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A North Florida O/O pulling this foodgrade milk tanker was @ the Warner Robins, GA Pilot in mid Sept. 2011. Hatcher Dairy Cattle from Kentucky was at a C-store right by X-127 of I-75 near Henderson, GA in late Aug. 2011.
A Prime Freightliner Cascadia with foodgrade tanker @ the Warner Robins, GA Pilot in Sept. 2011. A great looking Western Star heavy hauler for DRP from Lagro, IN layed over at the All State Citgo near Unadilla, GA in Sept. 2011. Don't see too many Abbotsford, British Columbia based Can-Am West Carriers, Inc. rigs here in Georgia, but I found this colorful Pete @ the All State Citgo in Unadilla, Ga in late Sept. 2011.
Flying J Transportation, Inc. IH ProStar @ the Warner Robins, GA Pilot in mid-Sept. 2011. It's rather strange to see a Flying J tanker delivering to a Pilot Travel Plaza, but since they are now one company the fleets have been combined. A YRC, Inc. Volvo with a Sea Star intermodal container @ the Perry, GA Walmart in Sept. 2011. This made me crazy. When we pulled into the Lee Hi Travel Plaza on the way back to GA in mid Aug. 2011. I saw this great looking Mack for Service Transport Company out of Houston, TX. When I went to take it's picture the driver "high tailed it" out of there and this is what I wound up with.  
A Volvo autohauler for Centurion Auto Transport from Jacksonville, FL @ the Perry, GA Jameson Inn in Sept. 2011. Here's an interesting set-up. This pup trailer is part tanker and part freight box blended in together for Macon, GA based McPherson Companies. He was delivering both bulk oil and boxes of motor oil to a Perry, GA fast oil change establishment in Sept. 2011. Here we have a Pete for Atlas Van Lines agent Blair Moving & Storage from Macon, GA getting ready to pull out of the Warner Robins Pilot Travel Center in early Sept. 2011.
An unidentified O/O's Freightliner Classic from the Tampa, FL area that was @ the Perry Walmart in Aug. 2011. Northbound I-81 rest area near New Market, VA in Aug 2011. Tip Top Poultry, Inc. from Marietta, GA with this Mack Vision @ the Perry Walmart in Aug. 2011.
Found this Green Valley Transportation F/L Argosy from Tracy, CA layed over @ the Warner Robins Pilot Travel Center in Sept. 2011. These are neat looking set-up's. An interesting ag trailer being pulled by this Freightliner Century Series for Virginia based Southern States Cooperative from their Pinehurst, Georgia location that was at the All State Citgo in early Oct. 2011. Swift Transportation of Arizona LLC with a pretty nice looking IH ProStar @ the Perry Walmart on a wet early Oct. 2011 morning.
The lettering is very small, but it appears to read David Ace with an Indiana base plate on this sunrise shot of the KW W-9-L @ the Perry Walmart in Oct. 2011. A day break shot of a good looking Indian River Transport aero Pete from Winter Haven, Florida also @ the Perry Walmart in Oct. 2011. Boaty's Produce, Inc. & Triple R Express, Inc. out of Jackson, GA are one in the same and operate with interchangable units reguarly. This IH ProStar's must live around Perry as I see him parked in the same spot part of each weekend.
This Preferred Pine Straw, Inc. Volvo VN2 from Branford, Florida was hauling a load of bulky insulation back South when he pulled into the Perry Walmart lot in early Oct. 2011. ViStar with corporate headquarters in Denver, Colorado services this part of Georgia with these Penske leased Freightliner Cascadia's. This one was at the Perry Walmart in Oct. 2011. P.W. Chamberlin, Inc. from W. Leipsic, Ohio always brings down bedding straw every October for the Georgia National Fair in Perry. This Pete with a big load is waiting to get in during early Oct. 2011.
A super sharp Pete for an owner operator going by the name of Imme Transport, Inc. from Waterford, WI who had pulled into the All State Citgo in Unadilla, Ga in Sept. 2011. This super looking Volvo O/O for the Allied agent is from Port Huron, Michigan and was at the W. Memphis, AR Petro in late Oct. 2011. Two E.B. Volvo VN-2's on I-40 in W. Memphis, AR.
FedEx IH ProStar near the Marion, Arkansas entrance ramp to N.B. I-55 on a foggy morning in late Oct. 2011. Found this Heding Truck Service, Inc. Mack Vision from Union Center, Wisconsin @ the Love's Travel Center on I-40 near Forrest City, Arkansas in late Oct. 2011. Did a double take and made a quick U-turn when I saw this old Fruehauf furniture van sitting alongside historic Route 66 (now U.S. 69) between Miami & Afton, Oklahoma in late Oct. 2011.
This is the view looking out the window from inside the McDonald's "glass palace" service plaza that sits over the top of The Will Rogers Turnpike (I-44) between Tulsa, Oklahoma and Joplin, Missouri near Vinita, OK. Wildcat Transportation livestocker from Colorado at a Flying J on I-40 not far from Russellville, AR. Tanker fleet Quality Transportation from Halltown, MO has a very impressive fleet of sleeper units I saw running all over S.W. Missouri.
Found this "classic A model" KW with the name of Rees on the cab door @ the Midwest Petroleum Travel Plaza in Cuba, Missouri (I-44 X-208). An awesome Pete about to pull under the fuel conopy @ the huge and super busy Joplin, Missouri Petro on I-44 X-4 in late Oct. 2011. UPS Freight sleeper team Volvo W.B. on the Poplar Street bridge (I-55, I-64 & I-70) over the Mississippi River about to enter St Louis, MO.
A GMC General heavy wrecker and an IH COE that I believe have been retired from recovery duties and now sit @ the former General Lee 66 truck stop @ X-288 on I-40 near Cookeville, TN. Just when I thought Pilot Flying J had settled on this red color for their combined fleet I saw a white Freightliner Cascadia rolling for them on I-40 in Tennessee. This Cascadia was @ their Lebanon, Tennessee location, (I-40 X-238) in late Oct. 2011. Found this classy looking IH Fleetstar on Business Route 421 in downtown Siler City, NC the last day of Oct. 2011.
This big bunk KW T-600 for an Atlas Van Lines agent was waiting to be cleaned right next to the Love's Travel Center located on U.S. 78 just South of I-240 on the S. side of Memphis, Tennessee. An older, but well kept IH 9200 for an O/O whose last name is Moody from somewhere in Missouri. He was parked @ the I-22 Mississippi Welcome Center near Fulton, MS in Oct. 2011. Two Westbound rigs coming off the Ohio River bridge (built in 1938) that links Kentucky to Illinois just South of Cairo, Illinois.
Jonesboro, Arkansas based Star Transportation delivering to a Southwest Missouri Walmart on U.S. 71 just North of the Arkansas line in late oct. 2011. A Westbound Pete on I-44 in Central Missouri pulling a bulker lettered Dahlsten which I believe is out of Clay Center, Nebraska. Early the next morning this Jack Cooper Transport Sterling was at our Cahokia hotel and must have pulled in sometime late night.
I shot this Nu-Way aero Pete from Bloomington, Illinois as it was almost dark at the hotel we stayed at in Cahokia, IL. Here's a shot of W.B. traffic on the Poplar St. Bridge which until the new interstate bridge is completed carries I-55/I-64 & I-70 traffic over the Mississippi River between E. St Louis, IL & downtown St Louis, MO. I thought this general lineup @ the Mt Vernon, Missouri T/A (I-44 X-46) made for a decent shot.
A fuel carrier by the name of Wallis based in Cuba, Missouri offloading product @ the Midwest Petroleum Travel Center along I-44 in Cuba, MO. As I was fueling up our vehicle Lisa caught this great looking Pete pulling into the Joplin, MO Petro in late Oct. 2011. Just as I was about to wrap up my walk around at the Strafford, MO T/A this big bunk KW T-660 for Canton, MI based Reliable Carriers pulled up to the fuel islands to wait his turn for an open island.
I found both these extra heavy haulers layed over for the weekend @ the W. Memphis, Arkansas Petro Stopping Center.

