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One big set-up for McTyre Trucking from Orlando, FL that was creeping it's way South on I-75 S. of Atlanta Thurs. afternoon March 28, 2013. Traffic was a mess, but that's to be expected when a unit this size is on the road.
Southeastern Freight Lines IH ProStar next to me at a traffic light near Smyrna, Georgia in late March 2013. A Michigan livestocker with a very sharp W-9-L KW @ the Tifton, GA Pilot, I-75, X-60.
Freightliner Coranado leased to Ft Worth, TX based Andrews Transport, Inc. @ the Ft Drum Service Plaza on Florida's Turnpike. Alero Moving and Storage from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada with a snazzy Volvo VN1 resting @ the Reddick, FL Petro along I-75, X-368. An O/O operating as CTN America Trucking LLC from Florida at the Perry Walmart lot.
Farmer Express with a eye catching purplish KW W-9-L out of Plymouth, Michigan soaking up the sun @ the Love's Travel Center, X-451 on I-75 in N. Florida. Taken @ the Ft Pierce Love's right by the entrance/exit ramp to Florida's Turnpike. The Pete is leased to Eastside Van & Storage, a Mayflower agent from Portland, Maine and the KW does not appear to have any lettering on the cab door. Upchurch Trucking from Grimsley, Tennessee @ the Perry Walmart.
A nice set of matching twin pups being pulled by this Old Dominion team operation also @ the Dooly County I-75 rest area Easter morning 2013. This KW T-660 for reefer fleet M. Bruenger Company, Inc. based in Wichita, Kansas was parked @ the Dooly County, GA S.B. I-75 rest area.
B & B Ag Haulers from Unadilla, GA had their KW W-9-L rig parked along the Norfolk Southern mainline track in downtown Unadilla Easter morning 2013. Big W-9-L KW leased to Kimball Transport, Inc. from Homestead, Florida & Waterford, Wisconsin @ the Perry Walmart. An IH Eagle with the name of ChaseN Dreams from Middleton, Idaho @ the Perry Best Inns of America in late March 2013.
A super pretty Freightliner Coronado for flatbed fleet Pope Trucking out of Pearson, Georgia @ the All State Citgo in Unadilla, GA just after sunrise on Easter Sunday 2013. The extra parking lights sure look good on this F/L Classic leased to Robert Bearden, Inc. from Cairo, GA before the sun came up. Same Freightliner Classic leased to Nestle' Transportation I shot a few weeks ago, but this time as it was just getting light hooked to a NesQuik trailer also @ the Perry Walmart lot.
Dawn shot @ the Perry Walmart on a rainy Georgia morning in early April 2013. Can't ever pass up a photo opportunity on one of Gilster Mary Lee's rigs from Perryville, Missouri. A super looking Pete 379 for Long Haul Trucking, Albertville, Minnesota that was @ the Tifton, GA Pilot Travel Center in mid March 2013.
A real sharp Pete 389 from Lawrenceville, GA @ the All State Citgo in Unadilla in mid march 2013. RWH Trucking, Inc. T-700 from Oakwood, Georgia @ the Perry Walmart in mid-March 2013. A Cobb County, Georgia Ladder company team rolling "code 3" on Windy Hill Road in Smyrna in late March 2013.
Mack Vision straight job leased to Green, Ohio based FedEx Custom Critical that I took @ the Wildwood, Florida T/A in mid March 2013. A Freightliner Coronado for Wiedmeyer Express from West Bend, Wisconsin @ the Perry Walmart in late march 2013. Bog Pearce from Ontario @ sunrise. Whole lot of "skirt action" on this trailer.
M. Macchio also from Ontario with this Wester Star "Lo-Max". Very nice Western Star for Canada Forest Products Sales Ltd out of Calgary & Edmonton, Alberta, some city in Quebec and Brampton, Ontario @ the Perry Walmart. YRC @ the diesel pumps, Carnesville, GA Wilco Hess I-85 X-166.
A YRC Volvo VN I shot just as it was getting light in mid April 2013 @ the Perry Walmart. Driver was just about to pull out when I asked him to stop for a second. Here is the other sideI shot before I talked with him & he turned his lights on. I thought he was about to pull away as I approached so I fired off a quick shot just in case... N.B. I-475 rest area W. side of Macon, GA under heavy overcast.
John Christner extra long nose IH Eagle @ the Madison, GA T/A I-20 X-114. FedEx Custom Critical from Green, OH. A nice looking straight job for sure! G & M Trucking from Straughn, Indiana @ the N.B. I-475 rest area W. of Macon, GA.
Here's a slightly different angle of that JCT IH Eagle @ the Madison, GA T/A. Wilco Transportation LLC based in Winston-Salem, NC, (the hauling div. of Wilco Hess Travel Plaza's) @ the Carnesville, GA plaza along I-85. An IH Eagle w/ ag hopper for Wrede LLC from Norfolk, Nebraska taken on telephoto from my drivers side window in the rain @ the Commerce, GA T/A, X-149 along I-85.
A tough heavy haul KW T-800 leased to Daily Express from Carlisle, PA that was @ the Florence, SC area Petro along I-95 at exit 169. One beautiful O/O Pete operating as Enterprise Transport out of Sanford, FL also @ the Florence, SC Petro. Another O/O Pete leased to JPJ Trucking with a NC base plate on his way out of the Florence Petro. This was the first time I've been able to stop by this very busy facility in 19 1/2 years.
