.
A daybreak on a cloudy morning shot at the Perry Walmart. Paper Transport & Osborne Trucking parked at a former Winn Dixie Grocery lot near Kathleen, GA. Hughes Trucking rolling E.B. on GA Route 96 in Houston County, mid Jan. 2014.
National Van Lines based in Broadview, IL @ the Perry W/M, mid Jan. 2014. Woodson Trucking Co. Inc. Pete 386 at the Perry Valero fuel stop, I-75, X-138. Euro USA and their in-house carrier Western Reserve Trucking LLC from Cleveland, OH at the Atlanta Petro Christmas Eve 2013.
Midwest Direct Transport, Inc. from Grand Rapids, MI at the Perry Walmart. DTI, a Tucker, GA based LTL carrier around parts of the Southeast. Really nice 1973 Pete owned by Road Boss Bama Bob and run as Bama Truck Line LLC based in Falkville, AL that was at the Perry Valero fuel stop in mid Jan. 2014.
Been trying to catch one of these KW T-660's for Blader Trucking out of Wautoma, WI for several years and finally did @ the Perry Walmart in late Jan. 2014. A really good looking John Christner KW T-660 at the Byron Pilot in mid Jan. 2014.
A real sharp IH ProStar for The J.D. Russell Company from Farmersville, TX at the Perry Motel 6 (which use to be the Great Inn) @ X-136 on I-75. Owner operator Allan Reeves from Corbin, KY at the Jones Petro Valero @ X-138 of I-75 near Perry. McLane delivering to the Byron, GA Pilot.
Landstar Ranger O/O with an extra big bunk "aero" Western Star parked at the Jackson, GA Wilco Hess. ATS Pete 386 with two big Caterpillar engines at the Jackson, GA Love's. McKee Foods Transportation LLC from Collegedale, TN with a nicely "wrapped" Little Debbie trailer also at the Jackson Wilco Hess.
An Ocala, FL O/O leased to Arman Transport from Louisville, KY @ the Byron Pilot. A Volvo 780 leased on with M. Bruenger Company, Inc. based in Wichita, Kansas also @ Byron Pilot. O/O leased to Mercer Transportation Co. @ the Byron Pilot.
New IH ProStar for Dade City, FL based Rowland Transport, Inc., Perry W/M. Pete 387 for Kennesaw Transportation, Inc. Atlanta (actually White), GA @ the Jones Petro Valero @ I-75 X-138. Hurricane Express from S. Florida with a beautiful Volvo 780 also waiting for N.B. I-75 to reopen on 29 Jan. 2014.
Two O/O rigs waiting for I-75 to reopen on 29 Jan. 2014. TTI, Total Transport, Inc. from Lawrenceville, GA exiting N.B. I-75 @ X-136 headed for Walmart.
All kinds of lights on this propane hauling Pete leased to Southeastern Tank Lines based in Dublin, GA that I caught by the fuel islands at the Jackson, GA Flying J in late Jan. 2014. WalMac Transportation Ltd. out of Rothesay, New Brunswick laid over at the Perry Super 8. Watson's Transport from Laurinburg, NC was also waiting for I-75 re-open in his white Pete 379.
Schugel , Inc. from Tomah, WI with a KW T-680 and Central Refrigerated Service behind him in the Pete 386. The snow wasn't very much, but the entire W/M parking lot was all ice and it was hard walking from truck to truck with out slipping and trying to keep balanced. A bright yellow Cascadia for Hong Kong Tokyo, Inc. from Jacksonville, FL waiting for NB I-75 to reopen on Jan. 29, 2014 @ the Perry Walmart.
EBT, Express Boat Transport from Sanford, FL with a very interesting boat hauling trailer @ the Byron Pilot in early Feb. 2014. A brand new Pete 579 that had been in service for only 2 weeks for DTL Transportation from Sanford, FL. The driver said he loves the roominess inside the 579 compared to his former 386 Pete.
White Lightning with one sharp Peterbilt at the Byron, GA Pilot in late Jan. 2014. Gilmore Trucking out of Oklahoma also waiting for N.B. I-75 to re-open on Jan. 29, 2014. Freightliner Classic leased to Universal Am-Can Ltd. waiting for N.B. I-75 to re-open from snow & ice.
