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Another IH Eagle for Morrell Farms from somewhere in Pennsylvania on the move headed out of the All State Travel Plaza in Unadilla, Georgia in June 2010. This was one massive front end loader when fully assembled. However only the main body section was aboard this Keen Transport, Inc. Pete @ the Petro on I-40 X-369 W. of Knoxville, TN Aug 22, 2010.
Got blocked in by slow moving traffic on W.B. I-40 in East Tennessee Aug. 23, 2010 so thought I'd take a shot while I waited for my turn to pass. Found this wood chip hauler parked along Georgia Route 26 in Montezuma in Early Aug. 2010. There is a big pulpwood plant a few miles S.W. of Montezuma so I assume that's his main revenue source. This sure is an interesting looking trailer that this Ryder leased Volvo Columbia with the name Virioiun on the cab door has attached. He was layed over at the Great Inn at X-136 of I-75 in Perry, GA.
Alexander's Moving & Storage at the Perry, GA Great Inn August 2010. American Atlas agent from Waynesboro & Charlottesville,Virginia layed over at the Hampton Inn @ X-136 of I-75 in Perry. Also in Aug. 2010. JK Moving & Storage (unit 364) from Sterling, Virginia at the Perry, GA Walmart in early August 2010.
Here's enough onions to last for awhile! An O/O leased on with Mercer Transportation from Louisville, KY picked up these onions out in California and was headed somewhere up in the Northeast the morning of Aug 24, 2010. He had stopped at the TR Travel Center at X-412 of I-40 in East Tennessee. My favorite brand of ice cream, Blue Bell Creameries LP from out in Texas with one of their Freightliner Cascadia's layed over at a Comfort Suites where I-85 & U.S. 441 meet near Commerce Northeast of Atlanta on Aug 24, 2010. Karen Van (something) blue Freightliner Classic from Florida taking on a load of fresh Georgia peaches at Dickey Farms in the tiny hamlet of Muesella, GA (about 25 miles West of Macon) in early August 2010.
An IH Lonestar that was in the 2010 Shell Super Rigs contest at the Lee Hi Travel Center near Lexington, VA. It's proud owner is Streett Trucking from Quicksburg, VA. Now this was one eye catcher of a ride!! Harrisonburg Motor Express, Harrisonburg, VA at the 2010 Shell Super rigs show.
Unidentified Pete, but was at the Shell Super Rigs Show and this picture was taken at the big Ft Chiswell, VA Flying J on I-81 & I-77 in June 2010. B & T Express out of North Lima, Ohio runs quite a few of these International's pulling Conestoga wagon's. I caught this one the evening of June 12, 2010 at the Troutville, VA Travel Centers of America, X-150 on I-81. B & T reminds me alot of B & P Motor Express from Pittsburgh, PA that had a big special commodities steel division to complement their LTL operation. Here's an interesting load, a TMC on a TMC. Kind of looks like they just drove to the Pete factory and picked it up. It also might be a glider kit. I caught this June 13, 2010 at Brintles Travel Plaza at X-100 (North Carolina Route 89) of I-77.
Late afternoon Sept. 15, 2010 we were S.B. on I-75 when this new FedEx KW-T-660 cruised on past us at about the 139 mm. Lisa snapped these two shots of him passing us to share with everyone. A sharp IH for Godfrey Transport, Inc. based in Indianapolis, IN the in-house carrier for Keebler & Kellogg's food products that had stopped in Perry, GA in early Sept. 2010.
An early morning shot of a U.S. Food Service International from their Atlanta, GA distribution center stopped at the Perry, GA Kroger/Chick-Fil-A parking lot in early Sept. 2010. R. Pagan-Medic Trucking from Pontiac, Michigan. Kind of an odd name, but it was a sharp machine that was layed over at the Great Inn along I-75 here in Perry, GA. Real sharp Caledonia, Ontario based curtainside for Transport Sales and Service that was sitting pretty at the Warner Robins, GA Pilot (I-75 X-146) on Sept 15, 2010.
I see alot of Michigan fleets down here since we are right on the main route from MI to FL. Tram Transportation LLC out of Reed City, MI had pulled into the Perry Walmart in early Sept 2010 and I just happened to have my digital in my pocket as I walked out to my vehicle. Bonus Transportation Inc. from Apopka, FL seems to haul more loads out of the local Perdue plant than any other fleet. Here one of their IH's spends some time at the Perry Walmart lot. Here's another Lisa picture of a S. Georgia based ag hauler rolling past us on N.B. I-75 at about the 129mm S. of Perry.
