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IH Eagle for Wytheville, VA based livestock hauler Maykensaw @ the Wytheville Wilco Hess, X-77 on I-77/I-81. I've shot these Sheetz Cascadia's before at the Mt Jackson, VA Sheetz Travel Plaza, but they looked so good sitting in the mid-morning sun with the FedEx Ground Pete climbing the overpass behind them. Scenic view behind the Toms Brook, VA Wilco Hess.
I really liked the looks of this new Mack Pinnacle for Moncton, New Brunswick based Armour Transportation Systems that was at the Woodstock Irving Big Stop during the Canadain Thanksgiving weekend in early October 2012. Big Freight Systems, Inc. from Steinbach, Manitoba hooked to a MinStar Transport freight box from Minnesota also @ the Woodstock Irving Big Stop. I saw alot of Gibberson Transport Ltd from Miramichi, NB pulling containers out the Port of Halifax and those unit's had Gibberson's Transport Ltd. on the cab door. Now the over the road divison goes by Gibberson Transport Ltd like this ProStar that was @ Dysart's in Hermon, Maine.
Premium Transportation, the hauling divison of Premium Seafood Group based in Arichat, Nova Scotia was at an Irving Big Stop North of Halifax on Trans Canada Route 102, X-7. The driver spoke with a heavy Irish accent and was very proud that I was taking a picture of his Western Star. I talked with many friendly Canadian drivers while I was up in the Atlantic Maritime provinces who welcomed me taking pictures of their rigs. A real sharp IH LoneStar @ the Woodstock, NB Irving Big Wheel leased to Gil Trucking from Edmunston, New Brunswick..
Caught this Daily Express, Inc. heavy hauler with a Grove crane rolling on W.B. PA Route 16 near I-81 at Greencastle, PA early in the morning during mid Oct. 2012. Sebade Trucking LLC. from Emerson, Nebraska was at Cockerham's Gulf near Hillsville, Va with this pretty blue KW T-660 in late Sept. 2012. Eastern Cargo Ltd. out of Scotsburn, Nova Scotia was hauling this hefty load of lumber and had pulled into the Irving Big Stop a few miles North of the Halifax International Airport along Route 102 @ X-7.
G & G Livestock LLC. based in Max Meadows, VA was parked @ the Greencastle, PA livestock auction lot before sunrise in late Sept. 2012.
Two "livestockers" for Quebec based Com-Anix resting @ the Irving Big Stop right @ the Nova Scotia/New Brunswick border along the Trans Canada near the village of Aulac, NB in early Oct. 2012. Pole Star Transport, Inc. from Halifax, NS (a div. of Armour Transportation Systems) at the Enfield, Nova Scotia Irving Big Stop near the Halifax International Airport. A real beauty of a Volvo VN for Sydney, Nova Scotia based Tom MacDonald Trucking Ltd. @ the Truro, NS Irving Big Stop.
Clarke Road Transport, Inc. based in Halifax, Nova Scotiais big up across the Atlantic Maritime Provinces of Canada.
A Sunday morning sunrise found this Cascadia resting @ the Houlton, Maine Irving Big Stop. A dropframe load of crushed metal was being pulled by this Clarke Road Cascadia that i found at the Truro, Nova Scotia Irving Big Stop along Route 102. This Cascadia parked next to the sharp Pete leased to Bestway Transport were at the Woodstock, New Brunswick Irving Big Stop.
Caravan Logistics, Inc. out of Oakville, Ontario also at the Miramichi, NB Iriving fuel center. An Irving KW T-8 hooked to a Canadian "super tanker" dropping a load of unleaded @ the Miramichi, New Brunswick Irving on Route 11. An interesting Freightliner "club cab" for a New Brunswick, NB based construction outfit that had stopped in for coffee and donuts @ Tim Horton's next to the Woodstock, NB Irving Big Stop.
Both Caldwell & Sunbury use to deliver lumber from New Brunswick to where my Dad use to work @ O'Connor Lumber when I was a teenager.
This Sunbury IH ProStar lists St John as it's home base and might be a new color scheme they have switched to. I found this one at the Woodstock, NB Irving Big Stop right off of Trans Canada Route 2. Two Sunbury Transport Limited rigs parked side by side @ the Kittery, Maine Irving Big Stop. The F/L Cascadia lists St John, NB as it's home base and is a Ryder owned unit while the Pete 386 lists Fredericton, NB as it's "20" on the cab door. Caldwell Transport Ltd. from the port city of St John, New Brunswick at the Greencastle, PA Travel Centers of America along I-81 , X-5.
Kriska from somewhere in Ontario @ the Ft Chiswell, VA Flying J. You see lots of these on I-81! Tim Horton's from their Nova Scotia distribution center making a delivery to one of their company stores on Route 11 between Shediac & Miramichi, New Brunswick. We were walking out of the Canada duty free store right before you hit U.S. Customs and this LoneStar leased to Highland Transport came rolling toward me. By the time I could dig my digital camera out of my pocket, aim & fire this was the best I could get because it won't focus while it's zooming in. Didn't want to miss a Lonestar opportunity though.
U.S. 30 on the Eastside of Lancaster is a great spot to watch trucks and get some decent pictures if you have time to kill and wait. The day we were in PA Amish it was heavy overcast and drizzling plus I only had a short time to snap a handful of pictures. So I had to shoot what I could.

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