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There's lots of nice rigs out there running the highways, but every once in awhile when I'm out taking truck pictures I come across a truck that "really shines" as this Freightliner Coronado leased on with Active Logistics from Marlborough, Massachusetts did. I found it in early Feb. 2013 @ the Perry Walmart sitting in the bright morning sun.
Ryder Integrated Logistics, Inc. handles the distribution work for CVS Pharmacy in Central Georgia as this Cascadia was making an early morning delivery to the Perry store in Feb. 2013. First Pete 386 I've seen for Marten Transport Ltd. from Mondovi, Wisconsin. Notice on the sleeper door of the close up shot it reads "Lite Fleet" for I assume being able to carry extra payload because the tractor is spec'd with weight saving components throughout it's design.
Big M Transportation from Blue Mountain, Mississippi @ the Max Meadows, Virginia Love's Travel Center, Jan. 2013. Abilene Motor Express, Inc. Richmond, VA also @ the Max Meadows, VA Love's in Jan. 2013. A very pretty Tennessee based Pete 389 taken in late Sept. 2012 @ the Wytheville, VA Wilco Hess Travel Center.
Florida Auto Express out of Clermont, FL delivering to Lowe Toyota in Warner Robins, GA the end of Jan. 2013. I like the newer headlight style over the previous rectangular design, but not as much as the dual round one's on the Pete 359's. An O/O leased on with Lumber Transport, Inc. from Cochran, GA waiting his turn to fuel up @ the Perry Flash Foods fuel stop & C-store in Feb. 2013.
Found this former Refrigerated Transport trailer a highway contractor was using as a storage trailer @ a local road project. Back in the late 60's & 70's RTC was one of the biggest reefer outfits in the U.S. Glad the logo was still in half decent condition after all these years. One of Fuel South Express from Waycross, GA Cascadia's drops a load of unleaded @ their I-75 X-136 fuel stop in Perry during early Feb. 2013. This gray Western Star has Cool Moves LLC. lettered on the upper part of the sleeper and a Tennessee base plate. Feb. 2013 @ the Perry W/M.
Florida Motor Express, Graceville, FL on this all white Western Star with a load of rolled plastic almost like what trash bags are made out of. Also @ the Perry W/M in Feb. 2013. A Pete with refreshing colors pulling for Bonus Transportation, Inc. out of Apopka, FL @ the Perry W/M in early Feb. 2013. Only angle available on this John Deere load @ the All State Citgo in early Feb. 2013.
Just as I went to shoot this picture of this beautiful Pete 379 from Kentucky another Pete was pulling in beside it so this was all I could get of the drivers side. The passenger's side @ the All State Citgo in Unadilla, GA. Old Dominion @ the Wilco Hess right by the NC border along I-85, X-106 in SC.
Only shot I could get of this Saia sleeper team IH ProStar that had just pulled into the N.B. I-475 rest area near Macon, GA as we were about to pull out. Schuster from LeMars, Iowa (the ice cream capital of the U.S.) @ the Perry W/M. Toll based in Carteret, NJ & Lawrenceburg, TN and operated by FMI, Inc. sure has a color that stands out in a crowd. I caught this Volvo VN2 @ the Flying J on I-95 near Brunswick, GA Exit 29 in mid Feb. 2013.
A nice background @ the Wilco Hess Travel Plaza just N. of the GA/FL line on I-95 for this extra long nose IH Eagle pulling a Leonard's Transportation reefer which is based in NY State. A super nice Pete for McCollister's United just after sunrise @ the Wilco Hess, X-1 on I-95 near Kingland, GA in mid Feb. 2013.
An older Volvo WG for Hansen & Adkins Auto Transport @ the Kingland, GA Petro. Long Haul Trucking from Albertville, Minnesota operates some of the nicest & fanciest rigs for a fleet it's size. This VN "condo" had just pulled under the fuel island canopy @ the Kingland, GA Petro as I was about to pull out. Goodyear race car tires for the Daytona Nascar events with a Penske VN tractor @ the Kingsland, GA Petro.
Early a.m. pictures of this beautiful KW-9-L for S & M Transport from Morristown, NY that I found @ the Kingsland, GA Petro in mid Feb. 2013.
On their way to Daytona, the Monster Energy race team @ the Brunswick, GA Flying J, I-95 X-29. A sharp Pete 379 for Quebec based Forino Produce also @ the Brunswick, GA Flying J in mid Feb. 2013. The driver of this Freightliner Coronado for Chattanooga Boiler & Tank Co. from Chattanooga, TN positions himself to back into a parking slot @ the Kingland, GA Petro in mid Feb. 2013.
An International with a very distinctive hood and sunvisor for Comet Express from Homestead, Florida that was fueling up at the Kingland, GA Wilco Hess as the low morning sun was all over it. I liked the short pup trailer this U.S. Foods IH was pulling behind him when I found him eating breakfast @ the Perry, GA Chick-fil-A in late Feb. 2013.
This Honey Transport, Inc. from Plymouth, FL looked really nice sitting @ the Perry Walmart in Late Feb. 2013. Both the Prime, Inc. Cascadia & the Clopay Volvo VN2 shared the pole postion also @ Perry Walmart. The #42 ARCA team of Crosley headed out of the Brunswick, GA Love's @ X-29 on I-95.
I believe this Aaron's race car hauler belonged to the Michael Waltrip team that was in line to enter the Blue Beacon Truck Wash @ X-29 on I-95 near Brunswick, GA in mid Feb. 2013. A super nice Mack Vision hauling one of the dirt racing cars that raced on Daytona Beachs' beach on his way back to Illinois.
Came across this O/O leased to Wayne T. Fellows, Inc. from Davenport, FL @ the Perry Walmart in late Feb. 2013 who was making his final trip in this Pete up to Michigan before he trades it in on a newer KW when he returns to Florida. He said he use to have a big lighted cross that sat above the cab in front of the airshield that he had just removed for the trade in.
This was a really pretty KW the O/O has leased to National Van Lines. The trailer was parked out on the Kingsland, GA Petro lot, but with the close up shot you can see his name in on the exhaust stack chrome guard. I couldn't pass this beauty up even without a trailer and under the fueling canopy.

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