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Atlas Van Lines agent A-1 Movers, Inc. from Superior, WI @ the Perry Best Inns of America. A big bunk independent auto hauler from Ft Lauderdale, FL "dieseling up" @ the Perry Flash Foods fuel stop, X-136 on I-75 just before Christmas 2012. Transco, Inc./Performance Food Group out of their Austell, Georgia delivering to the Perry, GA Wendy's in Nov. 2012.
A flat roof sleeper Pete for BTI Special Commodities out of Des Moines, Iowa that was delivering some of the structural steel for a new Kroger gas station in Warner Robins, Georgia from a plant in Ottawa, Kansas in Dec. 2012. Cal Ark from North Little Rock, Arkansas and P.A.M. Transport from Tontitown, Arkansas layed over at the Byron, Georgia Pilot a few days before Christmas 2012. Early morning scene @ the Southbound I-75 rest area (about the 118 m.m.) in Dooly County, Georgia.
Purdy Bros. from Loudon, Tennesse with a Freightliner Coronado at the Byron Pilot as the sun was just coming up in Dec. 2012. Big G Trucking Co. Inc. from Tifton, GA layed over @ the Byron Pilot Travel Center early New Year's morning 2013. A few parking spots down from the Big G LoneStar @ the Byron Pilot also early New Year's 2013 morning was this LoneStar for Benny Whitehead from Eufaula, Alabama.
Here's 2 more angles of the Benny Whitehead LoneStar @ the Byron Pilot. I have a feeling they use it as a driver recruitment tool in addition to freight hauling. T. Haul Tank Lines LLC from Springfield, Missouri in what looks like an ex: Tri-State Pete next to a J & J Holdings IH ProStar from Avon, Indiana @ the Byron Pilot.
Yarbrough Trucking, Inc. out of Pace, Florida (near Pensacola) and a Walmart F/L Cascadia from their LaGrange, GA DC @ the Perry Walmart on the first day of 2013. Cleveland, Ohio based Executive Moving Division Allied agent @ the Byron Pilot. An interesting looking Cascadia with the racing stripes for Prime, Inc. @ the Byron Pilot.
My only angle available on this Trailwood Transport Ltd. Cascadia from Alliston, Ontario. An O/O leasing this ex: C & W Freightliner Columbia back to C & W Trucking from Winter Garden, FL. Taken @ dawn by the entrance into the Perry Walmart plaza. A real pretty KW W9L from Florida at the Perry Burger King in Nov. 2012.
Another O/O that has his Alaska base plated Freightliner FLD leased to Mason Dixon from Warren, Michigan @ the Perry Walmart. A tough looking Pete @ the S.B. I-75 Dooly County rest area in Dec. 2012. Pete 386 from Oklahoma City, OK based Freymiller @ the Byron Pilot Travel Plaza.
Musco Lighting from Muscatine, Iowa in the fog @ the All State Citgo in Unadilla, GA. Doug Andrus Distributing LLC from Idaho Falls, ID @ the Vienna, GA Pilot. Unidentified white Pete 379 in the #1 closest spot @ All State Citgo.
Galway Bay Transport out of Florida with this pretty KW W-9-L @ the All State Citgo in Unadilla taken @ the Ft Chiswell, VA Flying J in mid Oct. 2012. Super Service #4180 from Somerset, Kentucky parked @ the S.B. I-75 rest area in Dooly County, GA taken @ the Ft Chiswell, VA Flying J in mid Oct. 2012. Someone's private motor coach and trailer with a Montana base plate at the Ft Chiswell, VA Flying J as the sun was coming up. Lot of $$ invested in this set-up for sure taken @ the Ft Chiswell, VA Flying J in mid Oct. 2012.
A Pete 379 leased to B & B Trucking from Orleans, Vermont hauling a load of rods of some kind. Holtapp from Illinois with an empty livestock trailer and a good looking KW W-9-L. CRST from Cedar Rapids, IA @ the Perry Walmart in early Jan 2013.