McLane Distribution Services/Transco "on the move" in Houston County on Georgia Route 96. A Volvo VN2 leased to Mercer Transportation Co. @ the Byron, GA Pilot. Wilride Transport Ltd. from Guelph, ON with a beautiful Freightliner Cascadia @ the Perry W/M in early Feb. 2014.
Saia pulling out of the J.P. Valero Travel Center @ X-138 on I-75 near Perry in early Feb. 2014. Blue Line Distribution out of Milton, Ontario @ the Perry Walmart in early Feb. 2014.
John F. Weaver Trucking from Louisville, Kentucky @ the Perry Flash Foods fuel stop. Based in Jessup, GA Christian based Poppell's Produce Co. Inc. runs a nice delivery fleet and has "To God Be The Glory" displayed on their trailers among their other lettering. I shot this Pete 386 in early Feb. 2014 at the JP Valero Travel Center near Perry. L & J Erosion from Juliette, GA at the Perry Walmart.
YRC rolling on past me N.B. on I-75 at my exit. DTL Transportation, Inc. from Sanford, FL with a very clean KW T-660 @ the Byron Pilot. A Florida based O/O and AAA Cooper dieseling up at the Byron Pilot.
I always want to get a picture of Baker from Kentucky every time he pulls into the Perry Walmart like in this shot in mid Feb. 2014. One beautiful ride! A very bright (even on a very rainy day) Pete 386 for USXL Worldwide out of St Charles, Missouri also at the Byron Pilot. A tough, tough looking W-9-L leased on with McCollister's at the Byron, GA Pilot in mid. Feb. 2014.
Being passed in the rain on N.B. I-75 today by an awesome KW for Hollar & Greene Produce, Inc. from Boone, NC & Bunnell, FL. A pretty sharp Freightliner Classic for B & B Trucking from Douglasville, GA. Couldn't resist another shot of this beautiful Western Star for Dawes Contract Carriage from Wisconsin that stops in from time to time at the Perry W/M.
Was pleasantly surprised to see an Airgroup "A Radiant Logistics Company" Border Express Volvo 780 from Surrey, BC at the Perry Walmart. A KW T-680 for Southern Cal Transport Co/Reser's Fine Foods from Beaverton, Oregon at the Byron Pilot. Budd Van Lines from Somerset, NJ also with a T-680 at the Byron Pilot, mid-Feb 2014.
WEL Companies, Inc. out of De Pere, WI with a late model Pete 579 at the Byron Pilot in mid-Feb. 2014. A couple of "big bunks" leased to Landstar Ranger, Perry Walmart mid-Feb. 2014.
One extra sharp KW W-9-L also leased to Landstar Ranger at the Perry Walmart in mid Feb. 2014. Two Volvo VN's for heavy & specialized hauler Hi-Ball Trucking, Inc. from Billings, MT laid over for the weekend at the Perry Super 8 motel. MDV the Columbus, GA based military commissary distribution arm of Nash Finch Company from Minneapolis that I caught rolling on GA Route 96 in Bonaire, GA in mid-Feb. 2014.
One of the very few Pete 386's I've seen at the Perry Walmart from their Monroe, GA DC. Caught him in the nick of time as he was rolling out to pick up I-75 this morning. Caught these two Harris Teeter grocery Volvo VN's based in Mathews, NC at the W. Knoxville, TN Petro in late Feb. 2014. UPS Freight at the overflow lot of the W. Knoxville, TN Flying J at X-369 on I-40/I-75. Exit 369 (Watt Road) has a Petro, a T/A, a Flying J plus two truck washes. One very busy mega truck traffic area!
Pete autohauler at the Adairsville, GA QT travel center, I-75 X-306. A Cassens Transport Volvo VAH with a Jack Cooper IH autohauler model behind it at X-110 of I-75 & U.S. 60 in Lexington, KY. Sharp Kentucky coal hauler with the name Copperhead on the cab door rolling by I-75 at X-41 in London, KY.

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