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You don't see too many single axle auto hauler trailers anymore, but found this one hooked to a lease operator for Fleet Car Carrier @ the Kingsland, GA Petro in mid Feb. 2013. My first KW T-680 picture of a Davis Express from Starke, FL @ the Perry Walmart lot in mid Feb. 2013. Probably the prettiest rig I've seen for Marten Transport Ltd from Mondovi, WI. It's nice some of the T/L fleets buy different colors & use different OEM rigs in their fleets to give them some "flavor" for photo buffs like me to choose from when I run across opportunities such as this IH ProStar.
Came across this nice O/O Pete leased to John Christner Trucking from Sapulpa, Oklahoma @ the Byron, GA Pilot Travel Center in early march, 2013. The "Sweet Fleet", Nestle Transportation Company from DeKalb, Illinois with this very brightly advertised Nesquik reefer trailer @ the Byron, GA Pilot in early March, 2013. Brewton Express, a div. of ATS Specialized based in Winnfield, Louisiana with pieces of a big machine also @ the Byron, GA Pilot in early March 2013.
A nice Western Star for Doc's Express LLC from Amherst, Wisconsin layed over @ the Perry Best Inns of America in late Feb. 2013. Florida Rock & Tank Lines based in Jacksonville, FL with a new Mack Vision about to drop a load @ my local Kroger gas station the first day of March 2013. Florida Rock is probably the biggest fuel carrier around central Georgia these days. Small reefer fleet Smith from Worthington, MN was pulling this rolling billboard promoting what Worthington has to offer in hometown industry and tourism. Shot this in early March @ the Perry Walmart.
Cal Ark and an unidentified "condo" equipped KW W-9-L @ the Byron Pilot in early March 2013. Here's a unique name, Czech Zoom Express with an Illinois base plate and a slightly jazzed up Volvo VN1 beside two VN2's on a cloudy morning @ the Perry W/M. A"snazzy" F/L FLD for Brisky Trucking from Columbus, WI @ the Perry America's Best Inns.
One beautiful Pete 379 leased on with Humboldt Storage & Moving from Boston, MA @ the Kingsland, GA Petro Stopping Center in late Feb. 2013. Lot of orange in this shot! Midland City, AL based Coleman American @ the Byron, GA Pilot in early March, 2013. A KW T-660 for Walbon & Company, Inc. from Rosemount, Minnesota resting @ the Perry Walmart in early March 2013.
A great looking Western Star fro Crown Auto Transport from Hilliard, FL I found @ the Brunswick, GA Flying J @ X-29 along I-95 in mid Feb. 2013. Someone wrote Potteplace Ent. Corp. on the side of the sleeper of this older IH heavy hauler that was layed over for the weekend @ the Kingsland, GA area Wilco Hess @ X-1 on I-95. Interstate Auto Carriers, Ft Myers Beach, FL just after sunset @ the Perry W/M.
Front row @ the All State Citgo, I-75, X-121. Early morning clouds @ the Vienna, GA Pilot fuel island. ProHaul Trucking out of Arkansas @ the S.B. I-75 rest area in Dooly County, Georgia in early Mar. 2013.
McFarland Trucking from Paoli, Indiana with this outstanding KW W-9-L also @ the Dooly County rest area. Looks like Michael DeShon Trucking LLC from Stewartsville, Missouri is running an ex: Nick Strimbu IH 9400 that I caught @ the All State Citgo in Unadilla, GA in early March 2013.
Snap leasing, Inc. from can't quite make out the lettering on the cab door with this xtra sharp KW T-660 @ the Dooly County I-75 rest area. Red Rose Transport Service, Inc. out of Illinois with two Michelin twins hitching a ride to Florida @ the Perry Walmart in early March 2013. One of the Salmon Companies, Mail Contractors of America from Little Rock, Arkanss with this "mailbox" briefly stopped @ the Perry Walmart along his run between the Atlanta and Miami area's.
Load Solutions, Inc. from Ontario @ the Vienna, GA Pilot Travel Center. Glade Spring, VA Petro I-81 X-29 in Jan. 2010. One awesome looking Western Star leased on with Overbye Transport from Lakeville, Minnesota that I found @ the Pilot Travel Center located at X-60 along I-75 on the S. side of Tifton, GA in mid-March, 2013.
Fancy red Pete with an Illinois base plate on the roll from under the diesel pumps @ the new Love's on I-75 & U.S. 129, X-451 up in North Florida. R & L Transfer pulling out of a maintenance bay of the Wildwood, Florida Travel Centers of America, I-75, X-329 right near the Northern end of Florida's Ronald Reagan Turnpike. Caught this great looking horse pullman from New Hampshire as he was backing into a parking spot @ the Reddick, Florida Petro along I-75 @ X-368 under a threatening early evening sky in mid-March 2013.
A great looking trailer for Heartland Express that was at the S.B. I-95 rest area a few miles S. of Palm Bay, Florida. RAF Transport, Inc./Rose Acres Farms from Seymour, IN in the truck parking area of the Okahumpka, FL servie plaza on Florida's Turnpike. A nice looking Cascadia from Tallahassee that the operator has leased on with Atlas Van Lines Special Products Division. I found him stopped at the Okahumpka service plaza near the North end of Florida's Ronald Reagan Turnpike in mid March, 2013.
Nice backdrop to this Cypress Truck Lines IH ProStar based out of Jacksonville, FL @ the W. Melbourne Econolodge on U.S. 192 @ I-95. Both styles of Volvo VN's side by side @ the S.B. I-95 rest area @ the 169mm S. of Palm Bay, FL. Big G Express from Shelbyville, TN on the left and container hauler la Rosa del monte from S. Florida on the right. A Kansas based Pete with Smith on the cab door rolling N.B. on U.S. Route 1 in downtown Ft Pierce, FL in mid March 2013.
An O/O aero Pete leased to Baylor Trucking based in Milan, Indiana @ Breezewood, PA in Oct. 2010. Two good looking "rides" @ the Blacksburg, SC Flying J along I-85. The blue KW was leased to WDS Enterprise from Michigan and the white Pete 379 is running for Pollitt Trucking out of Southern Pines, NC.
Reinhart Food Service services my local Burger King with Salem Nationalease tractors. An O/O from Carrolton, GA operating as Frazier Trucking leased on to Nestle Transportation Co. based in DeKalb, Illinois & Glendale, California also @ the Perry W/M. Nestle's distribution center for the Southeastern U.S. is about 25 mi. S. of Atlanta right along I-75 in McDonnough, GA. Proficient Auto Transport from Jacksonville, FL @ the Perry Walmart.
Rai Bros. Express Lines Ltd. from (some little nothing town called) Surrey, British Columbia Canada @ the Perry Great Inn, X-136 on I-75.

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