A well used Western Star logger for P & D Logging from Buford, GA sitting in the early evening sun @ the Siloam, GA Flying J roughly midway between Augusta & Atlanta on I-20. Rinaudo Enterprises, Inc. from Jacksonville, FL seems to be a growing heavy equipment hauler as i see more and more of their rigs around the Southeast U.S. and up the East coast. Here's two KW T-660's that were @ the madison, GA T/A along I-20 in mid-April 2013.
The Penske IH LoadStar I drove from central Georgia to Raleigh, NC moving some of my family up there. I took this @ a rest area on E.B. I-20 between Thomson & Augusta, GA. General line up @ the Dunn Pilot. An O/O leased to Landstar Ranger @ the Dunn, NC Pilot Travel Center, I-95, X-75.
Caught this AHC Trucking IH ProStar pulling out of the Perry Ace Hardware parking lot in late April 2013. A good looking Illinois based KW T-600 @ the Perry Walmart also in late April 2013. Big bunk KW W-9-L leased on to STI-(Specialized Transportation, Inc.) also @ the Dunn, NC Pilot. Only angle I had so sorry about the trashcan blocking the drive tires.
DiMare Fresh Growers Packers Shippers from Florida during early evening @ the Siloam, GA Flying J. I-20, X-138. Caught this Wilson Trucking Corp. P & D unit making it's way along Georgia Route 96 in Houston County in late April 2013. An IH 8100 series "slick" for Jacksonville, FL based Proficient Auto Transport. I'm thinking this might have been a former Cassens rig, but only speculating.
The new Logo on Publix Supermarkets Freightliner Cascadia's out of the Atlanta area DC that I caught while it was delivering to my local Publix in late April 2013. Also, their new color is more of a lime than their traditional green. Floral products supplier Syndicate Sales, Inc. from Kokomo, Indiana and their in-house Ryder leased fleet Hurryin Hoosier Transport I caught just as dawn was breaking @ the Perry Walmart. They run one really sharp eye catching private fleet.
    An O/O leased to Go 2 Logistics from Kentucky @ the Perry Walmart in March 2013.
L.T.L. reefer fleet Pollywog Transport from Palmetto, FL and somewhere in Indiana with an O/O Pete in early April 2013. A tough looking 1994 KW W-9-L that a O/O has leased on with Great American Lines, Inc. from Murrysville, PA. Nothing flashy here, just a hard working older machine still in every day service. UPS Freight Volvo doing P & D work on the roll near Kathleen, GA.
One beautiful big bunk Pete I shot on almost full telephoto in Warner Robins, GA in early May 2013. Food service distributor CBI (Cheney Bros., Inc.) based in Riviera Beach, FL with a Penske Leased IH delivering to a local restaurant in early May 2013. Here is a Monroe Township, Ohio ladder truck is working the scene of a major fire that broke out in downtown Mt Vernon while we were spending the night there in Oct. 2010.
AMST (Art Mulder & Sons Trucking) out of Holland, Michigan and an unidentified O/O Pete @ the Perry W/M in early May 2013. Sal Son (Logistics) from Newark, NJ runs a good looking fleet of Freightliner Cascadia's. It's hard trying to shoot a white semi when the fog is settling in as was the case here in early May 2013. Con-Way Truckload IH ProStar with the latest and oldest paint schemes @ the Greencastle, PA Travel Centers of America along I-81.
O/O leased to Trimac parked at the Carlisle, PA Petro. The parking lot was so slick some rigs could not get up the small hill that it's build on in back in mid Jan. 2012. Vernon Gamboe Enterprises from Versailes, Kentucky also @ the Perry Walmart in early May 2013. A Southern Ag Carriers Mack Vision from Albany, Georgia with a U.S. Marines logoed trailer @ the Perry Walmart in early May 2013.
O/O Rick Wilson from Centerville, TN has this Pete leased on with Smith Cargo Transportation LLC from Smyrna, TN. Kind of a throw back to how trucking was 15-20 years ago. Mizell Trucking out of Lakeland, GA with two construction trucks loaded on his lowboy.  
I found this YRC Freight with two types of Yellow logo's the other evening @ my local Walmart. Not fancy, but this IKE Transportation Incorporated F/L Cascadia from Murfreesboro, Tennessee looked good hooked to a "covered wagon" I thought.
Osbourne Trucking runs a sharp fleet out of Fairfield, OH and I like their colors too. I caught this KW W-800 @ the Warner Robins, GA Walmart lot as a storm was fast aproaching in early May 2013. Caught this Saia Volvo as he passed by me in traffic near Warner Robins, GA in mid-May 2013.
An O/O from Leesburg, GA with an extra sharp KW W-9-L @ the Perry, GA Walmart lot in mid-May 2013. Final week of service for #7-0137 IH ProStar from Walmart's Douglas, GA DC as it's being turned in for a new F/L Cascadia in May 2013. I finally caught a gray Roehl Transport from Marshfield, WI in mid May 2013. I see them once in awhile, but never could get a photo opportunity.
A nice looking Western Star pulling for Harris Auto Transport from Debarry, Florida @ the Perry Flash Foods diesel islands. Still looks good under the overcast sky and shadow of the canopy. One of Crete Carrier Corp's rolling recruitment trailer's about to pull out of the Perry Walmart lot.
I can't ever pass up a photo of one of Lilly Trucking of Virginia's beautiful KW's from Winchester. I spotted this one while the driver was polishing the trailer chrome wheels @ the Jackson, GA Wilco Hess in mid-May 2013. Here's a Land Air I caught as it rolled past Dysart's Travel Plaza in Hermon, Maine in late May 2013.

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