Smith Transport from Roaring Spring, PA on a foggy Jan. 2013 morning @ the Perry Walmart. This Ford 9000 pulling a milk tanker looks like it could be from the early 1980's but it was April 2012 on U.S. 62 in downtown Berlin, Ohio. Foodgrade hauler Homan Trucking from Monroeville, Ohio @ a S.B. I-77 rest area in West Virginia.
Here's the Kozy Kabin 2 that the O/O has leased on with Landstar. A Michigan based O/O with his IH Eagle leased to J.B. Hunt at the Hebron, Ohio T/A on I-70 E. of Columbus.
One of Mast Trucking's pretty KW T-6's from Millersburg, Ohio rolling into Berlin on U.S. 62 in April 2012. A KW from NY State that was at the I-81 Pilot about 12 miles North of the I-81/I-78 split above the Hershey, PA area in Sept, 2012. Allied Van Lines & Martin's Pastry Shoppe from Chambersburg, PA with one of their new Mack Pinnacles @ the Commerce, GA T/A in early Dec. 2012.
Batesville Logistics, Inc./Batesville Casket Co. twin pups @ the Greencastle, PA T/A in Sept. 2012. An O/O's Freightliner FLD leased on with Jones Motor Co. with two new ambulances for St Luke's on the move @ the Carlisle, PA Flying J in Sept. 2012. Kalmbach Feeds trucking arm Kalmbach Trucking, Inc. from Upper Sandusky, Ohio rolling West into Berlin on Ohio Route 39.
Grain hauler Schroer Trucking, Inc. Brownstown, Indiana waiting to unload in Shipshewana, IN during April 2012. D. Hennebert Trucking LLC from Bethesda, Ohio with his outstnading Pete @ the Marathon travel center on I-65, X-2 near Franklin, Kentucky in April 2012. As we were rolling N.B. on I-77 I saw one of Hill's Inc. from Fries, VA IH LoneStar's coming toward us. I said "here comes a LoneStar" and she had he digital in her hand and nailed it pretty darn good on very short notice.
I usually don't shoot R.V.'s unless there is something different or unique looking about them such as this Freightliner FLD from Maury County, Georgia is. You just never know what's going to come off of I-75 to the Perry Walmart. Midland Transport Ltd Cascadia #604434-12 @ the Max Meadows, VA Love's Travel Center, I-81, X-84. Driver told me he was out of the terminal on Prince Edward Island, Canada.
Greatwide Dedicated Transport seems to have the main hauling contract for Kroger with Ruan Transportation as the secondary contractor. Here, a Greatwide followed by a W.L.A. from Mt. Airy, NC make their way back to I-81 on the connector road between U.S. 11 & the interstate. A Cheeseman IH ProStar from Ft Recovery, Ohio is headed for one of the DC's just off of I-81. U.S. Foods from thier Atlanta area DC at a restaurant in downtown Perry. The driver siad U.S. Foods has one DC to serve all of Georgia and uses an overnight shuttle relay system to deliver statewide all day long.
An O/O leased on with Howell's Motor Freight from Roanoke, VA @ Kangaroo Express C-store & fuel stop X-84 on I-81 near max meadows, VA. A small town in the "Keystone State" of Pennsylvania is the "home 20" for an O/O by the name of Rugg that was parked @ the Max Meadows, VA Love's Travel Center in mid Jan. 2013. This was an exceptional looking KW all cleaned & shined up.
A Walmart Cascadia from thier LaGrange, GA DC with some personalized lettering on it. Dr. Jon and his Recovery Room A @ the Perry Walmart in late Jan. 2013. A local Pete dump entering S.B. I-75 @ the 136 m.m. in Perry. Had to get another angle on this IH LoneStar for Big G Transportation, Inc. as he was back again @ the Byron, GA Pilot in late Jan 2013.

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