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An extra sharp O/O's black Pete from Oregon
taken @ the Perry Walmart in Jan. 2011.
Hartt Transportation from Maine with the red IH & an unidentified O/O's Freightliner Classic. Taken @ the Perry Walmart in Jan. 2011. O & H or O & R Transport, Inc. from California. Check out the hood ornament! Taken @ the Perry Walmart in Jan. 2011.
Cox Refrigerated Express, Inc. from Dallas, TX. Taken at the Wildwood, FL Travel Centers of America I-75 X-329 during Feb. 2011. JCT - John Christner Trucking, Inc. Sapulpa, OK also at the Wildwood, FL T/A during Feb. 2011. Southern Cal Transport from Birmingham, AL & Memphis, TN layed over at the W. Melbourne, FL Hampton Inn on U.S. 192 & I-95 during Feb. 2011.
Werner Enterprises from Omaha, Nebraska with a new Dollar General freight box at the Wildwood, FL Pilot Travel Center during Feb. 2011. A Sterling w/ big bunk leased to United Van Lines with corporate headquarters in Fenton, Missouri at Wildwood T/A during Feb. 2011. Roadway your way at the Tifton, GA Pilot Travel Center. I-75, X-60.
Gregorie Trucking Ltd. East Grand Forks, Minnesota at the Perry Walmart. (He lost his custom rear trailer wheel covers somehow). A beautiful KW leased on with Cincinnati, Ohio based Ace Doran with block of a big engine at the S.B. I-75 rest area just South of Unadilla, Georgia.
Evans Equipment Co. Inc. International from Butler, Indiana at the Tifton, GA Pilot. Roadway (operated by YRC) 2002 Volvo with a mix set of pups at the Perry, GA Burger King X-136 of I-75.
A big Volvo 770 leased to Mercer Trucking from Louisville and a Freightliner Coronado leased on with Landstar from Jacksonville, FL on a rainy February 2011 day at the Wildwood, FL T/A I-75 X-329. White Oak Transport Limited out of Stoney Creek, Ontario Canada with this terrific looking KW T-660 just after daybreak at the Perry Walmart lot.
Early morning drivers resting along the on ramp of E.B. I-40 X-412 in East Tennessee. Came across this Exotic Car Transport Pete at the Love's Travel Center on I-40 at X-412 East of Kodak, Tennessee in August 2010. Express 1 out of Buchanon, Michigan at the Knoxville West Petro at X-369 of I-40 & I-75.
An Ingles Grocery Volvo VN (shot by Lisa) W.B. on I-40 just out of "The Gorge" where TN & NC meet in the Great Smoky Mountains in Aug. 2010. Walgreen's IH 8600 "piker" at the Fort Drum Service Plaza S. of the Yeehaw Junction Exit on Florida's Turnpike.
Two different logos on these Roadway (Operated by YRC, Inc.) air shield's taken at the All State Citgo in Unadilla, Georgia. Two different color bumpers also. B & A Hyder Trucking Co. Inc. from Hendersonville, NC had this extra sharp Pete parked at the Wildwood, FL Gate fuel stop which is across I-75 from the big T/A & Wildwood Pilot at X-329. Yellow (operated by YRC) Volvo at the All State Citgo I-75 X-121 in Unadilla, GA.
Here's an IH 8600 for Cobra Towing & Transport from Okeechobee, Florida with a load of cars fueling up at the Ft Drum Service Plaza on Florida's Turnpike in Feb. 2011. It reads Neighbors Moving & Storage on the side of this straight job, but the lettering on the cab door reads Father and Son Relocation Services, Inc. from Medford, Massachusetts. Estes IH 8100 with a GI tail pup in the Perry Kroger parking lot also in fall 2010.
Here's an Allied Systems Ltd parked beside the Perry McDonald's at X-136 of I-75 in Feb 2011. Was coming out of Kroger next door and saw him so I grabbed my camera and caught him just before he drove off. The 3rd weekend in February is the annual big rodeo and cattle show at the Georgia National Fairgrounds in Perry. I caught this Gaines Cattle livestock that had Georgia plates there during the 2011 show. These were the best angles I had to work with from the postion of the early a.m. sun.
Airgas Carbonics, Inc. with a Ryder System lease Freightliner Columbia in the early morning fog at the Perry, GA Walmart in Feb. 2011. An eye catcher Pete leased on with Ennis Transportation Co. Inc. from Coal City, Illinois.
Love's Travel Centers in-house carrier Gemini Transportation, Inc. based in Oklahoma with Freightliner Cascadia #270 ready to hit the road to pickup another load for the Ft Pierce facility right across from X-152 of Florida's Turnpike. The driver of this Publix Sterling had stopped out front of our local Publix Supermarket in Feb. 2011 so I took advantage of the easy photo opportunity. Freightliner Coronado leased to Memphis, TN based Transcarriers at the Tifton, GA Pilot X-60 of I-75 Feb. 2011.
Paper Transport, Inc. from Green Bay, WI at the W. Melbourne Econo Lodge/Rodeway Inn. The two motel's share the same parking lot and is the same property that use to be the Days Inn that I took alot of my Florida pic's at in the 1990's and early 2000's. Swift Arrow Auto Transport from Jacksonville, FL is a regular at a Perry motel. Nothing fancy, but the FLD makes for a clean all business looking tractor for this owner operator. The name Swift Arrow is a good play on words also. A flower/plant nursery fleet from Fletcher, NC with a Ryder lease Columbia at the S.B. side of the Ft Drum service plaza on Florida's Turnpike, Feb. 2011.
A lot of FedEx Ground units look pretty much the same, but every once in a while one will stand out like this Western Star @ the Perry Walmart in Feb. 2011. This FedEx Express FLD visited the Perry, GA Chick-Fil-A when I did so he basically came right to me in early March, 2011. Crete ProStar along U.S. 41 Perry, GA Jan. 2011.
The driver of this Ronnie Dowdy Western Star from Batesville, Arkansas had pulled into the Perry Walmart lot to eat @ the Waffle House next door in Feb. 2011. U.S. Xpress Enterprises had acquired the majority share of C & C Trucking of Duncan, SC a few years back but kept the name. However, now it appears they are being merged into Arnold Transportation Services as both C & C and Arnold I believe are primarily retail chain store carriers. I like C & C's colors, too bad they are fading away. An interesting mix of two fleets, Ashely Distribution Services from Arcadia, Wisconsin pulling a Heartland trailer layed over at the Perry, GA Great Inn X-136 of I-75 in February 2011.
Dawes Contract Carriage out of Waterford, Wisconsin at the Perry, Georgia Walmart Feb. 2011.
WOW, what a beautiful ride!
Orgill Worldwide Distribution and Retail Services from their Tifton, Georgia distribution center with a leased Ryder System Freightliner Columbia at the Perry, GA Burger King lot in February 2011. GSX-Great Southern Xpress from Dalton, Georgia at the All State Citgo in Unadilla I-75 X-121, Feb. 2011. B and B Ag hauling from Unadilla, Georgia doesn't run fancy rigs by any means. But the ag related segment of trucking including livestock haulers are my personal photo interest favorites. This was taken in Feb. 2011 next to the Norfolk Southern mainline tracks in downtown Unadilla.
Kennesaw Transportation from the North Atlanta suburb of White, Georgia with a great looking IH ProStar at the Perry Walmart in March 2011. A closeup of the Kennesaw ProStar, that early morning sun was reflecting "big time" off the rig. Knight Refrigerated from Dallas, TX (it says on the sleeper) at the Warner Robins, Georgia Walmart in March 2011.

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