This blue beefed up T-800 was for Contractors Cargo Co. from Houston, Texas.

This white KW, sorry, but I did not catch the name or where he was from.
Came across a good photo opportunity for this Old Dominion Freight Lines Freightliner Cascadia sleeper team unit @ the W. Memphis, Arkansas Petro in late Oct. 2011.
Ag hauler Buchheit from around the Cape Giradeau, Missouri area parked @ the West Memphis, Arkansas Flying j on I-40 & I-55. A super looking Volvo VN2 for Somerset, NJ based Budd Van Lines that I took @ the W. Memphis, AR Flying J in late Oct. 2011. An O/O with this big Volvo 770 leased to reefer fleet HVH Transportation from Denver, Colorado layed over @ the Memphis, Tennessee Love's Travel Center along I-240 at the U.S. 78 exit.
I saw a fair number of Anthony, Kansas based Farmer's Oil Co., Inc. anhydrous ammonia pressure tankers in Missouri & Oklahoma. They have some real sharp O/O's leased to them. This Pete was alongside U.S. 69 (and the former U.S. Route 66) just North of Afton, Oklahoma. A Green Mountain State based Western Star that I believe reads Strong Trucking from Vermont. I found him @ the Joplin, Missouri Petro Stopping Center, X-4 of I-44. One big and very busy truckers stop. Ben E. Keith a Ft Worth, TX foodservice distributor with a Freightliner M2 out of their Oklahoma City, OK distribution center that was spending the night at the same hotel we were in Bentonville, AR in late Oct. 2011.
You don't see all too many of these SBFA Freightliner COE's on the highway anymore. This one belonged to J.A. Orellana Trucking from Cushing, Oklahoma and was at the Galloway, Arkansas Petro which is a few miles East of Little Rock, AR along I-40. Performance Food Group (PFG Little Rock) in the fog delivering to the Forrest City, Arkansas Love's Travel Center @ X-233 on I-40. A new aero Pete with the new color for Pilot Flying J dropping a load of unleaded @ the Russellville, Arkansas Flying J along I-40.
United Petroleum Transports, Inc. based in Oklahoma City, OK delivering to a Murphy Express station @ X-85 of I-540 in Bentonville, Arkansas. Note this Freightliner Columbia also wears the OTL (Oklahoma Tank Lines) logo just below the 2358 tractor number. Empire Express from Memphis, Tennessee with a Freightliner Cascadia @ a former Winn Dixie parking lot along Georgia Route 96 in Houston County. A couple of tough Mack farm rigs taking Sunday off during the fall harvest right off of Georgia Route 224 in Macon County.
High Country Transportation, Inc. aero Pete wearing a Utah base plate that was parked in the closest spot to the entrance door of the W. Memphis, Arkansas Petro in late oct. 2011. Two "Eastbounders" on I-40 rolling past the W. Memphis, AR Flying J. One fantastic looking Peterbilt whose business is named Rawhide Express, Inc. from Wyoming that the O/O has leased to Bennett Motor Express from McDonough, Georgia. He was doing some last minute polishing on his pride and joy before he headed East on U.S. 78 from the Memphis Tennessee Love's Travel Center.

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