I think this Sterling was just passin thru as we don't have North Star serving this area. He was layed over at the Perry Best Inns of America at X-136 of I-75 in August 2010. This U.S. Army load on this unidentified Freightliner stopped at the S.B. I-85 rest area near Anderson, SC on June 13, 2010 makes for an interesting picture. Here's a Western Star for Sullivan's Trucking Ltd, Canadian I believe, but not sure which province. Hopefully one of the Canadian fan's will know. It was taken early morning June 13, 2010 at the Ft Chiswell, VA Flying J on I-81/I-77.
One of Carlyle Van Lines KW W-900's from Warrensburg, Missouri taking a break at the Warner Robins, GA Pilot X-146 on I-75 on Sept. 15, 2010. Our family had made a quick lunch stop in Oxford, Alabama on Oct. 2, 2010 and as we were about to get back on Westbound I-20 I took a quick shot of the I-20 signs and didn't know I framed an E.B. Volvo perfectly with mountains in the distance. A well maintained Century Series Freightliner that the O/O has leased on with Jacksonveille, FL based Landstar System that was @ a Walmart lot along I-24 & U.S. 72 in Kimball, TN in early April 2011.
Rosedale Transport, Inc. Dalton, GA layed over at a Best Western along U.S. 64 on the East side of Fayetteville, TN
Oct. 4, 2010.
Across the street from the Rosedale rig was this Pete for Royal Freight LP from Pharr, TX & Lebanon, TN.
A new KW T-660 for Camp Hill, PA based Arnold Transport Services @ the Perry, GA Walmart in Sept 2010. A good looking but kind of dirty ag hauling Pete out of Cullman, AL that was @ the Jasper, Tennessee exit for I-24. The sun peeked out of the clouds long enough to allow me to shoot it early evening of Oct 3, 2010. Wilson Trucking Corp from Fishersville, VA also @ the Perry, GA Walmart lot in Sept 2010.
Austin White Enterprises, Inc. from somewhere in Florida had pulled into the S.B. I-75 Dooly County Georgia rest area just ahead of me in late Sept 2010. I thought this ProStar looked pretty sharp in the bright morning sun. Central Refrigerated Service, Inc. from the Salt Lake City, Utah area had himself all "jacked" around at the Perry, GA McDonalds near X-136 of I-75 in late Sept. 2010.
Here's an xtra sharp Peterbilt that has the letters TCT on the battery box and Daum on the reefer. He was at the S.B. I-75 rest area about 3 miles South of Unadilla, GA in late Sept 2010. Agri-Haul Transport from Eden, Virginia at the N.B. I-475 rest area West of Macon, Georgia on Oct. 2, 2010. A tough looking T-800 ride!
This shot was taken in downtown Perry, GA of a local O/O's Freightliner that he has leased on with E & H Transport Network which is based in Southern California. Lisa shot this tow set-up Oct. 2, 2010 on our way to Tennessee on N.B. on I-75 near Jackson, Georgia. I'll make a truck photographer out of her yet! An O/O calling his business R.T. Enterprises from Cleveland, Georgia was hauling this load of New Holland tractors from the assembly plant in Eastern Massachusetts down to Florida and had pulled into the Allstate Citgo along I-75 in Unadilla in late Sept. 2010.
This was the best angle I had on this JCT (John Christner Trucking) IH ProStar from Sapulpa, OK and a KW W-9-L leased to Central Refrigerated Service from Salt Lake City, Utah that were at the Perry Best Inns of America on Oct. 9, 2010. Another xtra sharp Peterbilt from Kentucky! Kentucky Western from New Castle, KY was also at the All State Citgo in late Sept. 2010. I couldn't believe my luck! A brand new Publix Supermarkets Freghtliner Cascadia with a high visability "safe motoring around trucks" trailer was on display at the Georgia Nat'l Fair Oct. 7-17, 2010 in Perry.
A UPS Mack Vision just seconds before the driver climbed into the cab and drove off at the Perry, GA Walmart in early Oct. 2010. A B-67 Mack that use to belong to Carling Engineering from Vass, NC (which is a small town on U.S. 1) showed up at self storage facility just over 3 miles from where I live. Wow, now that's neat! Brakebush Transportation the in-house carrier for Westfield, Wisconsin based Brakebush Poultry who had pulled into the T/A where the Ohio Turnpike (I-80 & I-90) and I-280 meet East of Toledo, OH on Oct. 25, 2010. Talk about a busy truck exit!
As we had just passed the Wytheville, VA T/A about to get on N.B. I-77 this super IH Lonestar for Bancroft Bag, Inc. out of West Monroe, Louisiana pulled out of the T/A and pulled up right beside us to turn onto I-77 S.B. I spun my upper body around in my drivers seat and aimed my digital behind us at the red light. A great background to this unidentified KW W900L at the I-80 X-256 Sybertsville Pilot a few miles West of where I-80 & I-81 cross in Eastern Pennsylvania.

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